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We pride ourselves when we proclaim that San Francisco is the city that knows how! It may now find itself being termed the City and County of San Francisco that does not know much - if anything at all!

Former Mayor Willie l. Brown Jr., Pat Martel from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), Michael Burns (MUNI), and Douglas Wong from the San Francisco Port Authority (SFPA) all agreed to build 3 conduits under the Force Main that carries over 180 million gallons of half treated sewage from the over tasked Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant which is situated in the Bayview.

In the process of building the 3 conduits NO soil assessment worth its salt was done. I solely did protest but the Board of Supervisors, the former Mayor, the heads of SFPUC, MUNI, SFPA, others too many of mention thought they could fool the people. I did that with the toxic soil at Pier 92 that costs the SF Port Authority over a $1 million to clean up plus the fines.

Sophie Maxwell the dumb, inept, and arrogant District 10 Supervisor took a trip to Islais Creek and stamped her approval to build the conduits. One must fully understand this woman has an understanding of conduits, soil assessment, Environmental Impact Report - as much as a candlestick maker would know how to sew a shoe! She should now answer who will pay for these conduits that do not work and are filled with slurry? I hope not the taxpayers!

Pacific Gas and Electric wants to have nothing to do with the 3 conduits that were built illegally. Vince Harris and Dennis Tsai knew about the conduits and now are at a loss to explain why they will never be used.

Behind the ploys of this decoy conduit the Catellus Corporation with the backing of the corrupt Willie Brown machinery - Catellus promised the San Francisco Port Authority $4 million plus. MUNI thought they had it made with this stupid project which they should be ashamed of.

San Francisco Public Utilities look upon this conduit as a means to carry a powerful Transmission Line and stomp Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in the back. The joke is on SFPUC. Soon Pat Martel who had NO idea what this conduit was all about and will soon get the shaft. Rumor has it that Edward Smelloff will follow and so will others.

What does MUNI say about the conduits? Surely they are so smart as to envision creative financing and sell the Kirkland Depot. Put up MUNI assets as part of “ Asset Financing”. Foreign countries owning our MUNI buses and MUNI taking huge write off without paying taxes to the State and Nation and therefore following the example of off shore crooked companies who should all go to jail.

Time the Federal Bureau of Investigation find out who is going to pay for the conduits that cost millions of dollars? Time to find out who is responsible if the Force Main collapses and who will be responsible for the spill of half treated sewage? Time to find out how responsible and how educated is the dumb Sophie Maxwell who brags she has done so much for the community? Time to find out who will pay for the damaged Muwekma Ohlone Park which was destroyed by the collapsed Force Main because the conduits disturbed the landfill earth above, around, and below the Force Main?

Oh now we have a smart woman in Monique Meyer may be she with Susan Leal will solve this major problem which is looming on the horizon of reality. Perhaps the handsome Mayor Gavin Newsom has a wand and will heal the Force Main of its wounds. The Land Use Committee hears about this situation and does not do much. I had requested Supervisor Bevan Dufty to conduct an inquiry and get back to me. To date I have not heard a word.

Compounding this problem the San Francisco Port Authority wants to build a movable bridge over Islais Creek further weakening the conduits, disturbing the nearby landfill land mass, further destroying the little that is left of the Muwekma Ohlone Park - in short creating the most adverse impact and health and safety issues that no one wants to take responsibility for.

To hell with the residents who reside at 1800 Illinois Street! They will have a freeway bridge 15 feet away from their doorsteps!

Entities like the BCDC and Susan Leal does not give a damn. I spoke before the BCDC and Susan Leal heard me and had no idea what I was saying. I would like her to face the music once this Force Main burst and over 180 million gallons of half-treated sewage spills all over the place - mostly into Islais Creek. This happened once and it is waiting to happen again.

I would like to know what engineering expertise she has? I would like to know if she gave up her job for the $220,000 salary much more then she makes as a lousy City Treasurer. Half the major corporations have left San Francisco. Over a million square feet of commercial space is vacant. Our hotels are less then half full and crooks like Walter Shorestein get breaks without the City Treasurer and the Assessors Office playing an active role.

Recently I see new sewer pipes being laid without an Environmental Impact Study very near Islais Creek. There was a time when the stupid SFPUC wanted to build large tanks they called them by the fancy name Digestors - to hold raw sewage without any consideration for those who live and work in the area.

Suffice to say the nearby Darlin Plant stinks processing fat from dead animals and spent grease from restaurants all over the Bay Area less then 1000 feet from the proposed movable bridge. The near by Phelps Raw Sewage Plant stinks and no one is doing anything about the stench of over flowing excreta. Poor Pat Martel says SFPUC does not have the money but make no mention of the over $220,000 that she makes with benefits.

80 per cent of the City's raw sewage goes to the Phelps Raw Sewage Plant and 100 percent from Colma, Daly City, Brisbane and Burlingame! Think about that for a minute!

SFPUC has dead wood employees many making over $100,000 a year and most living outside San Francisco. SFPUC managers have no idea what is happening with the conduits and the impact it will have on the surrounding areas.

Imagine City Planning agreeing to build a movable bridge over and near the conduits. Imagine our Board of Supervisors (BOS) agreeing to a $14 million plus bridge that does not meet design standards and the SF Port Authority having NO money to pay for it? Why did the Land Use Committee then headed by diatribe prone Jake McGoldrick not take the SF Port Authority to task? What are the BOS going to do? What is the role of the stupid Sophie Maxwell in this mess? May be Greg Assay who shelters the stupid Supervisor has something to say?

PG&E are gloating and have told the authorities approaching them that they will not pay for the conduits. PG&E's position has been that they have a route separate and will not have anything much to do with the City and County of San Francisco when it comes to Transmission Lines. PG&E own the distribution system and will not give up their jurisdiction without a fight. The City has no money and without money the City can talk - it mostly talks the talk but rarely walks the walk.

I would like to hear from Monique Moyer what is her position? Monique is supposed to arrange a Public Meeting to talk about the proposed movable bridge? When will that happen? I suppose sufficient notice will be give to the Public at Large and advertised in one of the local newspapers?

Who may I say will pay for the failed conduits? Any takers?

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