In 1963 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior gave his famous speech where he challenged America and all people of good faith, to look deep and evaluate their actions and fine tune their moral conscience. I will post his famous speech at the end of this discourse.

Today in America, Blacks are worse off then they were in 1963. If Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today, he would have discerned and having done that he would have stated, "America today is worse off then it was in 1963."

There are many interviews that Dr Martin Luther King participated in. I studied over fifty of them. Some were interviews on everyday issues and some were interviews on Malcolm X and other such deep topics of the day. He was a prophet and must be revered by all good women and men of good faith.

I also studied the life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and believe you me he was not a perfect man. However, no one can dispute that the man walked the walked and there in lays his determination to make this world a better place for everyone.

The Civil Rights Movement gave Blacks many Rights but it also opened the doors for all - people of color. Once an entire segment of America could not vote - now they can. Once an entire segment of the population was segregated, now this population has been set - free.

On Dr Martin Luther King Jr. day every year thousands gather and pay lip service. Often politicians will say what you want to hear - these same, scumbags that foster greed and do disservice to the people they are supposed to represent - every single day of their political life. Politicians love to manipulate and use clich├ęs and find it difficult when they encounter someone like me - who can see through their shallowness.

This Nation of ours America has not been kind to the First People the Native Americans. This Nation of ours still discriminates even though we have a Black President - in Barrack Hussein Obama. This Nation of ours cannot be whole while it with intent fosters divisiveness and segregation while paying lip service to the Civil Rights Movement led by Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, for example in the Bayview we have over 80 churches. Small ones and big ones and for all the churches we have - the Bayview is worse off. Our children go to bed hungry; thousands are truants that are not educated, single mothers galore, babies having babies, our Elderly abused not only from the contaminants and the environment; but the prevailing Elder abuse.

Crack cocaine is an epidemic and AIDS on the rise. Pedophiles in the thousands and you can do a search on the Internet and find one within a few blocks from where you live. There are so many of them - alive and kicking. Forty five percent unemployment and people hanging around the corners and seeking hope in all the wrong - places. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. Where are the leaders? Why this moral turpitude?

Politicians are scumbags. They love to say and write about things you want to hear. Question them about empirical data and they shy away from such deliberations. Question them on short term goals and long term goals and they will fabricate excuses. I am focusing on the Bayview because of the gentrification that this City and County of San Francisco has exercised with license. For the ignorant there is Freedom and there is License - abuse of freedom is license.

In the early sixties I once sat down with an Elderly Black woman. She got to know me and I told her I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and proud of that fact. She heard me speak about the Mau Mau movement and then it was her turn. She spoke about the Field Negro and the House Negro - and even though I had noticed this fact in life - she gave me some insights that affect my thinking until today.

Today, many House Negroes cause more harm then anyone else. Sell outs that will work with the Enemy to take some few stale bread crumbs and think all is well. Which makes me think of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and all that he worked for - Dr Martin Luther King for sure - walked the walked. One has to hear his words, ponder them and then relate to everyday life.

In the Bayview and a radius three miles wide, with the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard has the center; a Rogue Developer LENNAR bombarded the community with toxic dust, dangerous particulates, radiological elements, Asbestos friables - while mostly House Negroes sided with them and still do today. Some of us did what Dr Martin Luther King Jr. would do. We protested and forced the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to fine LENNAR - $515,000. Yes, five hundred and fifteen thousands that LENNAR paid.

Many of us that took a stand looked upon Malcolm X but also Dr Martin Luther King Jr. On occasion those of us that led the MOVEMENT discussed the issue at hand. While some leaders focused on what they though was important. My stand always and to this day is our children and Elders. In this City it is a pity when we know one in three children go to bed - hungry; and the issue is compounded when our Senior our Elders are abused and not given fair treatment.

We could speak of lack of sound transportation, health and education, safety for all and opportunities to better one self. That would help a little but where are the opportunities and that HOPE to bring PROGRESS to those that need it most?

What would Dr Martin Luther King Jr. have said as an 83 year old man? He would look around and know in an instant the plight of the Elders and he would look at the children and know what was indeed required to set the record - straight. He would speak his mind - and most if not everyone would feel, ashamed. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of the Moral bankruptcy, and he knew what he was talking about, then. Add to that the Economy Bankruptcy that has decimated our Nation and we deem a Super Power of sorts.

The politics in San Francisco is controlled by the Pacific Heights Mafia and the MACHINE. Anyone that has links to the MACHINE has BLOOD on their hands.

In fact these scumbags should not be permitted to use Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and his commemoration as a TOOL and abuse his memory. I see this every single year - hence this video. Please listen to the words and please do the right thing.

Where is the Moral Conscience of this City and Count of San Francisco?


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