This land we call America, all of it belongs to the First People. Unless this Nation first makes restitution and recognizes its diabolical deeds, the killing of innocent children and women, stealing land, committing horrendous acts, making treaties and breaking them - in short, speaking in forked tongues - it will fail.

Recently, the President of the United States pre-supposing that he could clinch some victories linked to the economy of this Nation, failed and made no headway what so ever in South Korea and China. Believe me that has not happened in a long, long time. In Japan he spoke all he wanted to but no one really paid any attention. World leaders heard him and look the other way.

We must not think for a second as a Super Power we can do what we want to without the blessing of the people. We print money to stabilize our economy - so say the crooks that ruined this Nation. Today, the dollar is worth less then a nickel. We continue to print money and will again shortly infusing the economy with $600 Billion and then some more with another $300 Billion.

The banks that we the tax payers bailed out will get this money. The government continues to tell us what is good for this economy. The people continue to tell the Democrats and others what is really good for them. If the Republicans do not follow the mandate of the people they will be removed. In a worse case scenario candidates will have to run to abide by a program - not Republican or Democrat but what proffers the constituents.

The President term shellacking was just that an eye opener to those that thought Nancy Pelosi and folks like Bernie Madoff could do as they please. Further Goldman Sachs, AIG, and the other larger institutions could continue to pilferage, steal, and ruin our economy. Those mostly hurt and suffering are the poor. Statistics show the middle class is eroding and the filthy rich that form five percent of the populace control ninety five percent of the Nation's wealth. This is utterly wrong. First these vermin did it to the First People and now they are doing it to those that work hard, are innocent, but have their destiny tied to dubious ploys and machinations. Millions of retired folks have lost their 401K savings and this government, really thinks nothing of this crime.

San Francisco is one of the financial centers where decisions are made how to keep poor people down and there is a blue print that has been in force for the last ten years to gentrify large areas. Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors continue to dabble with mundane stuff, while those in power the Pelosi's, Feinstein, Blum, Shorenstein, Getty's, Schultz, and a host of other scumbags plot to keep as much for themselves while starving the populace.

Gavin Newsom is but a horse that some of these rich folks propped up and bet upon. He failed in his gubernatorial bid and now has succeeded in his bid as Lieutenant Governor. A position he frowned upon only to embrace it and pander to the makers and shakers. If Jerry Brown kicks the bucket who do you think will fill his shoes? What has Gavin Newsom done lately expect being famous for his sexual exploits and infidelity?

On another note, China, India, Brazil, South Korea, and other so called developing Nations are no longer called third world countries. It is a joke how these countries import to us anything and everything and how we cannot import much expect our humility. Yet, the world knows we are rich and have a population of about 300 million that is controllable and large amounts of resources - which again to make the point clear belongs to the First People.

The First People took care of the land and Respected Mother Earth. But, today in less then 200 years all that was pristine has been destroyed by the Strangers that came to this land and used greed to destroy and consume all they could possible consume. This have no notion of what is Sacred and having polluted the air, the land, the water they now want to desecrate Sacred Lands that may not have monuments but have Sacred Symbols and are Healing Points that have kept balance on this Earth. It does not mean that if you do not see and can touch something, it is not Sacred. The fool is deceived by the teaching of the devil and all that the devil stands for - evil.

As a student of Philosophy, early on, I read the Hymns of the Universe by Teilhard de Chardin a Jesuit who combined Theology with Archeology and revealed to many of us the hidden truth that many do not have the ability to analyze and less discern. Life is for the living not the living dead.

His works speak of a Cosmic Consciousness akin to what the HOPI tribe the keepers of prophecy among the tribes around Arizona in America, exposed me to at another time. Everything is connected and we must not be greedy and the stranger surely is greedy, he or she wants it all - lock, stock and barrel.

This Nation consumes fossil fuel as if they think they own it all. No more, the developing Nations have the resources now to import and have better relations with those that have such resources. We, in America for sure have the resources but the paradox is that we permit others, like British Petroleum to create fiascos as we saw recently in the Gulf of Mexico.

The First People did not touch with greed, the coal, the gold, the many other resources the giant Redwood, the many Buffalo, destroy pristine rivers and lakes, they did not kill the salmon and destroy their habitat, the strangers caused more harm in two hundred years then the over fifteen thousands years that the First People lived in harmony all over America. Do not listen to the tales that the First People fought each other and did not live in harmony.

The wisdom of what will happen to America cannot be found on Wall Street. Wall Street is the devil and those that play the game of stocks and shares are as devious as they come. Today, highly sophisticated Super Computers generate algorithms and these models of of a kind can generate less good and more confusion causing those who have the inside scoop to make millions and others to loose their life savings. If you win you can keep your winnings but if you lose, you are left to fend for yourself. Many fail and take their lives because they worship wealth, money, their fake stocks and shares.

The White House knows about corruption but will not create mandates to stall Wall Street and more listen to the Federal Bank a private entity that prints all the money it wants without any Gold or other equity worth the salt. Powerful forces that have been stealing and raping resources all over the world - are protected - but, innocent folks many ignorant about sub-prime loans, about derivatives of a kind tied to machinations are forced to declare bankruptcy and many have lost everything and others their lives committing - suicide.

We are a Super Power falling in disgrace, unaware of the circumstances beyond our control because most of us have failed to be educated on issues. Some of us talk the talk but fail to walk the walk having failed to tune our moral compass. How can you take anyone to a better place when you make your bed with the devil? How can you say, you will bring change when you have nothing to offer but the sound of an empty barrel? Our youth are confused trained to experience instant gratification - Rome once was powerful then fell to greed and gluttony, the conscience eroded, morals thrown to the dogs - it collapsed. American are you next in line? Where is your spiritual wealth?

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