I find it difficult to believe that time has passed so quickly and that this Iraq invasion by the United States in now just beginning to see some dire end - when it started; I was utterly shocked that we had learned nothing much from Kuwait and less from Desert Shield and Storm.

War is not a joke but it becomes a circus when you have idiots like George W. Bush and his minions who invaded Iraq without cause, killed innocent civilians, failed in their Shock and Awe debacles and now leave Iraq even worse than it was when Saddam was there.

The Sunnis and Shia have again taken positions and after spending billions of dollars we are worse off - and leave Iraq, divided with the Iranians ready to conduct clandestine activities and a reign of terror that has never, ever been seen before.

The United States government has not been sincere with us; the American People. Thousands of our soldiers - women and men have died at the hands of the Iraqis that hate us and the sophisticated weapons they have used have been imported from Iran. This is a crying shame.

The harm inflicted on this Nation we called America is immense and all because of one mistake, one decision that had nothing to do with Iraq - but, we went there, stayed there and now are coming home. We are coming home defeated.

We, as a Nation must remember we cannot import our type of democracy to Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, not for a minute. These people; not all - but most of them consider us the infidel. What does that mean - it means nothing less than the devil.

In all these ploys and machinations Christians that numbered in the millions in Iraq have been killed and sent packing to Jordon and Syria. In Jordon the Iraqi Christians leave in Refugee Camps and the same in Syria. In Syria because of the ongoing hostilities the Iraqi Christians have been suffering more and America know this but will not offer them any concrete - succor. Why?

The paradox is that under Saddam the Jews, the Christians, other minorities lived happily and were not bothered by the Sunnis and Shias of Iraq. Today, they are associated with the Americans even though they have nothing much to do with them. Such are the trials and tribulations facing the innocent Christians of Iraq that can trace their beginnings to the time of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. Many American when I tell them this are surprised as they are surprised of Geography and History less know about Archeology and Sociology. Even less; about Ancient History and the land of Abraham - the Father of many Nations.

We here in American eat and touch Pork that is anathema to the Muslims and to the Iraqis. The same is wherever the Muslim truly reigns supreme. The Muslims will have nothing to do with Pork and less to do with those that consume pork and conduct themselves in a lewd and sordid manner.

We cannot impose our sordid ways on a people that are conservative and follow strict dictates because these dictates have served their Nations for thousands of years. Of course that does not mean we do not encourage women to be educated, encourage child marriages, and pander to the Sharia dictates that go against humanity and the laws agreed by all Nations at the United Nations.

Much as we did not agree and put down lynching and other such despicable acts in the United States including slavery that still exists in many parts - where poor folks are used as indentured laborers.

We must learn not to invade any sovereign Nation and be very slow to go to war. Today we spend more than $2 billion a week fighting two war- $8 billion a month - over $100 billion a year. This is a crime when our people at home are truly hurting. One in three children goes to bed hungry and our elders desperate for basic needs mostly medicines and sound hospital care.

Iraq is the land of the Father of all Nations - Abraham. Once the bread basket of that part of the world and well know when the Silk Route was active. It was a time of civilization when Europeans were barbarians and that barbarism still reigns supreme in discrimination and killing people and going to war with cause.

It is wrong to do to war and destroy a past civilization; fostering GREED and adversely impact in many ways a present civilization that has brought turmoil all over the world and financial chaos and stagnation.

There is a link between being arrogant and bringing the downfall of any Empire. We have seen it repeat itself and all we need to read is history. There is even a saying that history repeats itself. Today, America has destroyed and contaminated what past American built in good faith on Turtle Island the land of the First People - you call them Native Americans.

The Zionists and others that do not have the better interests of our Nation; we call America ˆ and have destroyed our Nation and impacted millions by conducting themselves in a devious manner - participating in illegal activities linked with financial transactions costing billions of dollars.

From the machinations linked to 9/11, to the subprime loans, to the derivatives, to the algorithms, to the many machinations and ploys that have destroyed our economy that have impacted Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and will soon hit Germany and France. This viral financial virus is spreading like FIRE and it will come to haunt our Federal Reserve Bank, our American Treasury, and our White House with our President who has sided with those that brought about the initiation and fostered corruption the likes of Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, and banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo and others.

Today, the ONE PERCENT keep reminding the NINETY NINE outside Wall Street, and in all the major cities be it Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Oakland, San Francisco and in the many other larger cities the world over - that GREED that is linked to WAR and the WAR MACHINE will not take us far.

Millions of people are without jobs and are suffering. Millions of people have lost their homes and that is not fare. In America thousands of students cannot pay their loans and that amount has just capped at a TRILLION Dollars. The disparity we see, everywhere we look and the local governments cannot go much. Here in San Francisco we have a corrupt San Francisco Board of Supervisors - dumb to the core and fostering deep corrupt relationships with Big Developers- the likes of Malia Cohen, Carmen Chu, Scott Weiner and more.

Thousands of crooks, the very corrupt have made billions fostering war and with the production of war equipment and machinery used in the current two wars and that is wrong. These two wars have killed thousands and maimed thousands civilians as well as our Military and other who we deem terrorists, people evil that they want us killed and that may be how we think about them? But, why the hell are we invading sovereign countries and have we not learned from Korea, Vietnam, our other debacles that have never, ever brought us peace?

It all depends on whose side you are when you call the other side Terrorist? When the British fought the underground in Israel they called them terrorists. When the Argon was asked how they thought about the British they called them evil and terrorists too!

Today, thousands of our women and men suffer from Post Traumatic Stress. That is a nice way of saying they are sick in the mind and suffer from nightmares; and there is really no one to address this situation; as it should be addressed. But, do you think for a second that the United States Government and more the politicians care? NO.

Today, I was listening to the President, President Barack Hussein Obama that all Veterans will receive benefits from the expanded G.I. bill - do you know what G.I. stands for - it stands for Government Issue. Think about that for a moment - the United States when it calls our young men and women to war and treats them - as a commodity.

After you pass one's Basic Training and you sign to serve our Nation - it is under strict terms and when you are at War - the Rules of Engagement are even stricter and cold. War is not something that anyone can handle; more the war in the desert with sand as fine as talcum powder and with methods of war that no one really is prepared for.

In Vietnam we saw the Vietnamese burrow out of their holes in the middle of our encampments and kill our soldiers. Our bigger soldiers did not have the capacity to crawl through the narrow tunnels nor the ability to hide in the dense forests.

So, what did we do? We bombed the forest, the rice fields, and the people using Agent Orange and mostly sending our young soldiers to war - literally to their death. We killed innocent babies belonging to the enemy we created without cause, we torched huts and let the people die alive, we bombed indiscriminately shouting cursed names - and for a moment losing ourselves and behaving worse than the worst - maniac. We became the devil - himself.

Nothing much changed with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan - we were defeated in Iraq and we are leaving it with an unfinished agenda - we did not have an exit plan and our Shock and Awe has come to bite us in the butt. It will be same with Afghanistan.

What makes us think that we can defeat the Pashtuns, the Tajiks, the Uzbeks, others all warriors. We fail to understand and do not remember the facts and past history - these same warriors, when provoked beat the living hell and the British remember them very well and history has recorded the incident taught at all Military Colleges - the world over.

A little history about the makeup of Afghanistan:

Having killed an entire Regiment they left one British soldier half-dead, tied to a mule and sent him across the Khyber Pass to a land now known as Pakistan which the British ruled then. Again, in recent years the Afghans defeated the Russians and it was silly for us to go to Afghanistan.

Our U.S. intelligence knows well that the Bush Family and the Bin Laden Family operated many business together - one of them the manufacture of Cipro that help quell the Anthrax Scare that was stopped faster than it started but sold all the Cipro that the manufacturing companies could handle. No one can fool all the people all the time.

In recent times our Nation had evidence that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia had a lot to do with harming the United States. However, we still continue to pussyfoot with Pakistan and we pander to the Saudi Kingdom and the dictators that rule the Kingdom. In the case of the Saudis it is OIL - in the case of Pakistan access to routes that supply our troops.

Our Nation's military does not have a Blue Print controlled entirely by our Generals.

Our corrupt, silly, shallow, inept politicians initiate war and think they know more than our Generals. Well, see what we have got ourselves in. Then when the politicians the likes of Donald Rumsfeld; makes a speech - he speaks as if he speaks for the American People. The American People do not trust Congress and the Senate - even less Wall Street - and even less and this statement may come as surprise to many - the Judicial System.

Today the Koch Brothers and others like them have made billions. Others have used Hedge Funds and with the inside scoop made billions. Once we thought - if you were a millionaire you were something; today - it is about becoming a BILLIONIARE and there are tons of them.

The war debacle haunts us all - the only ones speaking about the war and the current fiasco are the ONE PERCENT; who is in the face of the ugly politician; the cowards who adversely harm the public using force, and the so called "people in authority" who now want to harm the people and stop the grassroots movement. There is a revolution and the grass-roots movement that will NOT go way - easily.

Today we have the INTERNET and we can connect the dots. The idiots are lost in the fog but we can use "cloud technology" and take this movement further than it has gotten before. "The people united will never be defeated."

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