Developers the likes of the Rogue Developer, Lennar chose to play with fire using sub-prime loans, derivatives and betting on housing projects that were dubious in nature. At one time all you had to say give me a loan and the banks gave it to you to buy a house or for that matter anything.

I remember well, folks bragging that the bought a new car, a new house - they went in for some and the banks offered them more and more. On the part of the banks it was utter irresponsibility and on the part of those that sought these loans - lack of fortitude and stupidity. The balloon payments came to haunt them.

Today the economy is in a mess and thousands of homes in foreclosures all over the Nation. The tax payers baled the banks but the banks are sitting tight on the money and when it comes to loans - if you have sixty percent equity they will listen to you and give you just a portion of what you want.

There are no jobs to be found for those that have lost their jobs. Many folks holding blue collar jobs that lost them in recent years and months are on unemployment, many of them completed too many cycles of unemployment, and are now sweating it out. It becomes a torture especially if you have a wife and children and cannot bring bread and butter to the table.

May 6, 2010 there was "flash crash" some dumb trader used an algorithm to sell 75,000 stocks worth 4.1 billion dollars extremely rapidly. This one action working for a company Waddel and Reed Financial created this major blunder. This action spurred the super-fast trading algorithms that accounted for over fifty percent of the trade volume - into a spiral of selling that led to the Down Jones index to drop by over ten percent that fateful day only to recover within minutes.

However in that short span millions of folks lost a lot of money. And it is not as if this had not happen before it had but on this day the stress on the market was high, the European Market were faltering, and no one expected such a blunder. The Dow Jones index dived 700 point on that day and within minutes everyone was looking for a reason - the super-computer and human error. Time will tell.

Algorithms help super-computer do what human cannot. So, do not believe the lies you hear from Financial Institutions on television and Brokers who claim they can assure you of high returns - they cannot for those that cast their stocks and shares and gamble them with brokers in charge who put their trust in algorithms that most surely - fail.

Times have changed and those that made money in the stocks in the sixties through the nineties tell you that they were some what lucky. Today, the economy is in shambles and the Federal Reserve Bank which is private and not government continues to print money. China does that too and other countries do that to keep their economy stable for a short time. No one can continue doing this – and soon first a new monetary system will some into being and then the so called Super Powers will begin to war.

If Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) form a conglomerate and decide to use a currency that they control, move away from the failing and inept World Bank - the repercussions to the United States and Europe will be immense. This concept is in the works and there is a great movement already to shun Europe and its fiscal dictates and the same applies to Washington D.C. with its weak dollar. Gold is at a long time high and when its happen fiscal troubles are within arms reach and we see it - even those that are blind.

Soon the paper money that we use now will be worth very little and a time will come when quickly and drastically the economy of the United States will fail. The United States cannot take on the emerging super powers that once they named, chided and called third world countries. Today, each and every day the United States begs moneys from China using Bond Money and other fiscal operations to stay afloat. Our trade deficit with China alone is one sided and this fact and others make us very vulnerable.

The stupid decision of the Bush Administration to go to war with Iraq has put our Nation deeper in debt and with our forces misled and fighting in Afghanistan and elsewhere - we continue to pretend that we are a force to reckon with - but in reality we are not. We are trillions of dollars in debt.

A Nation is strong when it has spiritual resources that cannot be bought and no one can put a price on spiritual resources. A strong Nation takes care of its constituents, more the Elders and children. A strong Nation has sound education institutions in place and yearly educates fine young women and men. A strong Nation provides good Health Programs and assures the Safety of its citizens. A strong Nation does not use INCARCERATION to become the world's leader in incarcerating women and men and treating them in a sub-human manner with little or no reflection about the future.

A strong Nation has a sound Transportation system - high speed rail that does not use fossil fuel could have been our system of choice and we should have had it in place years ago. Our infrastructure be it the failing GRID that carries our electricity, the highways and bridges that are falling apart, the dams and other infrastructure that is linked to Quality of Life issues have been ignored.

We polluted like hell and do not care about tomorrow. Certain forces are screaming about Climate Change and using this mantra to make money. Suddenly green is everyone's mind but our Nation is the leading Nation that pollutes the environment. If there is a Nuclear War - our own devices will hurt us.

Here is a little know dirty secret – large underground bunkers are built only for the filthy rich not only in the United States but on islands such as New Zealand and other exotic islands and countries. Take a tour of the Airport at Colorado, USA, and then strive to find out what is under this airport and in areas not far from the airport connected by rail under-ground. Google bunkers and such fancy words that the filthy rich are attracted too and investing money in - fearing their days are numbered and this will come about sooner then - 2012.

This land we call America belongs to the indigenous people. It was stolen and the First People and the Great Spirit predicted thousands of years ago - what would happen to a people that were GREEDY. The prophets of the Hopi Nation today have writings that some have dared to decipher – and then we have the Mayan writing that we destroyed but some were saved for this day. Aho.

Our Nation under failed Presidents like George W. Bush especially, has ruined this Nation. He stole the election from Gore and he caused so much harm in the time that he was in office that today we suffer and we will suffer because such are the adverse impacts of crimes and repercussions that follow when one is not spiritually and morally sound. Bush helped Halliburton and other crooks make millions of dollars.

While all this confusion and more was going on Developers kept building thousands of homes, many of them inferior such as the homes built by Lennar all over this Nation. Lennar made it their modus operandi to buy military bases do little clean-up and abatement and build thousands of homes. They failed in the Bay Area - especially with Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Some of us took them on and stayed put until they had to delay their operations, spend money and sit on their plans. But, what these vermin did not see coming was a freight train coming straight for them and slamming them where it hurts most. The present economy that will remain with us for another five years if not more but if God will it - earlier - 2012. The signs of the times are here for all decent women, children, and men to see. We have the living and the living dead.

Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Barney Madoff and his ilk with ponzie schemes and a host of financial money laundering institutions had an Algorithm of their own linked to sub-prime loans, pyramid ploys and machinations that no one can decipher even today. There is a segment of the population that the Kings and Queen once kept in ghettos. These folks laundered money, made a living selling a pound of flesh, they spread all over the world and where ever they went they brought plagues, harm, and destruction. Today, they hold key positions and few dare challenge them. But, the Great Spirit will bring them to their knees and those from the land of the earliest known civilization will rule - even as the SUN shines and bears witness.

Developers jumped the gun and built thousands of homes, Lennar in particular offered sub-prime loans to innocent folks that came to them. Today, Lennar is in the hole and Lennar, the Rogue Developer will build nothing, I repeat nothing, NOT even a dog house on Hunters Point. This City and County of San Francisco has been bilked and taken for a ride just like I predicted. The pathetic loser in this dubious deal - the Mayor of San Francisco - Gavin Newsom and the cronies that helped him with the Lennar deal have now all jumped ship. Come November this good of nothing scumbag will go to Sacramento - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Corrupt developers jumped the gun and shot themselves in the foot. The same will happen at Potrero Hill, Huntersview, Sunnydale, and the old Schlage Lock Company and in other places where there is less compassion and more GREED.

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