The poor will be always have with us on this Earth. Jesus said: "Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".

San Francisco in years past always took care of those that did not have much. This was all the more significant when the 1906 Earthquake took place and rich and poor had to deal with reality. They shared the consequences of the Big One - the Earthquake of 1906.

Camps were set at the Golden Gate Park and most people were fed well at the many soup kitchens. Others received vegetables and meat from areas like the Portola District that was untouched and had tons of meant from nearby Butcher Town by Islais Creek by Third Street and the many trendy butcher shops - some kosher, catering to the many Jews that lived in the Portola District.

The Army stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco provided a lot of assistance much as it did in the year 1989 when another Earthquake rattled our City and brought out the best of all San Franciscans.

The poor we will always have and with them the nutty, the drunk, and those that are awkward but we all tolerate. In past years, we have had self-proclaimed Emperor Norton - who printed his own money, and ate where he pleased and was respected for his nuttiness. When he died - hundreds of people turned out - and that is just the way San Francisco is.

Today, City agencies and others have joined to address poverty and homelessness in a nonchalant manner - there is no heart and what is more there is no slack is how the poor, the indigent is treated.

How can you treat any human being, at the many shelters we give them a chair and have them rest in it for hours on end? If the person gets up to go to the toilet or just stretch a bit - the chair is taken by another and the entire circle begins - until dawn arrives and one can do out in the light somewhere and really rest. How can this City treat our poor worse than animals?

That is why you find so many poor in San Francisco rest by doorways, under bridges, in places where they can go and at least rest their heads down and lie horizontally. It would be nice to put our San Francisco, Board of Supervisors in these chairs and have them sit for hours - just to see how they feel - I have some candidates Scott Weiner, Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, and Carmen Chu.

These elated crowd of good for nothing so called Representative are not leaders - they are just that - representatives and represent their own petty agenda that is shallow and vain. There are others too among the SF Supervisors but the once I have mentioned stand out as nonchalant and drab, shallow to the core - and very boring. Know for pussyfooting around on addressing subjects that are mundane.

Trent Lott - has been at it for sometimes - throwing out all sorts of reasons as to what has to be done with the homeless. Bottom line you cannot treat the homeless without "heart". That goes for the "mentally challenged" and others like the elderly that cannot fend for themselves. The youth ˆ especially "queer youth" that need dire help. Truants and those that are rebellious but over time cool down and contribute to society. That is what America is all about.

About 816,000 make up our population in San Francisco. We have about 311,000 children and most of them live in the Southeast Sector. Over 10,000 truants daily sleep wherever they can and many of them go to school - hungry.

We have runaways and we have foster children who when they turn 18 are given some money and told to fend for themselves. Much the same as those who have been incarcerated for years - given some money and told to fend for themselves. Most land in filthy, bed bug infested, Single Residency Occupancy (SRO) hotels. They find it better to go back to jail - can you imagine that?

We have the many Veterans found sleeping on the streets - most having served this Nation; dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and battle fatigue - our Mayors and the San Francisco, Board of Supervisors would not comprehend that - not at all - grinning Malia Cohen, less Carmen Chu, and even less queer Scott Weiner who is busy legislating how to place a bare bum on a napkin or sorts to meet his imaginary hygiene needs.

We have 40,000 homes vacant in San Francisco and over 10,000 public housing units boarded up and kept boarded up so that Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company, Bridge Developers can work out HOPESF that is going nowhere.

Our Mayors and the SF Board of Supervisors favor the Big Developers - they fill their "campaign coffers" using these devious, evil, sordid, corrupt, scum of the Earth demons - to build relationships and foster ongoing evil deeds.

Daily the SF Supervisors are busy conducting deals behind closed doors - foremost Jane Kim, Scott Weiner, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, Carmen Chu, Sean Elsbernd and they think we do not know much about these nefarious activities.

None, of the above has done anything concrete to address the homeless situation. These idiots simply do not have heart - less an understanding what is means to serve. The all "think" they Represent - but they are NOT leaders - they are good at manipulation. The want us to believe they "work" and "think" for us. They all represent themselves and their shallow being and inflated egos.

The poor we will always have with us - and there is much one can learn from the poor - for one thing they teach you humility and for another you learn about simplicity and gratitude if you have more then you need.

This land we call San Francisco all of it - every single inch belongs to the Ohlone - the First People of San Francisco. The SF Board of Supervisors knows less about the Ohlone, pompous to the core and vain in their attitude - no one respects them.

Ours is the City of San Francisco - not a City that imitates Sodom and Gomorrah - steeped in nudity, pussyfooting, orgies, and the largesse akin to those that have no morals, less ethics, very less spirituality, who prey on the constituents. Some refuse to pledge their allegiance to the American Flag but love to Chair meetings to exercise their egotistical madness. Others open their dirty mouth and spew diatribe and hot air.

Care not Cash is a JOKE. Every trick in the book has been used to bluff the public about this failed program - and this program is not working. No one can live with but less than a hundred dollars a month, given a roof - many places "bed bug ridden" - others, noisy and full of drug activity. We cannot and should not "ware house human beings" - we cannot treat human beings like dirt.

The poor we will always have - just like we have the filthy rich. That one percent of fat cats that want it all and squeeze every bit from those ninety nine percent. We see the protesters and they are doing right at last - speaking up; and putting the "corrupt" and "immoral" - the ethically challenged to shame. At last those that stole are exposed, those that created our financial mess put on the line ˆ Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase who runs our Food Stamp and other indigent programs - the Zionists who have a lot to do with our economic downfall. Aho.

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