In my childhood I was fascinated by the culture of the Creoles mostly influenced by the French. On my website I have an article that refers to two plantations on one of my many trips to New Orleans.

I was intrigued by one of the plantations because it had withstood time and brought memories of some horrendous events that took place on that particular plantation.

By contrasts when I visited another plantation not far away from the one that was intact - I noticed how that plantation could not keep up his or her plantation as the first one did.

On another level I realized the role of Creoles on plantations, in the field of music, and of course great cuisine.

Bottom line Creoles played an important role in the culture of the times - especially in the area around New Orleans. It boasted of many millionaires in those days and among them many Creoles.

Most rich folks in those days made money from cotton and sugar.

I know for a fact that Creoles all over the world are strong in their position that they have influenced and contributed to the progress of civilization. This fact has never been challenged.

As far as I am concerned I still keep in touch with hundreds of my Creole friends my e-mail and often am visited by some when they visit San Francisco.

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