November 9, 1999 the National Park Association amidst great hoopla had the "Channel Opening" ceremony. A tent was set up on top of a disturbed Shell Mound and speeches made praising the entities of the on going 28 million plus project. Most everyone was not told and did not know how sacrilegious this event was. In 1999, with all the information we have a Playground built on top of a Sacred Burial Ground on Crissy Field. Right here on the Presidio of San Francisco and in the Bay Area, one of the most liberated places in the world! What a shame!

The Hass family was represented and kudos bestowed on them. The aged Haas' had to hobble to the bridge on their own strength to witness the main ceremony. The National Park Association had some transportation mode in place but forgot to provide it on time. " Folks we want your money, as to your welfare forget about that". The aged Haas' arrived on a bridge where there were a few chairs occupied. Since I was there standing, I freed the chairs and accommodated the aged Haas'. The elderly Haas was heard to say "Time and tide waits for no man" while hobbling towards the ceremonial site, a hundred feet or so from the speech making tent. Some feisty Haas that man.

I have provided the readers some photographs that go with this article. The photographs provide a good glimpse of the ceremony and breaking of the dike. I visited Crissy Field one day after the ceremony and the engineers were encountering some major problems.

We have stated again and again that it is wrong to build a Playground over the Sacred Burial Grounds of the Ohlone. Shellmounds on Crissy Field and the surrounding area were first documented in the 1880's, again in 1912, in 1972, and many times in recent years during the Crissy Field project where concrete evidence was found. The burning of the four garages in recent months destroyed human remains, artifacts, documentation and inventory all stored carelessly by the so called archeological experts who work for the National Park Service.

We all know that 18 treaties signed by the United States government with California Native Americans were and are still not ratified. We all know that the Muwekma Ohlone were recognized by the Federal government until 1927. We all should know that only the Muwekma Ohlone have patrimonial jurisdiction over Crissy Field. Not the other BOGUS tribes who were paid and made a mockery of Sacred Native American traditions.

The Amah/Mutsun Band of Ohlone/Costanoan, Costanoan-Rumsen Carmel Tribe, Indian Canyon Band of Costanoan/Mutsun. Jaquelin Kehl (Mutsun/Ohlone), are recognized by the National Park Service and Association and mentioned in the event program. This is a shame. The only tribe that has patrimonial jurisdiction over Crissy Field and that includes rituals of any kind are the Muwekwa Ohlone. The Mukekma have established ancestral lineal link to the Presidio of San Francisco and the extended Bay Area. This fact is recognized by the State of California. Also, by the Department of Interior. The National Park Service, one of many under the Department of Interior thinks otherwise. The above mentioned clans have no right whatsoever to abuse the hospitality of the Muwekma Ohlone. They know and understand it too.

No LIES by Charlene Harvey, Barbara Jo Griffin, Greg Moore, can change history. It was totally wrong to mention some bogus Ohlone clans and leave out on purpose the Muwekma Ohlone who have total patrimonial jurisdiction over Crissy Field. Only the Muwekma Ohlone laid claim to the Presidio of San Francisco and exercised their Right of first refusal before Congress in 1991, before Congress decided to close down the Presidio as an Army Base.

Only the Muwekma Ohlone tribe participated in all the on going discussion with the National Park Service and other community leaders as mentioned in the Community Consultation Initiative document. These discussions took places between 1990 and 1992. These are hard and concrete facts that no one can run away from. How ever liars know no bounds and Greed and lying go hand in hand. The other clans never ever participated in any of the discussions with the National Park Service. They have of late because they have been offered huge sums of money.

Bogus tribes were paid huge sums of money to turn the other way while important artifacts and human remains were taken and stored in building 1055. All the artifacts and human remains burned down and this is a shame.

At this time it is right to point out for the final time that the National Park Service is in the business of Preservation and Protection. Not in the business of GREED. These may be strong words but by ignoring the TRUTH , the National Park Service and the National Park Association have BLOOD on their hands. Again and again inspite of being warned and provided concrete documentation the above mentioned entities have chosen to shun the right path. To date there is no Memorandum of Understand or Agreement with the Muwekma Ohlone. This document was promised years ago. Deceit, lies,greed, manipulating concrete facts will lead to the path of destruction.

The article "Who will take a stand" on this web site leads to this current article. Artifacts and human remains were burned in four garages. To date no one is taking responsibility. The fact that such a crime took place is ignored and was ignored for months. There is a Fire Incident Report in place and facts documented. We will wait to see how long it takes for those in authority to look into this very serious matter.

It is mandatory that before a large project such as Crissy Field was executed that a through Environmental Impact Study was in place. That archeological considerations were given priority. More so because the National Park Service were fully aware of the 1972 human remains found a few hundred feet and carbon dated to 1300 years. Also, the findings of the artifacts revealed that it was a young Ohlone woman and gave further credibility to the existing Shellmounds found all over Crissy Field.

Even today no more than five per cent of the Presidio of San Francisco has been thoroughly and archeologically surveyed. Shellmounds are Sacred Burial Grounds not dump sites. We would not want our western cemeteries to be call trash sites or garbage sites. The Ohlone were living in the Bay Area and on the Presidio of San Francisco for over 10,000 years. It is a shame that before the millenium that corrupt, inept, and evil authorities have deliberately chosen to insult the Ohlone of years gone by and continue their hostile relations with the Muwekma Ohlone.

I am the spokesperson for the Muwekma Ohlone on Presidio Issues and have been for years. I categorically abhor the actions of the authorities who created a ceremony that insults the Ohlone of old and spiritual traditions of all decent Native Americans. It is wrong to pay money and bribe some far away Native American clans to foster evil plans and have a bogus ceremony on Sacred Muwekma Ohlone Burial Ground. Decent Native American clans understand and know the protocol. Those that takes bribes do not.

A through investigation of Crissy Field should be implemented. Crissy Field is and was a area that had too many hot spots. It served as a air-field and the underground fuel tanks, left unattended for ages caused irreparable damage to the environment. The Bay waters adjacent to Crissy Field are polluted and the area under the Golden Gate Bridge has the highest concentration of Lead Paint. These factors have not been considered by the National Park Association nor the National Park Service. The main focus has been on Greed and monetary gain.

As one enters the Presidio of San Francisco through the Marina Gate one now sees a row of Monterey Pines. Since when are Monterey Pines native to Crissy Field?. Or for that matter who ever said or heard of Monterey Pines growing on Crissy Field for hundreds or thousands of years? Sand dunes do not evoke a row of Monterey pines!

A little further down, part of Shellmound has been saved thanks to my efforts. The exposure by the media KRON TV, the San Francisco Weekly, the Independent forced the authorities to save part of a Sacred Shellmound.

A little further down is the so called marsh land that is home now to pigeons and other water birds. These birds feed on thrash left all over the shoreline by humans frequented by thousands of tourists. These birds now congregate by this newly formed large pond and relieve themselves. This so called marsh will soon bear germs never seen before. These waters may attract migratory birds who once frequented the waters by the Bay, but also help spread diseases all over the world.

Once must remember that birds did not have access to thrash and garbage hundreds and thousands of years ago as we are prone to have today! Just go by Pier 39 and see what the seagulls feed on. Or for that matter by Marina Green. All the germs and bacteria now will concentrate on Crissy Field in a large pond create by some buffoons.

Further down yet in the works Crissy Field proper will be covered by a well water lawn. Children can play on the lawn and be exposed to the dangerous that I have mentioned. Greed knows no abounds. I fully understand that when the Army was there toxic sites were asphalted now they are exposed to the public.

Once the Haas' came to Crissy Field to watch the fireworks. Today the fireworks cannot nor will ever be watched from Crissy Field. In fact the Haas gave a lot of money because of the good times they had on Crissy Field when the Army was there. Today, Grey Moore is fond of saying that he has been instrumental in turning the Army's backyard to the National Park Association's facade. This facade will come to haunt generations of San Franciscans and the people of the Bay Area.

Crissy Field for thousands of years was a Sacred Burial Site and will always remain one. Palaces may be built on this site but they will all come down. Those that desecrate this site have BLOOD on their hands.