3 years ago in a big way the dog and pony shows started with the Board of Supervisors and the Budget Committee taking their show on the road. 3 years ago Willie L. Brown was the Mayor of San Francisco and he was chuckling as he saw the Board of Supervisors (BOS) tries to put their best foot forward. He knew as the Mayor he could manipulate the budget and he did it for all the years he was in power as the most corrupt Mayor of San Francisco.

When Mayor Willie Brown was Mayor he hired thousands of people - his cronies many of them made over $100,000 a year and continue to do so to this day. These vermin must be laid off because these folks did not come into the Civil Service System the right way. The same BOS that is trying to deal with the budget crisis today - voted to keep those hired cronies by changing hundreds of positions under the title of Special Assistants and incorporating them into the Civil Service System.

We have Supervisor Jake McGoldrick running his mouth today but he said nothing much when he and his fellow BOS embraced the cronies and incorporated them into the Civil Service System one year ago. Today these folks make their home at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the San Francisco Environment, the San Francisco Health Department, here, there, everywhere and most of them making over $100,000 year plus benefits, which costs way more.

It is a crime every year for the Public to come before the Board of Supervisors and plead to save money for Health and Educational services. The lay person often times get so emotional that it is heart breaking. The BOS have now come to be immune to the pleas and got accustomed this dog and pony show.

It is time the BOS make changes to the City Charter where the BOS are in charge of the City Budget. That the Mayor and his so-called experts learn to work with the BOS. Those who pledge to work for them should serve the constituents of San Francisco. It is not fair for the constituent to come to the BOS and plead and beg like a hungry dog for a bone without any meat. Year after year for the last 3 years the painful process is displayed before the public at large. The Mayor then prides himself by making some changes that benefit the constituents but it is not worth the heart aches and the time spent at City Hall when the dialog can be done through smaller public meetings months before Budget Time. No more dog and pony shows next year.

At this time the BOS should realize they have helped waste millions of dollars. In the projects I have been involved with they helped waste over 10 million dollars with the San Francisco Port Authority. Millions more with legal settlements linked to various City Department - many could have been avoided. Most of all those making $100,000 a year, living outside San Francisco. San Franciscans have been patient for a long time but the time has come to root out the evil. Good City jobs for people living in San Francisco.

The BOS keep blaming the Mayor but the BOS spend hours on petty stuff and a few running their mouths because the tongue has no bone. It is time the BOS review the Environmental Impact Reports, listen to the constituents who are better educated and informed then the Supervisors, follow the legislation at the State level who are about to screw us here on the local level - leading the pack Mark Leno who has forgotten the City that gave him a break.

Inept, dumb, and arrogant Supervisor Sophie Maxwell continues to talk from both sides of her mouth. She simply cannot take a stand and has ruined the community that is District 10. Crime is on the increase, jobs are not to be found, the District has no High School, the District is the arm pit of the City with all the power plants, raw sewage plant, millions of toxic vehicles spewing diesel, Hunters Point which is a Superfund site, other sites and elements adversely affecting the community.

The dumb, stupid, arrogant woman simply does not get it. She prides herself by giving certificates and honoring those in the community that least deserves these certificates paid by the constituents of San Francisco.

The fiscal constraints that the Budget imposes should affect the rich not the poor and those who most need help - the mental ill, the elderly, those suffering from AIDS, those who are in wheel chairs and very sick, those who are below the poverty level - our BOS should go figure this out throughout the year.

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