Vienna has always been dear to my being - in the early 1970s; Vienna exposed me to Classical Music and to dance competitions like the Waltz and more. A City which is at the cross roads - so many international flights from around the world; land in Vienna. If you care you can meet so many diverse nationalities.

The Austrian Empire once was very powerful and even today the landmark buildings are second to one. Saint Stephen Cathedral, the Opera House, other Landmark buildings; still well maintained and a pride to all Austrians and the world.

The Danube River and all the many songs where it is mentioned; the many Classical composers who works were played in the many ballrooms, the Theaters that today are well maintained and used; and as you move from room to room you feel the presence of those that once made history and continue to make history as their compositions are played and more relished with joy and pride.

Hitler was an Austrian; most people do not know that and from the time when he was ill treated as a young man, looked down as an artist; Hitler went on to command forces and dreamed one day of controlling the world.

Austria is beautiful; especially the country side where still the many farms and the country homes are pleasing to the eye and more to the soul. From Rome to Florence and from Florence to Vienna - the Euro rail system works; you travel first class and for a few more Euros you can reserve the cabin; no one disturbs you and you enjoy the scenery that is during the day time.

The high speed trains affords one the luxury to see the country side quickly; the beautiful mountains, the many farms. The use of farm land to create clean solar energy - the clean streams - the high speed train moves on; now and then if you are lucky your photo frame can capture a picture - you see some difference but a keen eye can reveal to one - that which was taken from a fast moving vehicle - in this case - the high speed train - sometimes the end result looks like a canvass painting.

In Vienna the museums are plenty and one can spend months if not years - there is so much to see. Vienna the capitol of Austria - the long history of a variety of classical and folk dances and music, other forms of refined mannerism spread far and wide. A center of culture that even today in many circles is looked upon with pride.

There were military forces too; in centuries past - that went on to exercise their might in neighboring countries be it Germany or Italy and beyond. The Austrian influence is there - and historians have made note of it and still mention it when the occasion arises.

There are thousands of monuments erected to this and that victory - and with each monument the history behind the facts - some spelled out clearly and many spiced to make the story more palatable.

I once lived in Bolzano - the Trieste Region in Northern Italy. Some would speak about Andreas Hoffner and his military conquests in glowing terms; and others would not. As one who was not from the Region; I heard it all and offered no comments.

I lived in Vienna for some time and helped out in a Boutique Store named India. It is not too far from Saint Stephens Cathedral; I walked cautiously thinking all the time it would not be there; but half wishing; with a throbbing heart - it would be there; and low and behold it was there. I took pictures and left. Wow. That was 32 years ago and today the Boutique is doing better than before - it specializes in raw silk, and upper end silk products.

Vienna has some great universities, art universities and a world famous Culinary Institution; and it attracts students from all over the world. At the hotel I stayed there was a Jamaican young man who graduated from one of these Culinary Institutions and others too - well trained in the field.

You can get to see a lot in a general way by viewing Vienna using the Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing buses. Stop at some place you like to spend more time; go to some museum, lunch or a small coffee break. Then wait for the next Hop On Hop Off bus and continue one's adventure of sorts.

The sightseeing bus ticket is good for 24 hours. You have these services in Rome, Florence, here in Vienna and as we found out in Nuremberg, Berlin, and Frankfurt.

I enjoyed my stay in Vienna and my next stop was Nuremberg.

Enjoy some photographs of Vienna:


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