The streets along 3rd Street have been torn up starting from Arleta all the way to King Street to build up the 3rd Street MUNI lightrail. The project has run into various problems and the Citizens Advisory Committee created by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFTA) has NO clue at all. The SFTA has continued to pump the required money for this $550 million dollar project, which is paid for from revenues acquired by the State Sales Tax.

While better consideration was given to the on going construction from 4th Street and King to the area nearer the PacBell Park - no consideration is ever given to the torn up Streets in Bayview proper. Some 12 blocks have been ripped open for the last 3 months with dust and dirt flying all over the place. Those innocent constituents already suffering from Asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases have to deal daily with this added burden cast upon them.

MUNI has a Public Relations office, which pays lip service. There is nothing much that comes from this office expects hot air. The local Supervisor has chosen to band aid the situation by offering the resident some banners on electric poles proclaiming 3rd Street Beautiful. Just under these banners one sees torn up streets. Bums, drunks, and drug peddlers putting the lives of innocent constituents in harms way. Those who especially suffer are the Elderly.

Some of us have tried to explain to MUNI that it is imperative that they fix the torn up Streets. That they should NOT have torn up so many blocks and left them open for so long a period. The District Supervisor lives by on Jerrold Street by 3rd Street and sees the destruction but has not lifted a finger to be of any help to the constituents. It is simply amazing how dumb, ignorant and arrogant this District 10 Supervisor is.

MUNI promised that no traffic tickets would be given to those who already have limited parking during the construction of the 3rd Street MUNI Lightrail. The paradox is that the Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT) has been ticketing people. People are fed up with the way this City is treating those that they are always taking advantage of. Mayor Willie Brown made so many promises. For sure Mayor Willie Brown will take credit that with the State Sales Tax he helped build MUNI Lightrail on 3rd Street. He should also take credit for destroying Black businesses and for the gentrification of the whole area. More Blacks have left San Francisco during the term of Willie Brown then ever before. Willie Brown has single handily harmed more Blacks in Bayview and Hunters Point because of his off the wall policies that make no sense. For sure Willie can talk the talk but he simply cannot walk the walk.

For over 2 years Bayview did not have a representative from the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services to represent the concerns of the constituents of Bayview and Hunters Point. I took a lead and had Joseph Flood appointed to a position to do some justice to the constituents of Bayview and Hunters Point. What did Sophie Maxwell do? Nothing.

Recently we lost some good leaders from the Bayview - I have given them some coverage on this website. Auntie Bea, Enolla Maxwell, and Sam Jordon were all good people. I knew each of them and loved them. Unfortunately none of them before they died got the RESPECT they deserved. They all fought for the same things I fight for but they chose not to call a spade a spade. They did not actively fight the corruption that is rampant at City Hall in San Francisco under the baton of a Black Mayor who has let down most Black poor and deserving folks.

During past Supervisorial Elections Willie backed Linda Richardson an immigrant from Nigeria and Sophie Maxwell who has more to do with Haight Ashbury then the constituents who detest her in District 10. Linda backed by Lennar lost the elections and is still licking her wounds. She now serves on the Civil Service Commission, which backed and lost a case related to Tammy Haygood. Linda mostly sides with Willie Brown cronies without any rhyme or reason. Once Willie goes Linda and Sophie will be licking their wounds. They will be history and remember you read it here first.

Bayview has the highest number of homeowners. Right now the Asians are moving in large numbers and so are the Hispanics. Blacks are on their way out because our City officials most of them Black have chosen not to help those Black who need help most.

Thousands of Blacks who once led happy lives have fallen prey to drugs and the welfare system in the Bayview. There are more liquor stores on 3rd Street then any other place in the whole of San Francisco. More drunks and bums that have nothing to do but cause trouble.

The Project Area Committee (PAC) who are paid and sponsored by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) is mandated to develop the Bayview and Hunters Point. The SFRA performance has been despicable and thanks to Sophie Maxwell the local District Supervisor the SFRA has been able to cause more damage to the Bayview then ever before. To date the PAC does not have in place the required documents to develop 3rd Street. To date the SFRA and PAC does not have an Environmental Impact Report of the area to be developed in Bayview.

It is time that the SFRA be dismantled. That this corrupt agency come under the jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors. Is it not strange that Jesse Blout and Tammy Haygood now make their home at the SFRA? One worked for the Mayor and the other for the Election Department where she was fired from!

Lennar with the help of Willie Brown is trying its best to take control of the development at Hunters Point. I say the day Willie Brown leaves office no one will know the whereabouts of Lennar! Lennar should stay in Florida and New Mexico. Not content with their developments on toxic dumps in Florida, New Mexico, and Sacramento - Lennar is trying to take us for a ride. We should send them back to where they came from. In the interim the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has paid Lennar over $13 million for their so-called services to develop one of the Parcels at Hunters Point.

$13 million dollars of taxpayers money. Lennar has supported Sophie Maxwell and Linda Richardson and many of Willie Brown cronies including two SFRA Commissioners who are under investigation.

Corruption is rampant in Bayview. Thugs with connections to City Hall control the contracts and give jobs to people from outside the local area. Again and again local residents are amazed how they are taken for a ride.

The Human Rights Commission which was formed in the Bayview today permits billions of dollars to leave the City and County of San Francisco - more then 85% of all the contracts that this City has it given away. No wonder we are broke. Of the $550 million MUNI Lightrail contract the only jobs locals hold are low paying jobs like sweeping the streets, guiding people at cross ways, and other menial jobs that are a slap on the face of any decent constituent.

If the residents of Bayview do not wake up the whole area which is the last frontier will be gone. Today, the whole area does NOT have a nice decent produce market on 3rd Street. The banks do not help the locals. There are thousands of small scale businesses that do not employ locals and do as they please thanks to City Planning and other City Agencies who are on the take. Now we hear that Mr. Green has a fellowship at Harvard. Amit Ghosh is laughing all the way to the bank and has been for years.

The PAC is supposed to control issues in the 94124 zip code area. They cannot govern their own affairs. Right now for the last 9 months they do not even have a Secretary one can talk to. The PAC should be dismantled and the SFRA told to leave the area. The SFRA behavior would not be tolerated in the Pacific Heights, Nob Hill, Telegraph Hill, not even Bernal Heights or the Mission.

The PAC and SFRA have caused more damage to the Bayview and Hunters Point and should be investigated by the City Attorney and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The way the PAC and SFRA conduct itself in the Bayview is simply pathetic. I have monitored them for over 2 years and simply cannot understand the rampant corruption and lack of discipline. These scumbags do not deserve to DISRESPECT the innocent constituents for so long and get away with MURDER.

The Mayor has appointed the Citizens Advisory Committee to oversee the Hunters Point Shipyard. One person who oversees this CAC makes over $150,000. This is a joke! There is nothing happening at the Hunters Point that warrant a CAC ombudsman which has NO control and does not even understand the fundamental of the Cleanup and Baseclosure on a Superfund Site.

The Hunters Point Shipyard has a Restoration Advisory Board, which is more, attuned to what is happening at Hunters Point. The CAC backed AB1187 supported by Willie Brown Cronies like Sophie Maxwell, the CAC, and other ignorant and arrogant people who do not understand the fundamentals of what a Superfund Site entails. Sophie Maxwell has never ever attended a RAB meeting and she calls herself a Supervisor.

It is a shame that under Willie Brown so much harm has been done to Bayview and the Hunters Point.

The plan by the crooks is to bulldoze run down homes in the Bayview. However there is a plan is place to first run down the properties and then rebuild. Much as what happened in the Fillmore.

At Hunters Point by Kiska Road and in other areas around Middle Point SFRA wants to tear down buildings and build marker value homes. SFRA took over Mariners Village a former radiological site and today should be charged liability for the adverse health affects brought upon on the residents of Mariners Village.

SFRA has always been on the side of Developers and has never ever helped the constituents who need help. They have let down the constituents of San Francisco in the Ricon Area by NOT providing an Environmental Impact Report they had promised. The SFRA has sided with Catellus Corporation and given the constituents a shaft. The present UCSF building at Mission Bay is built on a Toxic Dump.

Again and again under Willie Brown the Mayor of San Francisco the Bayview has been taken for a ride. It is not too late to wake up and take control of the situation. First we have to get rid of the scumbags and I have named them all.

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