The time has come for the whole world to recognize the rights of the Native Americans and their sovereign right to live freely on lands belonging to their ancestors. Land on which the Grandfather showered Blessings and the Great Spirit made happen so that Mother Earth, the Four Winds, the Eagle that watches all and the people would live in harmony and peace is in sync.

All over the world the indigenous people have been traumatized. It has become a habit to kill, rape, and steal the land and what is SACRED to the Indigenous People - desecrated. Only in the last ten years have the governments of Canada and Australia given some little hope to the Indigenous People, by giving some apology; however, much more has to be done - more so in the United States of America.

When the President of the United States of America recently proclaimed that it was time for the United States to recognize the Rights of the Native Americans; for the first time some window, some little door was opened - to begin the healing and bring peace and harmony to the Native Americans who have been treated as second class citizens in their own land.

The newsletter that I am posting says it all. Read between the lines and learn about the long, harsh history, the struggle of the Native Americans and how, some few have stood tall and fought. It is not easy and it will NOT be easy; but, for the first time we see a sign on the horizon and some fundamental legal language with teeth:

Here is California over sixty percent of the Native American Tribes are not federally Recognized. It is as if they are Second Class Citizens in their own land. While immigrants come from far off places and enjoy better amenities; it is shocking to see the Native Americans suffer and live desperate lives; with less funding and no opportunities. Suffering the most the young and the Elderly.

This situation is becoming worse with the current dire Economic Crisis, brought about by Wall Street and taken advantage of by the large corporations and financial institutions that do not pay taxes and are bailed out by the tax payer. It is as if; it is a curse - that has come full circle; that is KARMA and the money mongers are now getting a taste of their own medication.

Think about it the U.S. dollar is worth but three cents that is the worth of the paper printed. This monetary system has become the laughing stock of the entire world; the Economic Systems are propped up and will crash as it has before. Even after the last crash; large financial institutions are NOT regulated and those money mongers that harmed so many are still in business - Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, the likes of Bernie Madoff.

There are many prophecies and in all of readings for the future - the year 2012 is significant. The Mayans have a detailed scenario with the alignment of the planets and the end of a period that will bring drastic change. The HOPI the keepers of the SECRETS have their own interpretation of the future and the changes that will come about.

We are entering a new phase the old phase of stability for stability sake is coming to an end. We see this with the demise of regimes that were in place for years but now the people want their freedom. They do not and will not tolerate dictators. The years of the Information World and technology has brought immense information to the door of any human being. Dictators cannot fool all the people all the time.

Here in America some action has to take place with President Barrack Hussein Obama passing a law that first respects the rights of the Native American and this must be done with an APOLOGY; for all the injustices done to a people that were here first and will be here for a long time after the happenings predicted by the Great Grandfather. Aho.

2012 is round the corner and it not as if the World will end. This Earth has been bombarded with meteorites before and plumes of dust have blackened the skies for years; causing immense damage to the plant life and killing millions of life be it animal, bird, fish, insect, all life that moved and now was no more. We know that but we do not know that.

If and when such a happening takes place there will be death and destruction and after that the Earth will heal. The Earth has time on its hands, and hundreds and thousands of years are relatively little for the Earth. In the time the Earth has evolved and brought about the evolution of life and the complex systems that Homo Sapiens have destroyed - again and again. Africa is the home of mankind and we know much about this but pretend that we do not.

Indigenous people the world over are the salt of the Earth be it the Aboriginals in Australia, the First People in Canada, the Native Americans in the United States, the many Polynesian People, the Indigenous Tribes of South America, the Tribes from all of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the list goes on.

The era of stealing, raping, taking what is not yours is gone. There is an awaking and in the future Era that will last thousands of years - a new order of drastic change will come about rapidly and with much bloodshed. That is how it is predicted and so far - most everything is falling in place. The current floods, fires, Tsunami, volcanic eruptions, even the rapid falling of governments, have all been predicted before 2012. Then an OMEN will happen the details just predict drastic change. Therein lays the mystery. If the Earth encounters the crashing of a large meteorite; we may survive some and the entire Earth population will witness something we have not witnessed in thousands of years.

There could be a large Solar Flare causing such a Magnetic Field so powerful that everything that generates energy our Satellites, our Electrical Grid, our daily energy generation will be knocked down and will not be operable for years. Human kind is frail but we tend to be somewhat brave and pat ourselves on the back. This brings some temporary comfort; scientists and governmental agencies that now think they know some; will be baffled, confused, confounded, bewildered, dumb founded, flabbergasted, shocked, traumatized, and in many cases paralyzed.

Few will survive to relate the happenings; the Earth will heal, as it has before and then the mistakes of the past will begin to be implemented one by one until once again, in the future cycle again those that rise up will fall on their face; they will not face the LIGHT because the LIGHT will consume them.

We have some little time to adjust our petty, busy, mundane schedules to RESPECT the indigenous people. This warning is one that is already out there; it will be repeated by those that must repeat it. Some of us have seen the details and I have written about it - years ago. This is just one more time that is nothing special about it - just a small reminder to do your part and inform those that think they control the destiny of those that they do not.

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