Our service women and men are in Iraq not to be taken pot shots at but that is exactly what is happening. It is not fair that we shut up while those who made a great mistake sit on the sidelines and blame others. Some of you will remember the time the idea of shock and awe vibrated in the air and those gullible thought they heard it right only to realize that we went to Iraq not based on facts but lies.

In San Francisco we did it right we took to the streets and spoke our mind. We called the shots and named the liars and we were right on.

It has been many years now that America has lost its sense of factual world opinion. Most Americans seem to get their information from talk shows on the Television or some shabby informational material put out to misinform the people. Disinformation rules the day in America today.

After 9/11 most of us agreed that we should deal a blow to Al Queda and that is what we should have done. Gone after these vermin and forced them to vanish from the face of this earth with their philosophy of hate. We went to Afghanistan and did not finish our job.

Today, we do not have full control on Kabul let alone Afghanistan. Many soldiers have died some from the United States others from countries such as Germany who decided to help us with our mission in Afghanistan.

Our only hope to save face in Iraq is to convince other countries that can blend into Iraq and understand the culture of Iraq to help us.

Remember we thought we were a Super Power and did not need any help. Well, we need the help and the sooner we get it the better. We have lost the war in Iraq on every front and that is the truth.

We cannot put a price on the lives on our service men and women. I worked for Sixth United States Army that has been since deactivated. We played an important role in Desert Storm and Shield. We learned a lot of lessons. I learned a lot and I what I saw many will never see. We sent young women and men to fight and they won the war. However after there returned many of them fell prey to Desert Storm Syndrome and hundreds succumbed to the deadly disease.

Today most of America is shocked that we were lied to. No more do we hear the Generals brag because they failed this Nation they listened to politicians who mostly lie. The likes of Chenney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld could have done this Nation proud but chose to deceive our Nation and bring the death on our best our beloved service women and men.

War is not for the tame and faint of heart. Ask any veteran from World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War and they will tell you the truth. They know what war means because it is about shedding blood, pain, horror and many things not too pleasant to the human being.

Today America has failed in Afghanistan and it has failed in Iraq. Today America has chosen to spend billions in Iraq while choosing not to serve the needs of poor Americans, our Education, our Health, and most of all failing the taxpayer that foots the bill.

The Iraqi people do not want us in Iraq and they are not prepared to hear lie after lie thrown in their direction. They want us out and we have no choice but to save face, save our lives, and get out while we can do it with international cooperation.

Liars and lying has become the norm of the day. The White House has chosen to shun from the Truth and the coming Elections will bring change but it will be too late. We cannot give life to those who lost it. We cannot soothe the pain of family and loved ones just because some liars chose to bring harm to our beloved service women and men.

War is something our Nation should choose as a last resort. We must remember that we enjoy many of our bounties because of the First People the Native Americans. Many of us who are sincere know we stole the land from the Native Americans. Some do not feel the guilt that in their own land we put First People on Reservations. So now we think we can take our macho gimmicks abroad and wave our Super Nation status which means nothing to the world today.

Iraq is the cradle of civilization. Sadam was a bad person and we could have taken him down easily by covert means. Today we do not have Sadam and we do not know where bin Laden is. We do know that our women and men are dying and it is time we bring them home. We also know who lied to us and we do not want to have to deal with liars anymore. The sooner they leave their positions of authority the better.

It is also time we boot out the liars and bring some decency to this Nation. Too many liars and deceitful politicians seem to control the thoughts of too many innocent people using the media as a tool.

We cannot permit our service women and men to die without defending themselves. This Nation should get a GRIP and make the right choice, sooner then latter.

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