Man with a Transmission Plan but where is the community?.


Plans are afloat to place a brand new 115 KV Transmission Line connecting the Mirant Power Plant to Hunters Point Power Plant. It is business as usual and the powers to be have all the ducks lined up to make this transmission line a reality.

A Public Meeting was held at 1800 Oakdale the Southeast Facility on July 22, 2004 and there were just a few people who live in the neighborhood in attendance. Sophie Maxwell was not there. Her cronies like Karen Pierce and Olin Webb were not there. Nor were Steve Moss and the San Francisco Environment and those who want so much for our community Cal Broomhead, Ann Kelly or Yvonne Webb always pretending to help us but always screwing the community.

This 115 KV transmission line much like the 115-transmission line, which has already been place along San Bruno Avenue has been in the plans for a long time. Pacific Gas and Electric is going full speed ahead replacing and upgrading all the Transmission Lines within its jurisdiction in the City and County of San Francisco.

Missing In Action the people who are adversely affected. If this transmission line goes in place the people have to be told about it. The concept of this transmission line may sound good to the owners of PG&E who have recently given millions of dollars to upper management as bonuses. One Chief Executive Office got $17 million in bonuses. All of that money comes from those ratepayers who have had their PG&E bills going up.

PG&E may come up with the plans - it is the ratepayer who pays for it. In the case of the Mirant and Hunters Point Transmission Line the mitigation money should go directly to the constituents - not to the consultants. And especially not to the sellouts who sell the community.

The Public Meeting held at 1800 Oakdale July 22, 2004 was good in a way because the few who were present David Erickson, Michael Boyd, Francisco Da Costa could express their views without interruption. I think the proponents of the brand new Mirant - Hunters Point understood that we have advocates in the community who are not dumb.

The proponents of the brand new 115 KV should be fully aware that each of the old power plants at Mirant and Hunters Point spew over a 1000 tons of toxins into the air - directly and indirectly. Toxins such as mercury, lead, and toxic pathogens abound in harmful doses which adversely impact all life - animal, insect, bird, and human.

In this unique case a focus panel discussion on the proposed 115 KV Transmission Line is called for. At the table should be the Supervisor of District 10 Sophie Maxwell and the Advocates who understand the Transmission Lines. People who live near the Hunters Point Power Plant should be at the table.

I know for sure this time around you cannot fool all the people all the time.

PG&E do not want to use the 3 conduits under the Islais Creek. These conduits which costs the taxpayers millions of dollars are full of slurry and cannot be used. The new route PG&E goes closer to the Chronicle Building and then assumes its route along Evans Street on to the present Hunters Point Power Plant.

We do not want any of the old Power Plants in our neighborhood. There are too many brand new Power Plants outside San Francisco that are willing to sell us the power. All we need are Transmission Lines sans the toxic power plants. This time around the constituents of Hunters Point should not be left out. I do not hear anyone speaking for the children who are dying. No one was speaking for the women who are prone to cervical and breast cancer. I see no one taking a stand for those suffering from respiratory diseases.

There are those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. And of course there is Sophie Maxwell and her crones who are in for the money.

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