The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is bent on siting the 4 Combustible Turbines in the Southeast Sector known as Bayview and Hunters Point. These 4 combustible turbines consume Natural Gas - known to most of us as fossil fuel that is very toxic and harmful to human beings. Again and again Environmentalists, doctors, scientists have stated that fossil fuel is not the way to go. The SF PUC wants to slap us in the face and be in our face and state to us that FOSSIL FUEL is the way to go. This simply does not make sense. Nonsense.

As a mitigation factor the Williams Energy Company gave the State of California a number of Gas Turbine Engines. San Francisco agreed to take 4 of them. Now Williams Energy Company is also in the business of selling gas. Does that make sense to everyone? Duh, here is a case of conflict of interest. The world sees it but NOT our Mayor, not our dumb, ignorant, arrogant District 10 Supervisor, not those who want to take the constituents of San Francisco for a ride.

September 9, 2003 the SF PUC met with the SF Port Authority behind close doors to discuss about the site at Pier 70 on Port property and some other sites on San Francisco Port Property. Years earlier the SF PUC chose to work with San Francisco MUNI to build 3 conduits under the Main Force Pipe which empties over 100 million gallons of secondary effluents in the Bay by Pier 80. One of the conduits was put in place to carry a brand new Transmission Line to accommodate the Combustible Turbines run on Fossil Fuels that pollute and kill.

Again and again the SF PUC has chosen to make deals and then come to the constituents of San Francisco. We San Franciscans are fed up with Pat Martel and her cronies who do the bidding of Mayor Willie Brown.

Sophie Maxwell knew about the conduits which damaged the Main Force Pipe and which is still damaged. She was at the site with SF PUC officials before the conduits could be built. Now, Sophie Maxwell has chosen to help crooks to site 4 Combustible Turbines in the Southeast Sector that already is very polluted. What type of representation is that? The people of Bayview Hunters Point detest Sophie Maxwell.

It is the contention of the experts and the advocates who have studied the City Energy Plan and other models by Energy Experts that the old toxic spewing Pacific Gas and Electric power plant should be shut down. We are very clear that the PG&E plant should shut down right now. We keep stating this and we will till the PG&E plant is gone.

All through summer when supposedly extra energy is required the PG&E plant at Hunters Point was not in operation. Then suddenly a couple of weeks ago the aging, toxic spewing power plant starts operating. I would NOT put it past PG&E to have repaired and maintained large sections of the Hunters Point power plants without informing the constituents of San Francisco.

Right now the City and County of San Francisco imports 80 percent of the Electricity. The two power plants we have at Mirant near 3rd Street and closer to Dogpatch and Hunters Point and the Hunters Point power plant help in the distribution of energy by facilitating the smooth flow of energy or juice through the Transmission Lines both within and outside the City and County of San Francisco.

September 9, 2003 Angela Alioto held her Energy Press Conference and she is of the opinion that the City and County of San Francisco should own the San Francisco Gas and Electric Company. She firmly believes that the Pacific Gas and Electric plant should be shut down as soon as possible. If she had it her way she would do it today.

Angela Alioto is for fully utilizing all the power from Hetch Hetchy. Also conserving and using clean energy sources to generate energy in San Francisco. She is the only Mayoral candidate to have a clear idea, which she has spelled out in her plan.

On September 9, 2003 some of us met with the California Independent System Operators who control the GRID and the Transmission Lines. Some of us asked the tough questions and we got some answers but we have yet to have a dialog to fully understand the philosophy of the California Independent System Operators.

We know that the California Independent System Operators took over the Transmission Lines from PG&E. But we also know that the CISO did not take over all of the Transmission Lines. The same in Southern California. The CISO agrees with me that the Transmission Lines have to be repaired, replaced, and maintained.

We have yet to study the various bottlenecks, which the Transmission Lines encounter and which cause a huge percentage of leakage. We have yet to come out with a blue print for Wind, Solar, Tidal and other forms of clean energy which can be looped into our Transmission Lines without major problems.

Today with have Moscone Center with Solar Panels but we cannot loop into the Transmission Lines and make use of the maximum of Energy. We chose first to spend the money to build the Solar Panel and now learn that we have NO control to hook the system into the Transmission Lines and attain the maximum use of the Clean Energy created. This ass backwards way of doing business should stop and we should not waste the tax payers money. The force behind this failed project SF PUC who did not do their home work. The main contractor was from the East Bay when we have so many qualified Solar experts in the City and County of San Francisco. Some one made big bucks and many got the kick backs under the table.

We may NOT understand the notion that hundreds of small dirty power plants are operated by operators who fall outside the enforcement circle of the CISO and other agencies like the Federal Electric Regulatory Commission (FERC). We have serious problems in the East Bay, and all along the Transmission lines a couple of hundred miles coming into the City and County of San Francisco through San Mateo County by the Jefferson Martin sub station.

The Transmission Lines come over the San Bruno Mountain. The San Bruno Mountain has Shellmounds the largest in the Nation we call the United States. Shellmounds are Sacred Burial Grounds. The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe who has jurisdiction over the Sacred Burial Grounds do not appreciate the Transmission Lines placed where they are now and are carefully monitoring the present situation.

Right now the Martin Jefferson sub station is undergoing a huge upgrade. Most of the constituents of San Francisco are NOT aware of the upgrade and how the brand new Transmission Lines will affect San Franciscans. PG&E is behind this ploy and using the rate payers money to make hay while the shine shines.

We hear that PG&E is bankrupt yet PG&E is spending millions to upgrade its Transmission Lines which it will control to manipulate the Energy Flow throughout the City and County of San Francisco. As things stand today PG&E is far ahead of the game with a strategy where they sit in the cockpit and are in control.

PG&E have managed to buy State Legislators to side with them and PG&E dubious intentions. PG&E is one entity that can sell the Golden Gate Bridge again and again and again. It has been able to survive in the dog eat dog world.

On San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco, PG&E has laid brand-new Transmission Lines underground. The constituents of San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco know nothing about this. The Transmission Lines could be good or it could be bad. Where is the Environmental Impact Study? Who gives PG&E the right using the rate payers money to put this brand new Transmission Line going south all the way to the Jefferson Martin sub station and then again going north all the way to the Mission sub station. This Transmission Line costs millions and no one knows about it in the community.

San Francisco PUC has full knowledge about this Transmission Line but it does not say a word. In today’s world the dollar and GREED have forced some to take the low road that is taken by CROOKS. These crooks should be taken to Court and sent to jail for a long, long time.

In our judicial system we use the Electric Chair. One wonders sometimes if these crooks would be best suited to sit of these chairs of high energy because they choose to fleece the constituents and make million of the backs of poor innocent people.

Bottom line we do not want any Combustible Turbines anywhere in San Francisco and NOT in the Southeast Area. The old toxic spewing power plant at Hunters Point must be shut down - yesterday.

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