I had the opportunity to talk to some Middle School children from E.R. Taylor School situated in the Portola District. I spoke to them about the San Francisco Port Authority and the Park they had come to visit. The Park has been named the Muwekma Ohlone Park.

The children accompanied by their teacher and two teacher aides asked me many questions. It was a pleasure answering all the questions.

This Park, a little piece of land by Illinois Street and Third Street was saved, cleaned, and secured by David Erickson. It has been over seven years that he has single-handedly grown so many Native Plants. Hundreds now visit this Park. Among them children from all over the Bay Area.

In the last three years others have cleaned the Park. Others have participated in growing Native Plants. Still others, environmental experts have conducted research. They have found several endangered species, some on the Park and others in the waters that wash on the shores of the Park.

We all look forward to better things happening in this Park. We all look forward to March 11, 2002. We sincerely hope that on this DAY the First People of the Bay Area - the Muwekma Ohlone will be put back on the Federal Register.

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