We would have thought in the year 2003 that we would have a better understanding of our Earth and how to take care of it. We would have thought that we small people on this Earth would comprehend that we are but a speck among the many universes that traverse the vast galaxies and the nebulae if ever there is such a word that could be envisioned by us limited finite humans.

The recent Bush incentives giving industries and power plant operators power to rehab their facilities while not paying attention to pollution limitations and standards sends a signal that will foster pollution, adversely impact millions all in the name of that Almighty Dollar.

Now, we all know that power plants and other polluters have been making huge contributions to the White House and prying the White House to favor less restrictions on pollution - setting back the mandated laws that were put in place by the Bill Clinton Administration. We have an administration that has run amuck and a Nation that follows the spin that these conservative vermin spew daily on the airwaves.

The present Bush Administration has been a grand failure on all Environmental levels. This Bush Administration has defied good people who have fought for what is right and set this Nation back. It has done so because it has failed to understand the soul of America.

It cannot understand the soul of America because it has killed it with dishonesty, falsehood, and a false sense of principles lacking accountability and transparency. Most of all morality that is fair to the world community.

Of course for anyone to fully understand America and what it stands for cannot be accomplished unless one has a deep understanding of the indigenous people. We call them Native American. These great people were here for thousands of years before they were robbed, raped, and segregated on Reservations. Made second-class citizens on their own land. Just try figuring that out?

There can be no healing and understanding of this Earth unless the White People are sorry for their crimes. The blood they have on their hands. The burden they carry to their graves. The Bush and Cheney families have played a role of deceiving our great Nation. On many fronts including environmental issues they have put Greed before the Welfare of the constituents of this Great Nation that was here before Columbus arrived with the blessing of the Spanish Queen Isabella.

On this site we have mentioned the Great Confederacy and the Six Nations. Our founding Fathers learned a lot from the Six Nations and incorporated the rules of governing from the Six Nations into the Constitution.

Of course many ignorant and arrogant Whites do not have any sense of history and absolutely no sense of civilization. How could they? People, who wipe out the Buffalo, pollute the lakes, rivers, and wetlands. People who waste and use money to destroy what is good are a corrupt people who are a disgrace to all humanity. Again and again the materialistic gouging, consuming, wasting capitalists we have in American have corrupted not only this Nation but also the world.

Our natural oil and gas resources will not last for a long time. In fact today we are using more resources then we can supply. The crooks that understand supply and demand will prey upon the customers and make money. Money is all that matters to the Bush, Cheney families and those who are linked to the behind the scene deals to make billions of dollars. Outsourcing is a key word.

Here is Maui I met some scientists who have been studying the ocean and are finding the salt content diminishing. This has a correlation with the carbon dioxide in the air. Which is turn has a link with the ozone level. And this in turn creates climatic changes that adversely impact the whole Earth. No more can we think like ignorant and stupid people, as do those who control the resources of this Nation with poor choices and falsehoods.

We cannot really think if we pollute one part of this Earth the rest will be saved. This mentality must stop and stop while we have the sense and resources to do so. At the rate our Nation is going with people suffering without jobs. Our Elderly having no food. Children starving with poor education. There is no way we can say that we are a forward looking Nation - we are going backwards and may soon be a third world county on many levels.

Here is San Francisco we pride ourselves that we are ahead of the game. But even here in San Francisco we have double standards. No one really cares about the sectors where poor people live. I do not know of a single major city that has a Raw Sewage Plant within 20 feet of residences in America or Europe, as is the case in Bayview Hunters Point in San Francisco.

Added to this we have two old toxic spewing polluting power plants that will jump now to make some retrofit additions taking cover under the latest Bush Administration policies. These plants will NOT spend money to filter pollution, they will not spend to adjust the cooling systems, and they will not spend a cent to better the environment. These plants will pollute and so Scott free.

We will have other dirty business doing business as usual polluting the air, water, and land. If some State or Federal agency makes a call linked to pollution standards, fault any polluter, they will take cover under the latest Bush policies calling for less stringent standards and permitting confusion and lack of enforcement. This Bush Administration has taken us backwards on most fronts on the domestic, international but mostly environmental front.

Here in Maui and on the other islands indigenous people are fed up with strangers polluting their land. I have seen dumb people take a swim in Domestic Watershed Areas. There are signs posted all over the place, saying do not swim, but these scumbags do not care. It is all the more annoying when they hail from that state call Texas. The local people of Maui for example have patience but it is running out.

There is a bill in Congress that does not want to recognize the tribes and the indigenous people of Hawaii. Well, we know what it is when the Muwekma Ohlone were removed from the Federal Register in 1927 illegally by a scumbag who worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs named L.A. Dorrington. It is the same nonsense we hear again and again.

Here is Hawaii they stole the land. Even in the United Nations there is a seat 25C that is vacant but reserved for the people of Hawaii, which was a Sovereign Nation. The United States invaded Hawaii just as it did Iraq. Why do we perpetuate such evil crimes on the innocent people? Why do we strike first and invade countries such as Grenada without cause? Why do we think we are the police force of the world?

Again and again our pompous attitude and polices from the White House have polluted bases in Puerto Rico, here in Hawaii, in Afghanistan, in Iraq and all over the world. The pollution we leave behind is our responsibility to abate and clean. We cannot and should not shirk our responsibilities.

Our leaders are the laughing stock of the intelligentsia of the world. I have met hundreds of philosophers, international travelers, experts in many fields, smart women, men, and children they are astounded at the White House and the policies that have come from that corrupt environment.

In recent weeks we have women and men resign. They have done it because they could not carry on the matter of fact corrupt policies. They chose to jump ship and suffer a career loss rather then face the wrath of the Nation for a lifetime.

We have yet to find a good reason why we went to Iraq. We have yet to find out why we continue to put our service women and men in harms way? Why do we not permit the sons of rich folks to go serve in the Armed Forces of say a 5-year term? Find out how many relatives from the Bush and Cheney families are serving? Find out how many sons and daughters from the Republican Congress persons and Senators are serving? If the answer is zip, nada, zero do not be surprised.

Hundreds of years ago this land belonged to the indigenous people. When they ruled it they was some semblance. They may not have been the materialistic makings of the fast food, supermarkets, the industrial revolution - it was a simple more balanced way of life.

Today, the poison of wrong policies has caused a cancer on every single level. Polluters and those who give a hoot about our environment are on the increase. Our ozone level has been depleted, our oceans now are suffering. We have destroyed our wetlands, polluted our lakes, rivers, and ponds. Our Earth is crying and asking our some healing.

Did you ever hear of any healer who has poison and vermin spewing from all parts of the being? Well, there is only one solution and that is doing the right thing. It is not too late. Time and tide waits for no one and the time to do the right thing is now.

To the Bush Administration I say being a farm boy you should know better. You jerks have jerked the world community enough - stop your nonsense now. The world will be a better place if you cease and decease.

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