When the White Boys in the Hood Basketball Game was over that toxic cloud which constantly sits on top of Middle Point at Hunters Point near the newly renovated Basketball Ball Court did not disappear. Notice is comes from that stack at Hunters Point powerplant and you see it every single day. The fumes its spews is very toxic - it kills you.

That same day a little way away a drug deal went bust - a man was shot and his car set on fire. The trees that were freshly planted are dying because no one is watering them. The only element that hits the eye reminiscent of the over night rapid changes are the roads with fresh asphalt they do take time to wear off.

All the Public Housing at Hunters Point, which is over 60 years old once, belonged to the Navy. The present plan is to demolish Public Housing at least the land on which they stand is cleaner then Parcel A, B, C, D, E which makes up the Shipyard which is Hunters Point.

Just like you have parcels on the shipyard the various blocks at Hunters Point will be divided and the EVIL San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) will build housing units to cater to the rich clientele who are in the wings ready to make the required investments.

The crooks could not come in and develop Hunters Point Public Housing without any action happening at the Shipyard. So now that Lennar BVHP LLC has its foot the other crooks are ready with their weapons to force poor people out of their homes and out into the streets of despair.

The constituents of Hunters Point should be vigilant. Jesse Blout from the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Marcia Rosen from SFRA - have no compassion for the poor or those that need help most. They do not live in the City and County of San Francisco.

One must remember the Sunnydale Public Housing and that at Potrero Hill are all ready to be demolished. They all sit on land that is very prime real estate. Where there is land the White man has set his heart and soul there is money to be made. Poor folks have no capitol and no equity to borrow money, poor folks do not know lenders nor crooks like Richard Blum and Don Fisher who have played games and worked endlessly behind the scenes to make a fortune for their ever growing empires.

There is no doubt that the killing that is on going was perpetuated by City Administrations who wanted to drive the poor people away.

How does one explain the easy procurement of AK-47s and other weapons that kill, hundreds of pounds of drugs that numb the people who take them, every imaginable crime has grown right under the noses of the last 4 City Administrations. It is the same under this Mayor - the only major change is that this Mayor has come to play games - White Boys in the Hood.

I challenge the City Administration to do the following and they are easy:

1. Have a Police Station right where the crime is greatest. It does not have to be a big station but a station that is a deterrent.
2. Build a nice Supermarket where good poor folks can go shop.
3. Build a High School and focus on quality education in the hood.
4. Train young people and give them jobs on neighborhood projects.
5. Shut down the Mirant and Hunters Point Powerplants.
6. Sponsor a child care center and train women and men to run it.
7. Encourage Community Based Organization to work in the community and help those in need - Asthma, AIDS, Cancer...
8. Encourage extra curricula activities for the youth after school.
9. Encourage civic orientation for Parents and Adults.
10. Help renters in Public Housing with reduced Energy Bills.
11. Help renters eliminate fungi and encourage hygiene.
12. Mandate SF Health Department to monitor pollution.
13. Encourage children to stay in school and monitor attendance.
14. Encourage programs leading to jobs for those on probation.
15. Discourage open Alcohol and illegal drug use.
16. Encourage Churches to do volunteer work in the community.
17. Encourage City Leaders to visit the various constituencies.
18. Encourage sports where folks can meet and know one another.
19. Foster Big Brother and Sister programs.
20. Encourage all Quality of Life Standards.

If folks brainstorm in their homes and form tenant associations they can empower themselves and change the community they live in. If they empower themselves hopefully they will learn what is takes to make Hunters Point whole again.

Once at Hunters Point there was a theatre and there was a Supermarket. Nearby there were good schools with quality teachers. There was a police station near by and most people behaved themselves. There were shops were one could go to get a hat or go tailor one's clothes. The Churches cared and the people took care of one another. Every child was loved and if one was in trouble the whole block was there for the hurting person.

Our children were well fed and there was normalcy in the homes. Not too many single families as we have now. Not too many babies having babies with no one to care for the young ones. We are bring up a whole generation on values that have no foundation and which will ill serve the youth of tomorrow - at least those families who have no foundation, love and caring in stock.

Black on Black violence must stop. It is left to the Ministers and the leaders to step up and help this craziness which leads to destruction. It is shame when these criminals think nothing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and of the various Black leaders. It is a shame when violence is used to bring about death for ends that are materialistic.

To the OGs who are in the community there is no important task then to talk to those who think that life is not worth living and that a single bullet can bring about change in the land of revenge and false pride. The greatest leaders have been humble and it is in humility that one sees greatness.

I am calling upon the youth the many that I meet and talk to go that extra mile and call upon our sisters and brothers to do what is right in the sight of most people.

How can we allow so many young people to die over some drugs or talk that has no value when compared to higher education, respect for one's elders, caring for the young, teaming with youth to better themselves, improving the standards in our community, standing tall for things good and progressive, spreading joy through music, dance, and good food.

Blacks built Washington DC the roads and the White House. Blacks have invented and have brought about change on many levels. Now is the time to turn the table around and work for our folks in our neighborhood.

In the 1950s Blacks for the first time could live at Hunters Point and in the neighboring regions. The time is now to bring about real change with control of one's destiny. The crooks have a plan and the only thing that can stop them is Unity.

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