I was busy researching when I got a call from my good friend Miguel Galarza - he had a ticket to the 49er game. Some time ago I wrote an article and said if all was well I would watch the New York Giants and the San Francisco - 49ers.

This call was a surprise - I had to be by Gate E with the large Verizon Sign - in half an hour. I grabbed my outfit and was out in ten and in another half an hour made it to the Stadium by Gate A. And from there it was a short walk.

I saw other MUNI buses stuck on Old Bayshore - but our MUNI driver, a lady driver was the best. She knew what she was doing and got us to the stadium in record time.

I had chance to chill out and meet some friends who wanted to know what I was doing here. "Well I am here for the game". But, I was dressed all black - and I am not a Raider fan - I got some looks. Took it in stride.

My good friend Miguel Galarza arrived and we went up the escalator and to the Upper Box - Seat UB44 A 8. Tickets in hand - got the famous security wand - up the escalator and was at Candlestick Stadium an hour and half before game time.

It was raining - I like the rain, but this was really too much. So, I took the rain, the cold, the wind, and a little after half time - I left and came home.

In the opening minutes I witnessed a touchdown not far from my seat. That was a good omen - I thought. The 49er fans were fired up but on their best behavior - at least the ones around me. I detest attacking the opponents and most disgusting saying bad words - especially in front of children and the ladies.

The half time festivities were nice - they even had some fireworks and it was raining! Some country western music and the US soldiers had a good time. Earlier the US soldiers had unfurled the US Flag - covered, nearly the entire stadium. The 49er cheer ladies are always impressive. In tight short and bearing a lot - they embrace the inclement weather with a smile of their face.

Both quarter backs did a fine job - Alex Smith for the 49ers and Eli for the Giants. The 49ers tried their best and at the end of the game it was 17-17. The teams had to go to overtime - but, this time the rules were changed.

It was as if the game began from start and the first team to score - wins. Guess what it looked like the 49ers would win - the stadium was filled with red all over the place. Here and there a splatter of blue - but the Blues won. A field kick sealed the fate of the 49ers they were shut out and the Giants put three more point on the board and won their spot to the Superbowl.

The score was the Giants 20 and the 49ers 17.

This was not a memorable game - like the last one the 49ers played against the New Orleans, Saints. That game will be best I have seen in recent American football. The last game before the play offs with the Giants was a good one - we won, that is the 49ers and we won it with class.

Football is not my forte - I love soccer, cricket, boxing, and field hockey in that order.

The Candlestick Stadium is not far from my office Executive Park. In fact the 10 or so games bring the tailgaters to the Executive Park early - where the fans have their fun and a few hours before the game - proceed walking to the game.

Busy as I am - rarely, can I take my ass to the game. This time I decided, it was raining hard, it was cold, and I had to muster the guts - as the cold bothers me - not so much the rest of my body but my leg. I have polio on my left leg.

I know the limits - and how much my body can tolerate. So, I left a little after half time. Came home took a hot shower and saw the rest of the game.

I wish the 49ers all the best in their new stadium at Santa Clara. A win would have spurred the 49ers to start next season as the Champs - reaching the Superbowl. Life is not always rosy - sometimes you play hard, give it your best - and the better team make the best of it and win.

Bottom line we must be proud that the 49ers made it so far - the last time they reached the Superbowl was in 1994. That was a long time ago - this year the die heard fans, Alex Smith, others in the 49ers team gave it their best.

I know some of the 49er fans will be saddened - but they should not. It is just a game - and if you played hard that is what matters. You win some and you lose some - but when you play with class - as the 49ers did - the fans and others remember the game - for a long - long time.

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