Gavin Newsom who is the present Mayor won by a small majority and by large measure the Absentee Votes, which defy logic, and is a slap in the face of true democracy. In the few months he has been in charge same sex marriages which has been defeated in court, women appointments, pandering to the media have been his hall marks.

We have a $450 million dollar deficit and nothing much has been said about it. Health and Educational priorities have not been addressed except for the Niles factor, which makes matters worse. The Federal government will cut funds for Aids Victims - may be the Getty factor could be used to remedy the situation.

The Planning Commission, The Parks and Recreation, The SF Port Commission, other commission have a status quo - it is business as usual. In civilized democracies when a new Mayor comes in the old commissioners turn in their resignations. Here the commissioners vie to keep their seats. One Taxi Commissioner did turn his courtesy resignation and the Mayor's Office chided the commissioner by knocking him off the Taxi Commission. Gavin is young and when one is young - foolishness and buffoonery go with the territory. Joe Caruso and Alex Trouk may help a little but there is only so much one can do.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development (MOED) is poised to tackle some issues. Jessie Blout after his stint at the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) now wants to be a PLAYER. He failed with the SFRA on Hunters Point and the Disposition and Development Agreement. He went with the flow and the corrupt SFRA and Marcia Rosen. He chose to work with the corrupt illegal BVHP Project Area Committee, which for all practical reasons is a disgrace to the Bayview and Hunters Point. Each and every one of the BVHP PAC members.

Jessie is now poised to work with Dwayne Jones who once headed Young Community Developers (YCD) and walked away to form his own Consulting Firm - Complete.

Dwayne now wants to complete his mission by partnering with MOED to screw with the Bayview Community.

Dwayne Jones does not live in the community. Gavin Newsom and Jessie Blout do not care about this factor. They care that Dwayne Jones was bold enough to state to the Media that if one does not vote for Gavin Newsom the repercussions would be severe. Willie L. Brown Jr., the worst Mayor to set his foot in City Hall - propped thugs here, there and everywhere. Now, Newsom has decided to use Willie's contacts to continue the chiding and demeaning of the community at large.

Gavin Newsom does not care for the community. He media opportunity on March 27, 2004 up on the Hill is just that. He has not said much of the AK-47 rampant shooting Baghdad Style in our back yard. He has not offered jobs to our youth. He has not given the Elderly and Youth Health benefits nor focused on Nutrition and Safety issues. On all his visits - stupid Government officials pretend to take orders and do nothing surround him. Duh!

Negroes on the Hill have been taking orders since the days of Slavery and they still do. And even though today the population statistics have changed Gavin Newsom still wants to pretend that the Negroes control the Public Housing at Hunters Point and that is not so. He will visit Visitation Valley and he will be revealed about a thing or two. Poor Gavin Newsom has not learned much from his buddy Getty nor the rednecks that surround him.

There is a thing one learns from the ghetto and that is not being a snitch. When a White Boy goes to the hood and starts talking about snitching - the Bad Boys will listen but not hear. No one wants breadcrumbs and disrespect when not much was done for years.

The Housing Authority has been disrespecting the tenants from Public Housing for years. The San Francisco Health Department has been disrespecting the tenants for years. Pacific Gas and Electric has been fleecing the tenants for years. There are laws in place that mandate that Public Housing should get FREE electricity. Gavin Newsom does not know that. DPW with its corruption has done NOTHING much for the tenants of Public Housing. They pretend to do something now at the eleventh hour to make the White Boy feel good.

Gavin Newsom has appointed his czar Jessie Blout to place the Combustible Turbines in our back yard. Jessie you aint seen anything yet. This is not the DDA Agreement that was a slap in the face of the poor and taking advantage of those living on Hunters Point. This time around you will see Fire Works and witness true democracy.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development is with INTENT trying to adversely affect the health and well being of the constituents of those living in Bayview and Hunters Point. In fact the whole Southeast Sector if they try to place ONE SINGLE COMBUSTIBLE TURBINE generator in the vicinity.

I have not seen MOED attend one single LAFCO meeting. I have not seen them contribute to the City Energy Plan. I have not seen them at one single meeting at the SF Public Utilities Commission contribute to the City's present and future Power Flow. They are a joke.

The community from Bayview Hunters Point has taken a lot of garbage from previous Mayors, Jordon, Agnos, Willie and they will NOT from White boy - Gavin Newsom. It takes not matter if Dwayne Jones, Jessie Blout, or who ever help him. This time around the community is watching and this nonsense must stop.

MOED should not be out to demean the community. MOED was meant to work with the community as partners. Feeeeel me!

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