The San Francisco Neighborhood Parks Council has embarked upon having some Town Hall meetings, all over San Francisco with some intention to revitalize communities; they say one Park at a time. We are watching like a hawk.

On January 29, 2011 from 10 am to 12 noon one of such Town Hall meeting was held at Gene Friend Recreation Center situated in the South of Market Area. I have attended several meeting before at this location - more to address Safety issues and the adverse impacts of Gentrification lead by White folks on our children who are of color and once regularly made use of the Recreation Center.

The area surrounding Gene Friend Recreation Center has a diverse population, may be one of the most diverse in the Nation. Immigrants in years past and more in the last forty years have first made their homes in the Tenderloin and in the South of Market Area.

Sixty years ago Black Churches made their abode in the area, the folks from the Philippines made their presence in numbers, and so - did other European Nationalities. However, the two segments of the population to fall prey to GENTRIFICATION were the Blacks - their Churches were moved to Third Street. The many folks from the Philippines - just shoved here and there until they moved, elsewhere. Many still linger in dirty Single Occupancy Resident Hotel; among them Pilipino Veterans who served our Nation in the Second World War, were promised Citizenship and betrayed.

This history of sorts is important, because without history, the presence of the people and their meaningful participation at this FAKE, so called Town Hall Meetings is a MIRAGE. Once again those that do not comprehend history, less cultural values, operate in generalities, set mundane rules to facilitate and think it is fine to come into any community and rearrange their furniture of their hosts, without even asking their permission - and think that all that is fine. These greedy, rude, folks that lack compassion - will be in for a rude awakening.

The area surrounding Gene Friend Recreation Center has always been about families and children. The fact is that many of these children live in Single Residential Occupancy (SRO) hotels. Their parents want them to get out of the crowded surroundings, many families sharing a kitchen and still more a restroom. All this in San Francisco one of the richest Cities in the world.

Once, the many children were welcome into the Gene Friend Recreation Center and then in the last five years or so they were not. Poor as they are - the children were told they had to pay to avail of any amenities. My good friend Rudy Corpus and his dear wife Misha, together with the many mentors I know that volunteer, for United Players' their Community Based Organization; this well renowned organization - teaches, nurtures, supports, educates, feeds, and sees to their well being of those children under their temporary charge, each and every day.

The Recreation and Park Commission President, Mark Buell shared some words. He spoke of a time when he was young, when any child, youth, teenager could avail of the best treatment and amenities at the various Recreation Fields and Facilities. No more.

The Recreation and Park has lost its MOJO and with lack of parents kept out, with children shunned for so many years - a different type of animal has made its way and is prowling our many Recreational and Park Facilities. Our fields for example have been taken over by Private Entities, covered with artificial turf laden with toxicity, among them lead and no one gives a rat's ass if our children and others are adversely affected.

As was mentioned it is a shame that with a $6.8 billion dollar budget, this City and County of San Francisco has failed miserably to address Quality of Life Issues and the many pitfalls that the ordinary constituent has to adhere when they are treated like dirt at the many Recreation and Park Centers.

Many Recreation and Park employees are fed up with system and the Recreation and Park Commission meetings are boring, useless, tons of hot air, the many idiots talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. These guys feel NO shame, what so ever to make a fool of themselves. The buffoonery keeps going and the public at large is fed up.

The Recreation and Park Department cannot budget their facilities and every year they come out with excuses. The time has come to first audit them and get rid of those that have stuck to the Recreation and Park like leaches. Foremost those involved with the Budget. An investigation must be conducted and those pandering our City's Assets to private entities - brought to task.

To diffuse the issues at hand and the deep concerns of the constituents of San Francisco, these folks that conduct the Dog and Pony show will divide the attendees into groups. Drab facilitators at the many tables add fuel to fire many of them Recreation and Park employees will facilitate the meetings pushing a hidden agenda. These folks think we are stupid and as long as such charades are conducted by the Neighborhood Park Council; the SIDE KICK of the Recreation and Park Department - we, San Franciscans - all will suffer.

The Recreation and Park Agency has failed to make meaningful outreach to all tax payers that want quality of life issues and a safe and caring place for our children. Those trying to influence were surely brought in to further an agenda, I saw the many aged women and men, mostly who had no families, finding it difficult to address the concerns of children and youth. The women could not relate to Motherhood and watched us so called straights - reveal to them a thing or two.

San Francisco has become a City of so called singles, more dogs and cats then children and no one gives a damn about our children. The old farts can fade away, they have had their days of glory, but again and again we see these shallow, leeches, drained individuals pushing an agenda and NOT moving with the times. The segment, most to suffer our children that are found in the South of Market Area and the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

No mention was made about the role of our youth in the Recreation and Park Departments future plans. Therein lays the crux of the problem. The Recreation and Parks Department is actively seeking private entities to take over and commercialize our Recreation facilities and fields. I see this going on in the open and the constituents that pay taxes are kept in the dark. Our youth and children deprived of a need that is important to their growth and well being.

These folks could not care nor give a damn if our children are led to violence, if they are got up in selling drugs, if they are incarcerated and not saved but their lives spent in jails. There is NO compassion, less caring, and what is clearly seen an arrogance that is second to none.

It is a shame that we San Francisco have reached a stage where such vermin come into our Neighborhood with a hidden agenda - all of it videoed and photographed to be part of grants that some will enjoy in perks and high salaries. The Dog and Pony shows - is just that - pretend you are doing something when what these folks really want is secretly carry on a hidden agenda. These vermin want to control all of the Recreation and Park Department's Facilities and Fields. This is nothing short of the DEVIL'S work.

Here are some photographs of the Town Hall Meeting held at Gene Friend Recreation Park in the South of Market Area:


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