The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission armed with the $1.6 billion bond measure, which the constituents of San Francisco passed for the good of San Francisco, to fix our Infrastructure has given the SF PUC a false sense of measure. Time the SF PUC get their act together.

The SF PUC has been trying to divert some of its programmed money to areas that directly do not have anything to do with the business at hand. Trying to dredge certain critical damned lakes to store more water to deal with propped up ill thought projects without public input will come to haunt the SF PUC in the Hetch Hetchy jurisdiction.

Closer home the SF PUC plans to use the Islais Creek conduits to link the old polluting Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) Power Plant with Mirant. Forces aligned with the SF PUC are gearing up to have Public Meetings giving out misinformation about Mirant and how Mirant should go away and NOT allowed to expand. Consultants who are selling their community are working with the crooks trying to sell a false sense of reality.

The City and County of San Francisco has introduced a Resolution to stop Mirant from expanding its Power Plant which is closer to Hunters Point then the Potrero Hill where most of the disinformation is going on. The District 10 Supervisor has been misled and does not have a grasp of the issues at hand. She is a sell out.

SF PUC and the San Francisco Department of the Environment should have focused on Saving Energy Measures on a War Footing. Millions of dollars given to the SF DOE have been wasted on trivial matters and with chaotic planning that boggles those who understand Infrastructure operations in any well managed City or County.

Recently the State of California has made available over $16.3 million dollars to put in place Energy Saving Measures. The SF DOE was to take the main lead. It is mind boggling that inexperienced White Collar so called experts without understanding the GRID and how power transmission lines power the City and County of San Francisco started addressing measures with false information.

The informed have known for a long time that down town San Francisco does NOT get the majority of its power from the PG&E Hunters Point Plant. Yet the SF DOE with the help of PG&E chose to deceive the PUBLIC by addressing measures that were to put in place to close down Hunters Point Power Plant addressing issues downtown.

Common sense should direct the SF PUC and the SF DOE to direct their plans and energies to CONSERVE energy in the Bayview and Hunters Point.

On the Hill most of the residents with the help of the Housing Authority can have all their light fixtures retrofitted with Energy Saving lights. Most of the old refrigerators can be substituted with Energy Saving appliances. There is lots of money for these types of programs.

SF PUC can take the lead and supply all the residents with power from Hetch Hetcy at a reduced rate and offer other sensible incentives. Most of the residents on the Hill would appreciate these measures for they have suffered a lot. Such an act would mitigate many adverse factors.

Most of the Bayview where we have the majority of home ownership too could get all the light fixtures retrofitted and there is plenty of money for this. Of course SF DOE and SF PUC have chosen to work with the filthy rich down town and consider it difficult to work with minorities. It is time for the Human Rights Commission, which has been lethargic, and in a state of zombienism to awake and take the SF PUC to task.

It is wrong for SF PUC not to have worked with SF DOE, which is a very young organization to not provide them with the proper direction and lead.

Right now SF PUC is scrambling to make amends but it has been SF PUC policy to make fools of themselves, waste money and then come for more BOND money to carry out projects, which should have been carried out a long time ago.

SF PUC has over 2.4 million accounts and they provide clean drinking and water to all of them. They also provide Electricity but they do it in a manner that is out dated and lacks accountability.

Right now we have more then 120 KV of consumable electricity, which leaks, and our SF PUC has not had the time to evaluate and check their transmission lines or small and big accounts. SF PUC does not have a good sense of the GRID which PG&E controls and the transmission lines with inter act and can through high voltage switches feed power to various sub stations.

We have White Collar so called experts making decision without consulting Electrical Engineers, Mechanical and Structural Engineers and I find that mind boggling. I have worked with Dale Sartor and Charles Swanson and even these experience men often knew that the high power electricians, power switch operators, electrical engineers, facility managers, others who deal with billing can and should provide helpful information.

Here in San Francisco the City that knows how it is the blind leading the blind. And with SF PUC and SF DOE discriminating the already hurt Southeast Sector does not phase the buffoons. Of course they have the backing of the Mayor who is more concerned with big bucks and corporations like Lennar, Cattelus, and Mills Corporation.

It is a shame that the recent Human Right Commission report shows that the majority of work the City has is given to outside contractors. Billions of dollars of contracts are given to contractors outside San Francisco - no wonder the City and County of San Francisco is broke.

Mirant Power Plant is on the verge of bankruptcy but so are the City and County of San Francisco. SF PUC nor the City has the ability to maintain neither a Power Plant nor the confidence of most Electricians who have stated again and again that the City and SF PUC management stinks at public meetings.

SF PUC is very concerned how to make up the over 30 MV that is required at PEAK times. They think they can hook up 3 huge turbines to the transmission line on San Francisco Port Property and take the KUDOS with one clean sweep!

The Burton Act strictly speaking does NOT have any place for 3 Peaker Plants on San Francisco Port Property. Let us NOT go through the recent episode that the Mills Corporation experienced on the Waterfront. Public Trust Lands on Port Property should be used for Maritime Uses.

It would behoove the all White SF PUC decision-makers to place a couple of turbines at the Presidio of San Francisco and one at least by the Larkin Sub Station. One really does not require much space and the turbines do not make much noise. They pollute a little but those who have not experienced the blatant discrimination and pollution should be able to cope and share the common burden of the constituents of San Francisco.

The constituents of the Bayview and Hunters Point have suffered too much. We need jobs and we can help implement this program without any White boys running around, making big money, and acting against the community. Enough is enough.

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