The Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) board was formed to circumvent Accountability and Transparency. Today the Mayor of San Francisco appoints all the members on this very corrupt Board. In all the time the TIDA Board members have been in existence they have failed the constituents of San Francisco and others that live on Treasure Island.

At one time plans were drawn and introduced by then Assembly Member Mark Leno to create the Hunters Point Shipyard Development Authority (HUPSDA). The plans failed when I went to Sacramento with my friend Andrew Bozeman and we shot the plan down.

Anyway you look at TIDA is favors large developers and those that are in favor of large development mostly without Accountability and Transparency.

Recently, before the Rules Committee, the sitting Committee made a fool of themselves. At the inception, the sitting Board of Supervisors were clearly informed that the Mayor failed to name one single resident from Treasure Island to the TIDA board. The Supervisor of District 6 who has jurisdiction of Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island was not consulted on this matter and this in fact alone speaks volumes when it comes to process, deliberation, accountability and of course transparency.

A slew of very corrupt candidates were paraded and many of them prompted their corrupt supporters to speak and endorse their fake candidacy. San Francisco is corrupt when it comes to Boards and Commissions and the entire system should be investigated by the SF Grand Jury. The TIDA Board is one of the worst and it is time the Federal Bureau of Investigation jump in and nib the nonsense in the bud.

One candidate who represents the Plumber Union was involved in a land developing racket using and wasting Union Dues from the Plumbers Union without permission. He now wants to represent not knowing that those that discern fully comprehend corruption and lack of leadership on his part.

Listening to Linda Richardson another candidate you would think she is an expert on most things that she speaks about in general terms. She sold out the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and now wants to sell out, being on the board of TIDA. She paraded a number of supporters many of whom are ignorant who this woman really is. Today, she does not live in the Bayview but in down town San Francisco. When Lennar bombarded our community and our children and elders we did not hear one single word of protest from this very corrupt woman. Yet again and again you will hear her scream that she is an Environmentalist. She is a disgrace to anything - decent and humanity.

The Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom is leaving office and going to Sacramento. Thank God this corrupt man who lacks morals is leaving. Good riddance of very bad rubbish. Before he leaves Gavin Newsom decided to leave one more huge mess, a stench that could remind the decent constituent of his days of corruption. The audacity of Gavin to appoint a slew of corrupt folks and leave out a representative from Treasure Island and such corrupt actions come naturally to Gavin and his cronies in Room 200.

There is not one member on that Board that comprehends the Public Trust Act and large development with the infusion of sustainable practices. There is not one member who comprehends large development and state of the art infrastructure when is comes to the Electrical Grid, the clean and waste water pipes, the abatement and mitigation of the very toxic hotspots found all over Treasure Island. Not one member that fully comprehends liquefaction and flooding less Climate Change.

There is not one member that has the through knowledge of the Housing Element, a sound Transportation plan that works, logistics when it comes to the removal and placement of the thousands living on the Treasure Island, facilities such as child care, good healthy Supermarkets, health clinics, child care, and other Quality of life issues discussed at previous TIDA Board meetings.

Not long ago, you had Nancy Pelosi who is longer Speaker of House and who has been responsible for a lot of corruption. Nancy Pelosi has brought a very bad name to California and especially San Francisco. This woman thought she would be Speaker for a long time and with this in mind brought the Under-Secretary of the Navy to a ceremony where with great aplomb people were told about Treasure Island and its eminent development. The U.S. Navy handed the Island for a sum close to $40 million without first cleaning it up and secondly giving any written assurance about health and other adverse impacts.

Well Nancy Pelosi is no longer the Speaker of the House and shame on the Democrats for screwing things all over this Nation. The point is simple, the constituents who work hard and wants to contribute to society is being taken for a ride by corrupt, racist, politicians the kind that stink to high heaven - Nancy Pelosi and judging from the remarks made at the TIDA on November 4, 2010 hearing - Michela Alioto-Pier.

Treasure Island is a man made island and I have qualified experience having evaluated the infrastructure a long time ago in the early 1990s when Charles Swanson was put in charge. This was before any Task Force, any Committee, any Board was formed. Willie L. Brown had his own security of former jail birds, and his girl friend managed the Island, she double booked events, and all sorts of extra-curricula activities went on at Treasure Island and more at Yerba Buena once called Goat Island.

Gavin Newsom made a triple play offered Tony Hall a position as Manager of Treasure Island and appointed Sean Elsbernd at a Supervisor to fill his seat. When Tony Hall would not follow some dictates of the Mayor more lending to corruption Tony Hall was removed by the TIDA Board and the SF Board of Supervisors could not do anything. The SF Mayor, Gavin Newsom then ruined Tony Hall life and that of his family. Shame on Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has already screwed thing at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard on another note. Lennar is not doing anything, Lennar is over $300 million in the hole. Lennar is going to be investigated more so with the Republicans now in control of the house.

It will be fun to see the Democrats and the many sell outs be exposed for corruption. We have the goods and the pertinent documents and leading the thugs Sophie Maxwell, Roy Willis, Aurelious Walker, Veronica Hunnicutt and the many others who know that they sold out the Bayview Hunters Point community, harmed our children and elders. There is a God who sees it all.

The Treasure Island Development Authority Board is corrupt and so is the TIDA management. The United States Navy has not cleaned Treasure Island and the Environmental Impact Report is ripe with studies that are vague and fake. Much like what was presented by the Bayview Hunters Point, Project Area Committee and the Citizens Advisory Committee to the Hunters Point Shipyard.

The present economy will not change for at least the next three years if not five. There cannot be any major large development at the Shipyard and less at Treasure Island. Not with thousands of homes in fore-closure and lack of financing from the banks.

Right now the constituents who live at Treasure Island are treated like dirt. There is no reliable transportation. No health services. No reasonable childcare. The John Stewart Property Management treats those that do not pay them rent on time like dirty rags. They do not maintain the housing units. I get the complaints and I know what I am talking about.

The Police and Fire Department at Treasure Island are under staffed and the environmental issues are many. In fact it is a crime that people are living when there is no much pollution. Added to this new Astroturf playing fields are built laden with lead, near toxic hotspots exposing thousands of adult players and among them children. Some one is raking in the money and the SF Health Department is far away and not watching.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has destroyed the Bayview Hunters Point. The whole area is so divisive that in the recent District Election there were so many candidates that not one candidate got 15% percent of the total votes. So much so that Ranked-Choice Voting cannot be applied in a manner that is holistic in this situation. Sophie Maxwell worked to divide the community, raked in bribes, and will leave with blood on her hands.

TIDA and its board are gearing to favor some large developers and not the constituents of San Francisco. Corrupt forces have backed candidates in District Six to help corrupt developers do as they please. Decent candidates running in District 6 were out spent and the SF Board of Supervisors and the future Mayor will have to deal with the corruption and lack of ethics and morals. What is becoming of San Francisco - the City that supposedly knows how? And there is more.

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