There has been a hue and cry about Transmission Lines all over the Nation. Here in California, which is, the 5th largest economy in the world Electricity is the driving force that sustains our daily lives. The California Independent System Operator is in charge of the highway and has NOT been totally responsible to address the bottlenecks that cause the repeated blackouts. During the so-called Energy Crisis some of these Blackouts were real but most of them fake. While an energy agency such as CAISO should have had full cognizance of the situation we the taxpayers were left at the mercy of Energy Operators such as Mirant and Pacific Gas and Electricity to fleece the ratepayers billions of dollars here in the San Francisco area.

No one really addresses what happened to the billions of dollars that we ratepayers shelled out to the Plant Operators. CAISO has not said a word about the billions. It prefers to talk about the current situation as if it happened in a vacuum. Today what the Nation is monitoring is a way to save our Electricity and its free flowing Energy Freeway. We call it the GRID.

The common person is NOT interested in the politics and does not want to pay huge increases without justification. We all have gone through that path before. Now what the common person really wants is when that switch works when on - we get some light and not darkness or electricity that fluctuates. It is as simple as that.

Here in California the CAISO has not been responsible. It has chosen to work with CROOKS and has played the game of blame. Shoving the responsibility on others when it should have maintained some standard. When it should have adhered to Accountability and Transparency.

It is high time that CAISO be taken to Court and forced to deliver a quality product. That its status as a nonprofit organization be evaluated and so all its liaisons with the host of Energy Power Plants all over California are revealed.

Here in San Francisco our past leaders had some foresight and thought about Hydroelectric Power. They made some decisions that helped future generations. They created Hetch Hetchy. San Franciscans have NOT taken charge of the situation. They have put a lot of faith in PG&E and in our leaders from City Hall. What the people of San Francisco have got in return is HOT AIR and a lot of corruption.

The California Public Utilities Commission has betrayed Californians but has also failed to be responsible to the ratepayers who pay the high salaries of the Chief Executive Officers, Managers, and power brokers linked to the Power Plants who keep fleecing the ratepayers while the CPUC looks the other way.

It is time Administrative Judges and the Court put in place stringent mandatory laws that demand standards that benefit the end user. The ratepayer is taken for granted when without the ratepayers the CAISO, CPUC, and the Power Plant Operators would be licking the dust. In the real world they would have to think twice and if the Electric Chair was thrown in any equation, these White Boys - would be doing the right thing. They would be serving those that make life possible for everyone - the ratepayers.

Advocates have voiced their opinions. I have paid some little attention to Michael Boyd, Barbara George, Paul Fenn, Maurice Campbell, Lynne Brown and others. I am cognizant of some so-called interveners who have made a lot of money. Initially they promised to serve the ratepayers but they have filled their own coffers. The advocates I have mentioned do not fall in the category of the known crooks.

Some years ago I had the opportunity to sit with some Union Electricians who maintain the GRID. They spoke to me frankly and it would be nice if they could speak to the CAISO and the CPUC. These two bodies have given access to the consultants but not to those who repair, replace and maintain our GRID system.

We have computer technicians who keep an eye on how our energy flows. Electricity really cannot be boxed up. It cannot be stored in a dam. It has to flow - a supply and demand that is a delicate balancing act. In recent years computers have played an important role.

The GRID system the super high way that permits the flow of electricity is old. Often times it permits only 40% of the electrical flow. Why does it not 100%? The State and Federal government has known about this but have done nothing much. It is time without penalizing the ratepayers that the Feds and the State government help the ratepayers and walk the walk.

We the ratepayers and I include my self among them cannot possibly care for hot air talk that leads to no solution and does not deliver an end product that serve the community. We the ratepayers find it difficult to pay of bills especially some of us who are on fixed incomes. We the ratepayers have suffered for years often sacrificing our lives if we happen to live in communities where the Power Plants are.

Our GRID system has not kept its course with modern technology. Our third world GRID system in the United States is a shame and full of scandals that call for an urgent revamping of National Resources and Upgrades.

If we can spend trillions on the war effort and even lose a trillion or so in our accounting of the Department of Defense appropriations we can spend some billions on a worthy cause and for once serve the ratepayer.

The President has spoken and it is time he issues an Executive Order demanding the replacement and upgrading of the GRID system. We are now in a critical stage and we just cannot be blaming this one and that - time we work to put a State of the Art GRID system that will be the envy of world.

We also have to increase the power from sources such as wind and solar. God has given us all of it free and it is time we learn to pollute this Earth less. Notice how the Almighty is left out of the equation. We cannot pollute this Earth when we are caretakers and should preserve and protect. This Earth is given to us in TRUST.

I have seen the White Boys talk. They care about Almighty Dollar all right. I have never ever heard them call on God and his bountiful goodness. I have never ever heard them say thank you to the ratepayers.

Who are these creatures we call CPUC and CAISO?

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