The Bayview Hunters Point Neighborhood Conference on Crime Prevention is being sponsored by the Bayview Hunters Point Crime Prevention Collaborative (CPC). The CPC is made up of residents, nonprofit groups and public and private partners who have come together in an effort to create a more effective response to reduce crime in the neighborhood. This all day conference will be held May 31, 2002 at the Bayview Opera House.

The mission of the CPC is to reduce crime in the Bayview Hunters Point community through the ongoing development of new and the enhancement of existing strategies, systems and partnerships dedicated to supporting the quality of life for neighborhood residents. CPC will work to bring more and better jobs to the community.

Bayview Hunters Point has the highest number of homeowners. It has also the highest number of youth who reside in Bayview Hunters Point. Many family owned businesses continue to operate in the neighborhood. It is home to many churches all of which have thriving congregations.

The incidents of young people, particularly young African-American men being killed by gun violence continues to haunt and shape the people's perception about Bayview Hunters Point. When this occurs, it is not just the victims that are affected and suffer but the families of the victims. It also affects the perpetrators, the neighborhood and the City and County of San Francisco as a whole. This needs to change.

There have been a disproportionately high incidents of crime in and around the HUD-subsidized and Housing Authority located on Oakdale by Baldwin Court and Ingalls. Consequently residents from this area at the Project SAFE meetings with the San Francisco Police Department have requested a greater and more effective police presence on the hill. There has been a request for similar police presence in the other areas too Middle Point, Harbor Road, etc.

The recent incident involving the children on MLK day on Kiska road has further united the community and many other community organizations to address cooperation between community organizations and Law Enforcement.

CPC is planning to address these crime prevention concerns at a conference that will be held at the Bayview Opera House on May 31, 2002. The theme "Mutual Responsibility". Various expert panels and speakers will address crime issues and possible solutions. We hope to facilitate and bring about a dialog between the community and the various agencies to not only reduce crime but to raise the quality of life in the neighborhoods.

This is a golden opportunity for all those concerned constituents from Bayview Hunters Point to participate in this all day conference which will begin at 9 a.m. This is a golden opportunity for us who live here to get back our community and participate in the day to day deliberations to make our community safe and work for us. This is a golden opportunity to demand services to better our community.

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