The Hunters Point Shipyard Phase 1 Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) held their Community Forum at Burnett Child Development Gymnasium Saturday November 15, 2003. The meeting was scheduled to start at 10 a.m. but the organizers waited for 50 minutes before the meeting started.

There was very poor attendance with practical only a handful of people from the community showing up. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) who organized this forum should do more to inform and plan another community forum very soon.

On the same day at the same time the Navy held an Information Fair at 100 Whitney Circle at Hunters Point. I made sure I attended both the events and found the Navy event was very well organized and the information excellent.

If the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) attached to the Hunters Point were smart they could have combined the two events. How ever as often happens dumb, ignorant, and arrogant organizers are focused on fast tracking the DDA and do not have the genuine interests of the Bayview Hunters Point community at heart.

The various sub committees created by the CAC met over 40 times in the last few weeks and were patting themselves on the back for their foolishness. These cronies of Mayor Willie L. Brown want to fast track the DDA and in doing so they are failing the community.

The various sub committees have Chairs and undertake issues under Business and Employment Opportunities, Environment and Re-use, Finance Housing, and Planning and Land Use. It is a shame that these cronies of Mayor Willie Brown do not understand that as and when the new Mayor comes in they all will be history. They have not been fair to the community. They have stabbed the community in the back.

SFRA will be reformed and many of the inept employees will have to leave. There is no doubt that SFRA has paid NO attention to the community and want to do all in its power to pander to the developers. Come January 8, 2004 we all will witness drastic changes and I would love to see the faces of al those who are pushing for this DDA which has had very little Public Support.

Hunters Point was home to all San Franciscans. Many in the Mission, the Portola District, Bernal Heights, and in the Avenues worked at the Hunters Point Shipyard. All of these people and those who I have not mentioned are genuine stakeholders.

Yet today we have some fake cronies of Mayor Willie L. Brown who are listening to people who come from Los Angeles, others who live in Daly City, still others who have very little knowledge of what happened on the Shipyard try to speak and act for the stakeholders. This is a joke.

We have the same crooks who are close to Willie Brown who have failed the community at the San Francisco Airport, Mission Bay, 3rd Street MUNI Lightrail, PacBell Park, and other projects now bluffing the community with promises which they will never be able to deliver.

As usual we have those who take orders from the Main Crook and work for SFRA, work with the developers to put on yet another Dog and Pony show with a few so called African Americans who are selling their community. Little do they know they have the blood of the community people on their hands.

The DDA should be discussed all over the City and County of San Francisco and should encompass segments of the community that make up the diversity of the community. The latest statistics clearly show that Asians make up the majority of people in the Southeast Sector. Then we have a huge Samoan population who live up on Hunters Point. The CAC and the SFRA have chosen to keep these people out of the dialog and out of the meetings.

It is wrong for a few crooked African Americans with corrupt officials from the SFRA to cater to the whims and fancy of some few African Americans who know little about the community much less serve the community and who are working against the community at large. We have thousands of people living in the Portola District which falls into the 94134 Zip Code who know next to nothing about the DDA and the CAC. They know next to nothing about the activities of the SFRA and the dubious activities of this corrupt organization as it pertains to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Marcia Rosen knows very well that she will NOT be in office come January 8, 2004. In the interim she is doing as much damage and will flee San Francisco when it comes time to account for all her actions that have adversely impacted the people of Bayview Hunters Point.

At this meeting we did not have any youth participants. It is imperative that the future leaders of our community be present and participate in future deliberations that will make Parcel A. No Chinese, No Samoans, NO Hispanics - I really do not know what these folks are thinking?

Lennar BVHP LLC has no plans to train anyone in the community so that they get career jobs and have some stability. Everyone is waiting for some miracle to happen as far as training is concerned. People have to be trained well in advance so that when the time comes they are ready to work on the projects, get well paid, and feel proud of their community.

One has just to look at MUNI Lightrail the over $600 million project gave the Hunters Point community on 10 jobs where some one really work every day. The rest what ever is the number are on rotation. Some 30 people may be on the register but on any given day only 10 work. Some of the employees worked just a few hours and are counted as a statistic. It is corruption at its highest when anyone studies the way the community at Bayvew Hunters Point was taken for a ride.

Back when the project began the slogan was 50% of the jobs would be given to the community at large. This has not happened and this will never happen because the principal contractors are corrupt and all of them have connections with Mayor Willie Brown. I do not see anything different with the folks who will develop Parcel A on Hunters Point Shipyard in the near future.

Today's CAC meeting should never be held. The more important meeting of the day was the one held at 100 Whitney Circle. The various parcels were discussed in detail and the community at large would have all benefited. But as always happens the SFRA decided to divide the community.

In the near future the few African Americans who sold out their community will repent but it will be too late. I am referring especially to those African American that work for the SFRA and pretend they are helping us - they are the worst of the worst. Scum bags that do not deserve to come to our community.

There is one woman African American who will pretend to smile on your face and stab you in the back - some rotten nail person this evil woman. Well as I said before she and others will do anything Willie will say but I will check on her come January 8, 2004.

Not a single SFRA meeting linked to Parcel A has been held on the Hill by Kiska Road or at 100 Whitney Circle to discuss the DDA. For some strange reason the SFRA is afraid of the people on the Hill we call Hunters Point. They keep running away from the people that need help most. They are afraid to make them the stakeholders and embrace them. The paradox most of them are African Americans but the SFRA is looking for people who are corrupt and willing to sell their souls.

I have made every attempt to attend the many sub-committee meetings. I have made attempts to attend the DDA meetings at which the Super Committee reviews the language of the DDA every Monday. It is a joke and the Public gives very little importance to the comments or participation at Large. The Shipyard belongs to the Public not to some crooks that are close to Willie Brown and his gang.

The meetings should be held once or twice a month so that the Public can slowly follow the difficult convulsed language. But the crooks have something else in mind they want to have the DDA signed by the Mayor and think they can get away with murder before he leaves. I say they will pay their price much like the Mills Corporation, which is pulling their hair over the SF Port Authority property on the Waterfront. Time will tell.

Willie Brown has left his stench at the San Francisco Airport, he has at Mission Bay, at PacBell, MUNI Lightrail on 3rd Street, Moscone West, at other places and now he want to leave his corrupt paw on Parcel A at the Shipyard. Imagine they crooks want to name the main street on Parcel A after some one who did not do anything much for the African Americans let alone people from other ethnic groups.

It is a shame that the DDA was carried on the way it was with NO consideration for the Public at Large.

The Navy did an excellent job they also had good food. At the end of the day the Navy get A+ the SFRA C-.

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