In all civilized democracies once a new government comes in and that includes a Mayoral Organization just sworn in - Department Heads, Commissioners, others who were appointed by the previous Government - tender their resignation. It is then left to the Mayor or the Governor - to say stay on or whatever.

Here is San Francisco the head of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission earning over $200,000. The heads of Park and Recreation, Department of Public Works, SF Port Authority, SF County Transportation Authority, even the City General Manager who really has no power under the changed City Charter and there are others - should permit brighter, better experienced people to contribute their talents to the City and County of San Francisco and step down.

That is not the case. These people sit on their seats and make sure they paste their bottoms with Crazy Glue! I see Commissioners vying for their seats because they want to exercise some false power that is detrimental to the constituents of San Francisco. The Planning Commission, the SF Redevelopment Commission, the SF Port Commission should be completely revamped. Each and every one of the oldies told to go sing in the woods and stay there.

The head of Park and Recreation has been conniving with San Francisco Environment to permit a Community Based Organization to build a Living Classroom at McLaren Park. This is totally wrong. This project should come before the Board of Supervisors and the subject discussed all over the City and County of San Francisco.

It is wrong for the head of SFPUC to make so much money and yet have no idea about infrastructure. It was totally wrong to neglect our Raw Sewage Infrastructure and allow raw sewage to adversely impact so many constituents all over the City. In all the years the Director of SF PUC has been in office she has NOT been sincere - she has tried to play games harboring those one of kind allies who do not care much about our City and County of San Francisco.

There should be total reorganization of the Department of Public Works. Too much corruption in that Department. The present Mayor seems to take too much time to study a cancer that is very well detected by anyone with some honesty in one's bones.

The nonsense going on at the Waterfront. The San Francisco Port Authority especially in the Planning Department such reached a high level of abuse - mostly affecting the people who cannot understand the high handiness of the SF Port Authority Planning Department.

The recent fire of the leased premises of the elderly Alioto's is a case in point. The two elderly women were taunted and even threatened with death. Now, very recently the premises where they had their business were torched. But not a word about the Pier near by where old oil pipe lines continue to leak and pollute the Bay. The SF Port Authority's Planning Department conducted an Environmental Impact Report and opened a can of worms but have done nothing about it.

The SF Port Authority is an entity unto itself. It makes the money and it keeps the money. It does not have any direct fiscal connection with the City and County of San Francisco. Yet again and again we see discrepancies. We all know how City Tow operated? Some come before the SF Port Commissioners for their leases and others get it on a platter.

Worst of all the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA). The Director has to go and with her the crooks that worked on the Disposition and Development Agreement linked to the Hunters Point Shipyard. It is a shame that in this age we have crooks like those who work at the SFRA doing as they please. When will Marcia Rosen step down or will Jessie Blout come to her rescue?

It is time this Agency, the SFRA comes under the jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors. The same with the SF County Transportation Authority. These two agencies have fleeced the constituents of San Francisco and have adversely impacted the Quality of Life Standards all over our great City.

It is good that the San Francisco Department Heads that have been there for years and done harm - move out the door and stay away from our City and County of San Francisco. The sooner the better. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

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