America and American Deserve Better.


It is amazing how ignorant most warmonger Americans are about world politics and history. It was even more amazing when the world is awed and shocked when the MEDIA can take most of the whole Nation for a ride daily spewing lies on the airways here, there and everywhere. It did this during and even now after the Iraqi war is over.

There has never been a time in recent history where war has brought glory to this Nation without many women and men dying and grieving. The Civil War was the bloodiest and to this day qualified historians describe it that way. The Spanish War, World War I, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and all the little wars in between brought great pain, suffering to parents who lost their sons and daughters.

All over the world intelligent world citizens are asking why is the United States dictating to the United Nations? Why is the United States messing in the affairs of so many countries by sending troops and what is worse dropping 5000 lb. bombs? All in the name of so called freedom and false justice.

Here in San Francisco when thousands gathered on the streets to protest the Iraqi War many warmongers disapproved at the behavior of those who took to the Street to make a statement that many in the world approved of. Even today when I get a telephone call or e-mails sent to me from all over the world - many praise San Francisco and San Franciscans for the stand they took when it mattered most.

The protest brought many people from far and wide. Most felt they could protest in San Francisco but could not in their own hometowns. Some even came from Colorado and as far away as New York to march in unison for what all of us felt was and is important - our freedom. Some came from England and Italy and Germany and that says a lot. They all came to march and say with one voice let us all have FREEDOM and let us not harm the INNOCENT civilians.

July 4 has just come and gone. If there is one thing we should remember it is to treasure our genuine freedom. There can no justice without freedom.

Our Founding Fathers learned this early on from the First People the Six Nations and the Iroquois Nation. I have mentioned this before and will mention it again. Much of what is written in our Constitution stems from the observation the Founding Fathers learned from those who governed with wisdom for centuries.

Federalism and Democracy had never been tried before - it was going to be tried for the first time and a Republic was born. What we all forgot was the Six Nations and the wisdom of the Six Nations that has made what is America today.

The Media in this Nation did great injustice by riding on the false and fabricated stories that came from the White House. Our intelligence gathering information in the Middle East has always been lacking. Among the many deficiencies even today very few speak the many Middle Eastern languages and what is more many do not understand the finer nuances that make the intelligent mind and makings of many Middle Eastern happenings.

In the late 1970s I thought I knew until I visited the many countries that went through troubling times - Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Greece, Germany and Italy when the underground terrorists captured and tortured those they called their enemies.

In Iraq it has always been the differences between the Kurds and the Arabs. Between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Between the Persians from Iran who do not like to be called Arabs. The Turkish who do not like the Kurds and it goes and on. We Americans think we can rid these people of all their differences over night. This is NOT simply possible.

So here comes the great United States thinking and riding a high horse messing in some countries they have absolutely no business getting anywhere near. It becomes all the more troublesome when proclaiming that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction we rallied our women and men armed forces and put them at harms way. Those who have died should be compensated and rightly so because they were put in harms way.

In the meantime we bombed the living hell of the Iraqis and thousands of innocent civilians suffered and will suffer for years to come. One has just to talk to our service men and women who have returned and who will confide in those they trust.

Today in Iraq we have not been able to provide electricity and clean water. We destroyed the Iraqi infrastructure and have been assuring the Iraqis that we can do this and that to fix it but somehow we cannot deliver. We cannot deliver because the logistics are becoming difficult. Every single day our soldiers are taken pot shots at and many are dying at the hands of thugs. The average Iraqi is so fed up that all they want PEACE. In the mean time most International Citizens are watching the Iraqi people suffer and our dear service women and men die.

We have not found the Weapons of Mass Destruction. We have not found Sadam Hussein. As the days go by the people of Iraq do not want us Americans messing in their affairs. They appreciate the fact that we got rid of Sadam - now they want us OUT of their country. And while we think they are uncivilized they think the same if not worse about us. Their religion by and large calls us infidels and while they can afford a helping hand they really are NOT into handouts. They understand they have the oil with which they can survive. Right now what they need most in electricity and clean drinking water. We better understand that.

Many years ago even before this Nation was born there was the Roman and Persian Empire. Some of us have read what Caesar did and many have read the adventures of Alexander the Great who was from Iran called Persia in those days. In Iraq there were great Kings and warriors but as Empires came and went so did the Kings and kingdoms of Babylonia which is present day Iraq.

America is great simply because we have a Nation that is so large and so full of natural resources. God gave it to the First People, the Native Americans and the strangers stole it from them. Today in California over sixty per cent of the First People are not on the Federal Register. This is their country but they are second class citizens in their own land.

Closer home the Muwekma Ohlone the First People are not on the Federal Register. They are the First People the indigenous people of San Francisco. The Muwekma Ohlone were on the Federal Register until 1927 and then illegally removed. How can we go fight wars and do justice in far away countries when we have justice issues that have not been adjudicated in our own back yard?

The Iraqi people are not like the people of Afghanistan. The people of Iraq have a rich culture. They were very unfortunate to have Sadam Hussein a thug who preys upon his people. Americans mean well and have for generations. Once our Nation treated Blacks also called Negroes as slaves and for a long time did not recognize them as equals.

On this site we have stood for the Buffalo Soldiers and have won the respect of many. Once this Nation sent Americans who happened to be Japanese to concentration camps. Today the Patriotic Act is the most unpatriotic act that this Nation has ever known.

It is important to treasure our freedom. Just as we treasure the clean air we breath and the clean water we drink.

We should be grateful that the First People ruled this great Nation we call America. We should be grateful that they have allowed us to live and take care of this great land. On this land many people have come to live as Americans. The original immigrants came to live so that they may be free. Others came so that they could practice their religion.

Once in our history we kicked out the British - some of us have read about the Boston Tea Party. Today it is a paradox we lied with the British as our partners to invade Iraq and bring great shame on this Nation and many men and women of good faith. We are awed and totally shocked by the lies in plenty.

We call upon the Great Spirit that this Nation may not pretend to dream to acquire a large empire. God has given us plenty of land. We pray that those who inhabit this great Nation we dearly called America may live in peace, have opportunities to be educated, with the best health care, free from crime and the good stuff we have mentioned elsewhere in this article. That we care for our young and our Elders.

We do not like to be lied to. We treasure our Freedom and we value our Privacy. God Bless America.

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