Anyway you look at the Southeast Sector and that includes the Bayview Hunters Point - this is the last frontier. All the land the remains to be developed and all the land including all that is San Francisco stolen from the Ohlone. The Ohlone, the First People of this land, better known to Americans as the Native Americans:

Even as Big Developers, including the Rogue Developer, LENNAR that has failed in its quest to develop - there are powerful forces in this City, including the Pacific Heights Mafia and their minions that want it all. They want the land and by hook or by crook they will get it. Never mind if Lennar failed, the want it all, contaminated land or not. Such are the evil designs of those that are - GREEDY.

The shallow, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has been pandering to these powerful forces - and has taken the lead to bless and encourage some drab infrastructure on Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. And future plans to build a Water Treatment Plant and even a Power Plant. Let us see how far they go. Even with their Sewer System Improvement Project (SSIP) - billons of dollars in the making. With no meaningful dialog in the community - the Southeast Community - where most of this development upgrade will happen.

The only silver lining we see in the sky is this ECONOMY that is going no where and will go no where in the next five years for sure and stall and improve at a snail's rate in the next ten years. No sensible DEVELOPER is gong to attempt to build any, plenty units - not hundred and less thousands on contaminated land. LENNAR for sure it out and about and trying to unload whatever it has quickly. LENNAR however has a very bad reputation and we the people have revealed its ploys and machinations. LENNAR is running but it cannot hide anywhere.

That is what happens to scum bags, vermin, the most despicable who with intent poison our children and elders. Those that back LENNAR in any small way belong to this category. We are watching them closely and we are alive and kicking. Shame on the many Poverty Pimp Pastors mostly Black from the community.

Mr. Dipstick, the former Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom is chilling out in Sacramento with his staff of three. For all practical purposes, he is useless, and Governor Jerry Brown who is fit to be his grandfather and has known him ever since he wore some dirty cloth diapers - has admonished Gavin and told him for his own good to keep under the radar. Gavin thought the seeds he planted would prop him up - but, being the DEVIL he is, his deeds are for naught. Nothing much will happen for sure at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Not so thinks the consummate "thug" who is the unofficial Mayor of San Francisco - Willie L. Brown who with Rose Pak managed to install their candidate as Interim Mayor, the former City Administrator Ed Lee. Before the next Mayor is appointed, Willie and his minions, will try to rake in as much as they can and are poised to do so with their consultation firm - Platinum Consultants who have their fingers in all the major projects in San Francisco and the surrounding area. Filled the campaign coffers of many candidates including the one from District 10 who is beholden to Willie and his minions.

Most of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors are beholden to Willie L. Brown Jr. and his minions and that goes for the current District 10 Supervisor that has a nice grin but nothing beyond that. Her remarks lately in Sacramento, even if it was a joke, that she dislikes Parks; when asked what she would do to maintain Parks, speaks volumes. Reminds me of another airhead, Supervisor - time will tell.

The United States Navy has been caught off guard. Two things happened the Democrats who were pushing and trying to fast track the clean up of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard are not in power. Nancy Pelosi has been reduced to that of a peon and Diane Feinstein is keeping mum; knowing that American citizens all over this Nation are watching her like a hawk.

Barbara Boxer nearly lost her seat and is still recovering from the trauma. The so called BAY AREA, Representatives have been doing a poor job and it is time to create a "Tea Party" revolt not so much with Democrats but the Independents - and throw these jerks out - good for nothing rubbishes that are a hindrance to decency, accountability, transparency - folks that pander to the Zionists. No one can fool all the people all the time.

Much of the Pork Barrel monies diverted to California and San Francisco has been wasted. The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce has made hay while the sun was shinning. Wasting millions of dollars. This fiscal year their budget is over $18 million and with benefits more. Once this Department had but a handful of peons but now they seem to be every where.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development is pandering to the Pacific Heights Mafia and therein lays the crux of the problem. They have their finger in every pie when it come to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Treasure Island, the TransBay, Pier 70, the America's Cup - need I say more.

Most of those heading the departments are aligned with powerful forces that control money - the Blums, the Shorenstein's, Pelosi, CBRE, and the Zionists. The average layperson is wondering how this can be possible. Well, we do not have investigative reporters anymore. Read the Washington Post, the LA Time, the Mercury News, even the Oakland Tribune - then try to read the SF Chronicle and the Examiner and compare what you get. If you are educated, have any intelligence you will adjudicate the matter at hand. We all are being taken for a ride. The INTERNET and the many BLOGS is your best - bet. Hence this article.

Nothing much is happening with HOPESF. The John Stewart Company received over $150 million from the California Redevelopment Agency and is sitting on the money. They deconstructed some units at Hunters View, polluted the area, promised the adjacent community jobs - and now there is no action. The mostly Black sellouts who took money, were fed stale bread crumbs, do not know what to do, now. Typical of ignorant folks that think they know some when they do not know - much. Pathetic.

It is the same at Potrero Hill with Bridge Development and at Sunnydale with Mercy Housing. The conceptual plans to build this, that, and the other are gone with the wind. Governor Jerry Brown will not permit any funding to these vermin from the Redevelopment Funds. Some powerful forces put these DEVELOPERS in place in the Southeast with a concrete plan - to propagate GENTRIFICATION.

As luck would have it this ECONOMY has stalled the "thugs" and the "Big Developers" are off track and in the hole. Now, all they do is lick their wounds. Conceptual plans look good and sound good but like I say and have said many times: "A Conceptual Plan is like a dream, you wake up and it can be your worst nightmare".

In District 10 we used to have some folks that used the Mau Mau tactics - mostly just come in force and shout any project down. Those days are over and Law Enforcement is waiting for anyone to provoke and they will cart them to jail. In fact most of those that just blurt out have been jailed, have a record, and many are still on active PAROLE. So now, these scum bags, work with the SF Redevelopment Agency and with sell outs organizations that have accepted money from LENNAR, linked to Proposition G - under the directions of the devil himself - Dwayne Jones.

We do not have a single educated leader in the Bayview Hunters Point that is astute enough, decent enough, and honest enough, has the fortitude to take on the sell outs. The sell outs have has it good for so long. Most folks do not know Roy Wills he brought them all out way back in 1999. We had so called leaders paid $10,000 a month just to create havoc in the community. One lives right in the middle to the Bayview and has spent time in jail. Practically every one that gets large grants from the SF Redevelopment Agency are sell outs. Even now some of the sell outs are being fast tracked and are given grants - you just have to get the last agenda and minutes of the SF Redevelopment Agency Commission to find out the TRUTH.

The powers that be should be ashamed of themselves making money at the expense of the poor and giving NO opportunities to the people of the Southeast Sector. We have the largest number of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) in the Southeast Sector, a growing population both women and men with AIDS. Our children and elders suffer from Asthma and Cancer and all this is recorded and the San Francisco Health Department is cognizant of the fact.

In spots there is sixty percent unemployment and on the average about fifty percent. No one has a plan to address unemployment by giving people good jobs. Hundreds of journey men and women are out of job for years. Thousands of skilled workers begging for jobs and no one have a plan to help these folks.

Over 23 candidates entered the race in District 10 and now we DO have a Supervisor of sorts. Nothing much has changed because the Representative, for all her talk does not comprehend the basics. There is only so much of pandering, smiling, and bluffing any one can do. ClichÈs take you only so far. Anyone can talk the talk but to walk the walk is something - else.

The San Francisco County Democratic Party chose a slate to further their ends. Of course the Slate failed miserably and candidates who were not on it - WON. The present SF Supervisors, all of them, are devoid on any conscience. The majority of them, and we see this in their petty deliberations and how they vote. The people must monitor this and it is not too late to first study the voting patterns and work on some alternatives. You can only give some one a chance to do what they promised to do - but, if you see them wondering around like buffoons - then it is time to call a spade a spade.

The people united can also put the "thugs" on notice we saw what happened in Egypt. This is easy in the Southeast Sector with only a few thousands actually voting. This nonsense must be nipped in the bud and we must start - now. We must not permit inept, shallow leadership to give lip service to the constituents of the Southeast Sector:

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