Sophie on City Desk.


Pride they say has a fall and it has a great fall when you add the element of telling lies. Sophie Maxwell was interviewed by City Desk on Channel 11 July 24, 2004 and she looked the interviewer straight in the eye and lied many times. Twisted facts and repeated lies.

Sophie Maxwell is not from Bayview Hunters Point. Her heart lies more with the folks at Haight Ashbury and she may have come to Bayview and bought her residence next to her mother Enola Maxwell who was a pastor and worked many years at the U.S. Post Office. Enola worked on Potrero Hill and is still well known much after her recent death not in the Bayview Hunters Point. Less her daughter who is corrupt.

Sophie knows next to nothing about the constituents of Visitation Valley, the Portola District, Little Hollywood, Dog Patch, Silver Terrace, the Hill that is Hunters Point and the Bayview. She loves the folks from Potrero Hill because these folks mostly White will listen to her and her fabrication of facts.

Sophie first made some little impression by being the Chair of the Project Area Committee (PAC) linked to Bayview. The PAC spent thousands of dollars and could not come out with a decent report linked to the development of the Bayview. For example the PAC wasted over $80,000 on a Blight Report and did not produce anything much. Some one else had to take over that responsibility and come out with a document. I suppose Sophie Maxwell does not know this fact.

The PAC is paid by the San Francisco Redevelopment and corrupt people like Marcia Rosen can and have manipulated Sophie. Sophie could not pass her Electrician Certification in San Francisco she had to go to Oakland. She is not an intellectual and her knowledge on issues that matter is next to nil. Corrupt PAC members are paid and always on the take and Sophie Maxwell likes that because she can use the Bayview PAC to further her interests.

At one time she pandered to Willie L. Brown and did this because Willie named a school after her mother. Next Willie put her in charge of $13.3 million grant. Sophie saw that her cronies Karen Pierce and Olin Webb got over $1.5 million.

Nuru Mohammed and Angelo King who now heads the present Bayview PAC got another $1.5 million which they gifted to the Conservatory in the Golden Gate Park. Literacy for Environmental Justice got another $900,000. The Windows Project linked to Arc Ecology got thousands and so on and so forth. Steve Moss got over $1 million for his Energy Power that has since changed to a cooperative.

Sophie aligned herself with thugs and now and then you can see her at City Hall pandering to these thugs. These thugs had connection to Willie Brown and made money on MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail and host of other projects. She will go out of her way to bat to write off expenses linked to an event at Candlestick Park and a thug who has spent time in jail. Why do these thugs want to organize events when their aim is profit? How many Juneteenth Events do we need in San Francisco?

Sophie demands that the Navy sees and meets her privately. This way she can carve out contract for crooks like Olin Webb on remediation projects. He gets $1500 a month from the ACE project that consists of installing solar panels by doing nothing. He does nothing except broker the deal between San Francisco Environment and Sophie. I have brought this to Sophie Maxwell's attention but she does not pay heed.

At one time San Francisco Environment paid the rent for the Bayview Advocates. This is conflict of interest. San Francisco Environment gives Bayview Advocates millions, then hires a person to get the Bayview Advocates permits so that the Bayview Advocates can install solar panels. The person SFE hired makes over $100,000 plus benefits. What is happening San Francisco? Even Geraldo Sandoval did not catch this FTE in his budget probe!

Sophie Maxwell has worked with corrupt forces to destroy the community and will continue if she is not removed.

The Allen Group got millions from the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail Project. They did a lousy job - no outreach and many businesses on 3rd Street have folded. Do you think Sophie Maxwell cares? She live on Jerrold Street overlooking a burned mansion in which her mother was pulled out and subsequently died? No one knows how this fire started? It would be interesting to read the Incident Report.

Sophie Maxwell loves to make deals in the quiet and behind dark walls. It is just a matter of time when the world will know her connection to the properties at 5800 and 3rd Street. 5600 and 3rd Street. Cargo and 3rd Street. The very large FEDEX complex. The UPS complex. Starbucks on Potrero Hill. The new development by Ingalls Street very near Candlestick Park. The woman is on the take.

Sophie Maxwell does not care to return calls. She does not care to listen to those who have a different opinion. Perhaps her aide who has since left her Marti Paschal could reveal a lot?

White folks think that two years ago when Sophie Maxwell ran unopposed she was strong. This is all wrong. Many wanted to run against her and there was the strong talk at the Black organizations, too many to name - people like Espanola Jackson stopped them in their tracks and told them to give the woman a chance. After all she had just completed two years and it takes about two years to known your jurisdiction.

When Sophie Maxwell ran for the primaries as a Supervisor much before MUNI Lightrail started their project she accused Espanola Jackson of taking money. She is a liar on this count. I remember that day but Sophie must have forgotten that day. She will accuse others of doing wrong but does wrong daily personally as a habit.

Power went to Sophie Maxwell's head and has remained there. When over 6,000 voters in the Bayview sign a recall something is seriously wrong. Sophie mustered only 4000 voters from her constituents the last time around. There were about 38000 who were illegible to vote.

In the recent Mayoral polls only 29 per cent voted. Sophie has taken her constituents for granted. The constituents of District 10 are fed up of Sophie Maxwell. Toye Moses says she is not perfect - I know she is not perfect - but she lies and is inept. Better understand that Toye Moses. People like you who do not stand for what is right encourage evil much as we see them in Nigeria. Does Sophie Maxwell have connection with Nuru Mohammed and Jonathan and Cory Calandra?

Daily Sophie Maxwell is brokering deals with developers and she has been doing this for the last 3 years. Sophie has done next to nothing to stop crime. She blames the San Francisco Police Department. She has done nothing to bring jobs. When some Community Based Organization who do not receive any money from the City came up with a plan to train and create jobs - she stole the plan. This woman is despicable she can look you straight in the eye and lie.

Sophie knows next to nothing about Biotech Companies. At the CAFâ a forum held at City Hall some of the constituents asked her about access to the her community. She could not answer and she felt intimidated to dialog with her constituents because she is dumb, ignorant, and very arrogant.

She lied so many times in the interview conducted by City Desk that I got so many e-mails and telephone calls. Who does Sophie Maxwell think she is? She is not a legislator and the ones she introduces others write them - she jumps on the bandwagon and get things done through others. The woman cannot understand fundamental stuff and has failed again and again on issues that matter.

On the 3 conduits by Islais Creek that she gave her blessing she has failed and it cost the constituents of San Francisco millions. She has made millions available to thugs and cronies like Olin Webb, Karen Pierce, Steve Moss, Joe Boss, Saul Bloom and others.

Sophie Maxwell now wants to change zoning laws to cater and pander to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA). Little does she know that Mission Bay is for sale and that Cattelus Corporation made billions in write offs? SFRA failed in the Fillmore, in Misson Bay and will when it connives with Sophie Maxwel in the Bayview.

Sophie Maxwell worked with Mark Leno on AB1187 to created a Development Authority much like the Treasure Island Development Authority at Hunters Point - she failed - I went to Sacramento with Ahimsa Sumchai and Andrew Bozeman and shot it down.

In the audience were all her cronies Saul Bloom, Olin Webb and his aged mother, Karen Pierce who works for the City and County but was in Sacramento that day defending Sophie's policy. It is pathetic how this woman lies and does little for her constituents.

More people have lost their jobs, died, been killed, left the community since the corrupt Sophie Maxwell has been in office pandering to the developers and insulting those who she should work for. Sophie gets paid over $100,000 in salary and benefits and does not do her work.

The constituents do not like her because she is ugly but because she is corrupt. I served 3 generals and have been a Director of many organizations. I have studied this corrupt woman well and talked to her close relatives. Power has gone to her head and she must go.

That interview by City Desk revealed Sophie Mazwell's true colors. The PAC is corrupt and has been in place with illegal elections for years. The Hunters Point cleanup is progressing because of certain folks who exposed and are exposing the Navy. I doubt if Sophie has read the Historical Radiological Report. How can she with a low I.Q? How can her cronies who are all about money and creed?

Willie Ratcliff speaks his mind and he has not amassed wealth - Sophie has? Sophie has let down renters and her voting record on serious issues is pathetic. One has just to observe her when the full Board of Supervisors meet - she has mostly nothing of value to contribute. Light in the head, twisting those lips, she connives and makes hay while the sunshines. Works with corrupt developers to make money and is on the take.

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