Edwin Lee was sworn in as Mayor of San Francisco - the first Asian American Mayor this City and County of San Francisco has ever had.

The year 2012 bodes well for San Francisco and there will be some drastic changes - hopefully with Mayor Edwin Lee - better known as Ed Lee - we all will see better times. A holistic approach and one that embraces all children, women, and men who desire to work hard and do right.

Ed Lee brings with him a certain experience having been the Director of the Human Rights Commission, the Director of the Public Works Department and City Administrator in San Francisco.

No other Mayor in history has had that type of experience and we look forward to a better handling of our City's aging infrastructure. Reducing the Carbon Footprint and the mitigation and abatement of over 650 toxic hotspots all over San Francisco; that does not include the Hunters Point area and Shipyard which is on the Superfund List.

Ed Lee is a hands' on man - who loves to do his home work. He is well versed and understands well how the various City Department work - technically the 26,000 City Workers came under this jurisdiction. We have one City worker for every 28 constituents in San Francisco.

Today swearing in was grand by any standards and open to the Public at large. After the initial swearing in - the public at large, could line up to take a photograph with Mayor Edwin Lee. I stood in line and I took a picture with Mayor Edwin Lee and his lovely wife.

Among the many attending - most people I spoke to had something nice to say about the event - and of course Mayor Edwin Lee. Former Willie L. Brown Jr., was the Master of Ceremony, and Senator Diane Feinstein administered the oath and swore in Mayor Edwin Lee.

City Hall was packed and the diversity of San Francisco was represented. There was no room left anywhere - even the upper floors were packed. I was lucky someone gave me a space to stand and take some photographs. I in turn allowed other photographers to take photographs from where I stood.

The position where I stood was center right - not far from the podium some thirty feet high and you got a good view of what was happening - on the floor of City Hall. Former Mayors Diane Feinstein, Art Agnos, Frank Jordon, Willie Brown, Gavin Newsom, were all present - with Mayor Edwin Lee, his wife and two daughters - sitting on the main stage.

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr., was his usual self - having the gift of the jab and cracking as many jokes as the reading cards he had in his hands.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors were all present - except Ross Mirkarimi who will be sworn in Sheriff - the ceremony was to be held at 2 pm a couple of hours after the festivities linked Mayor Edwin Lee.

In the many speeches made on this occasion - the common denominator was HOPE and to work together. Mayor Edwin Lee was bold to state - that he would try his best to work as a team and would not tolerate divisiveness.

An important factor to note about Mayor Edwin Lee is that he not afraid to meet those that disagree with him. Now, it deserves to be seen - how Mayor Edwin Lee finds some consensus and sniffs out the common denominator.

Then uses his insight and vision to make good things happen - this is possible with full trust, solid attainable goals - and embracing everyone in this City.

San Francisco is poised well to do business with many countries especially the Pacific Rim.

Mayor Edwin Lee is well known Hong Kong, Macau, and on Mainland China. His unique position and understanding of the region can boost our economy on many fronts.

Here are some photographs: Mayor Edwin Lee has promised me a meeting one on one and that will happen soon. I look forward to this meeting and serving all San Franciscans as best I can.

My focus is on career jobs, less violence and truancy especially among the youth all over San Francisco.

Focus on Affordable Housing and genuine help to the homeless and more the children who are homeless.

Our Public Education is lacking in standards and we must fix that on a war footing.

Our City aging infrastructure is pathetic and something has to be done soon.

Our San Francisco Planning has favored corrupt and Big Developers and consultants and we must bring an end to that - corruption.

Life is for the living not the living dead. San Francisco the City known for its Compassion, the City named after Saint Francis Assisi - has a lot to prove and much to do.

No Mayor can do it alone - we must do right and all of San Francisco must join in to put our best foot forward. There must be zero tolerance for corruption.


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