City Hall needs fixing.


There are many families in the Bayview Hunters Point who are distraught with fear and have little hope in their hearts to live normal lives with all the shootings, killings, and intimidation stemming from crime and coward criminals.

Thousands of good people live in District 10 and thousands have lived for years. It was the people of District 10 with leaders like Espanola Jackson who brought relief to single mothers and helped them get out of the cycle of welfare dependence. It was the Bayview and Hunters Point that built the new San Francisco General Hospital. Brave and focused leaders like Mrs. Westbrook led a delegation and got over a million dollars to build homes up on Hunters Points.

Once there was a thriving community but as the years go by more so since 1996 - Bayview Hunters Point is stricken with fear with thugs and good for nothing individuals using AK-47s and intimidation to perpetuate all sorts of crime. One has only to study the Incident Reports and the consensus is shocking - the community is so shaken up that Hunters Point and parts of Bayview can be likened to a crime zone worse a war zone.

We have over 58 Churches and growing in the Bayview Hunters Point. I see no visible impact by these Ministers who talk the talk and do not walk the walk. I see many Community Based Organizations who receive millions of dollars from the City and State - more money for administrative services and less direct money for services for those in need. More since 1996 a core group of thugs aligned themselves with City Hall and then Mayor Willie L. Brown to destroy Hunters Point and Bayview. Black on black violence increased and hundreds of crimes went unsolved. Today we see little change and lots of fake promises.

In 1930s no blacks lived in Hunters Point and Bayview. In the 1940s many blacks came from the South to work at the Shipyard but they were NO blacks who were homeowners. In the late 1950s few blacks owned homes. In the late 1960s more blacks owned homes and it was because they worked very hard and very long hours.

In the 1970s and 1980s many blacks owned homes and even as the Hunters Point Shipyard closed down in 1974 - the many things, people took for granted began to disappear. Today, after years of neglect and more so since 1996 blacks today cannot take any day for granted. We cannot take our life for granted.

One never knows if a young woman or man may come home alive. This is so sad because I have in the last 5 years attended the funerals of many good women and men who had nothing to do with gangs, drugs, or anything bad - they were shot and killed because of the evil around them. This is a crying shame and there is no one to stand up state the facts for the entire world to hear.

It is the community united that can go to City Hall - hundreds at time and shake City Hall. The community has to go to City Hall and protest. City Hall should not be coming to some parts of the Hill to play ball for a few hours with short promises and tall talk.

Our children are dying from pollution of the air, land, water and the homes they live in. It is time that City Hall bend backward to build a High School at Hunters Point - not a Dream School but a High School. It is time City Hall has several mini Police Stations all over Bayview and Hunters Point. It is time the Police and the Community pray and work together - not against one another. Now is the time we elect a new Supervisor and get rid of the one that is there now -who does not care about the constituents of District 10 but her own pocket and her own needs.

It is a shame that funeral homes are making so much money with all the shootings and killings that they advertise discount packages for those who should not die but live to contribute their best to the universe. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and I really know what an African and Africa can offer to the world. Never mind how Africa has allowed others mostly White Nations to steal from Africa. Go figure the injustices of slavery that haunt most blacks today and will tomorrow.

Today, educated folks fully understand that slavery was wrong and some one has to pay for the adverse impacts - never mind if they had nothing to do with it directly they do indirectly.

Once on Hunters Point lived the Ohlone the first people of the Bay Area and there was peace and harmony. When thousands of blacks came from the South they wanted bread and butter and meat and did not waste time fighting and killing people. In the late 1940s to the 1970s there was peace and harmony - more among blacks. Bayview Hunters Point provided that solace and hope.

This killing in the 2000s must stop and it must stop with blacks taking the leadership. It can only be done when blacks are given opportunities, more equal opportunities and a fair chance to enjoy the benefits all enjoy all over this City and County of San Francisco.

It is time that those black leaders who have no leadership qualities, who cannot make a sacrifice and share genuine love, go away. There are some thugs who aligned with Willie Brown to do injustice to the black population they must be alerted that they have been put on notice. It is not right to name them but if need be they will be named.

There are so many families distraught with fear and little hope in their hearts.

Most of us believe in a higher order and we all have the opportunity to make a difference. This is not the time to sit idle - we should take the inspiration from those early workers from the South who came to an unknown world, to work under difficult circumstances. They worked, owned homes, and brought up their children - right. Only to see thugs and criminals destroy what was good.

In the Bayview Hunters Point there are more good people then bad. That is what matters. Let us not allow corrupt Community Based Organization, some fake thug leaders, criminals and drug dealers, some corrupt Church Ministers, the very corrupt District 10 Supervisor - destroy what is good.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and most importantly go the way.

Children having a good time in the Bayview.

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