We just had a death of a young child who lived in District 10 and went to the Burnett School. The child died from Asthma. There are hundreds of other children dying slowly from Asthma and other respiratory diseases. There are others dying from the Southeast area of San Francisco and among them many seniors.

We have two old aging toxic polluting plants. Thousands of diesel vehicles spewing toxic into the air, water, and on land. We have toxic dust flying all over the place from MUNI Light rail and other huge projects. We have the foul smelling Raw Sewage Treatment Plant at Phelps that is managed by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Now, the SFPUC wants to manage the 4 Combustible Turbines by placing them by Pier 70 without an Environmental Impact Study.

Before that the SFPUC secretly without informing the PUBLIC built 3 huge conduits under Islais Creek. Right under the Main Force Pipe that carries over 90 million gallons of treated sewage. 80% from the City and County of San Francisco. A full 100% from Colma, Daly City, Brisbane and Burlingame.

On the raw sewage issues the SFPUC gets an F- on their report card. They get an F on the clean water projects because they do not have a sound master blue print in place. Over the years the SFPUV should have repaired and maintained the clean water pipes but they did not do it. Over the years the SFPUC should have built the Cross Town Tunnel and repaired and improved the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - the SFPUC did not do it.

Huge tanks by Phelps are damaged. The covers have been damaged and stench spews into the air. The system was never built to take so much sewage from Mission Bay, Daly City, Brisbane, Burlingame, and Colma.

If you go by Evans Street is stinks. It is a shame that the SFPUC has not lifted a finger to address this chronic situation. SFPUC even has an office by Evan and SFPUC employees inhale the foul air every day.

Now the SFPUC wants to take charge and place 4 Combustible Turbines before December 2003 and before the Mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown leaves office. The SFPUC will be in a for a big surprise they will NOT be able to place the 4 Combustible Turbines. Simply put the PUBLIC will NOT allow it.

Right now the District 10 Supervisor Sophie Maxwell who has let down the constituents of San Francisco and District 10 is playing politics. She did it with the conduits that destroyed the Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary.

Sophie Maxwell was taken to the site and approved the secret plan, which failed and has caused tremendous damage to the Main Force Pipe by Islais Creek. Today the Health and Safety of the Public is at risk. Raw sewage and other toxic material keeps flowing into the Bay.

The 4 Combustible Turbines given to the City and County of San Francisco as part of the Energy Crisis and the excessive amounts charged to the State of California have NO place in a community that has suffered too much.

The Larkin Sub Station, the Mission Sub Station, by Brisbane and by the San Francisco Zoo, should place these 4 Combustible Turbines. In fact one can be placed very near the SFPUC building so that the world can see that it does NOT adversely impact scumbags who have decided to place these toxic combustible gas turbines in a neighborhood that is poor and who have taken their fair share of toxic dumping.

I am looking forward to the day the Mayor leaves the City of San Francisco.

I am looking forward to the day the PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE is used in this very serious matter. Simply put the Precautionary Principle prevents harm to the environment and to human health. This principle has been evolving over the last 11 years.

The release of toxic substances and the exploitation of resources and physical alterations of the environment have had adverse impacts on many human beings, birds, animals, and fish in the southeast sector of the City and County of San Francisco.

We advocates of the environment have taken a stand and the City and County of San Francisco has embraced the Precautionary Principle. Now therefore let those who violate this principle and the Ordinance be charged with violating this important Ordinance.

There has been some little debate about the City and County of San Francisco taking charge of the Energy Resources. We surely do not want Pacific Gas and Energy fleecing the ratepayers. The same with Mirant. How ever it would be wrong to give this charge to SFPUC.

This entity has fleeced the constituents of San Francisco again and again. They screwed up with our Clean Water Projects. Have failed miserably dealing with our Raw Sewage. Have failed with Solar Energy Projects. And now want to dabble with the City and County Energy Plan. SFPUC is doomed to failure and does not have to be put in charge.

Constituents by Dog Patch, Little Hollywood, Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Bayview, Portola, Silver Terrace were NOT informed of the 4 Combustible Turbines. The District 10 Supervisor, Edward Smeloff, and his boss Patricia Martel think they can shove this idea down our throats. I think it is time to put an injunction on this project linked to the 4 Combustible Gas Turbines. Name the culprits, site the Precautionary Principle and take them to court.

For too long have too many innocent people suffered. For too long have some dumb, ignorant, and arrogant buffoons caused innocent constituents to be adversely harmed. Our Safety and Health comes first. If the public servants cannot assure safety and health concerns they should be fired and removed from office.

The Precautionary Principle

We did it with the Governor of the State of California and it is NOT too late to do it to the officials who misuse their power.

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