Jeff Adachi and Matt Gonzalez supporters.


The City and County of San Francisco have changed a lot in the last 10 years when it comes to building bridges and communicating with our various communities.

Mayor Willie Brown with his politics of divisiveness has singled handily destroyed what was once a beautiful element that brought us all together. The communities from all over the city be it North Beach or Portola District, the Richmond or Bernal Heights, Bayview Hunters Point or the Marina.

Perhaps for the first time we saw this element of dividing our communities come to the fore in the race for the office of the Public Defender Jeff Adachi. Willie Brown and his cronies - lost.

We then had a similar situation with Mabel Teng and Doris Ward for the office of assessor. Willie Brown and his cronies - lost.

Now we have another great race for Mayor. Matt Gonzalez who is for the common person and the opponent who smacks and quacks like Willie Brown and his cronies. Who do you think will win? Matt for sure!

We, grassroots all stood together and we defeated the elements of divisiveness and won. Today most of us who fought of our Public Defender are proud of Jeff Adachi and the very good work he is doing.

In the current race for Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco we have reached a focal point and again we the grassroots have chosen to fight for Matt Gonzalez and win.

This fight against the elements of divisiveness will not be easy - because we always find that the main factor on the side of grassroots is the truth and love. On the other side it is dishonesty and money. Greed and corruption know no bounds - but as the saying goes - truth prevails.

Jeff Adachi and Matt Gonzalez have fought side by side on many issues. In the future Mayor Matt Gonzalez and Public Jeff Adachi will fight for the people and the common person. Towards that end we the people will do all in our power to support them and bring about the relevant changes that the previous administrations have neglected.

Today it is a pleasure to see John Nauer from the Samoan community lead his group to fight for what is just. It is a pleasure to see so many Chinese come out and support Matt. One has just to go to the Mission and see thousands of Latinos support Matt. In the Bayview Hunters Point the Blacks will never forget that Willie Brown did zip for them - so they will turn out and vote for Matt. Whites all over the City and County of San Francisco favor Matt and many of them will vote for the right candidate.

We need a Mayor who will build bridges and the time has come to elect Mayor Matt Gonzalez.

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