The last time a San Francisco Police Officer was killed in the line of duty was 1994. It is not good omen when a thug takes down a Police Officer in a cowardly manner. This is what happened to Officer Isaac Espinoza on April 10, 2004 on the eve of Easter Sunday.

The crime took place in the Bayview on Newhall Street when Espinoza and his partner approached a couple of suspicious thugs. As cowardly thugs are prone to do the thug shot the plainclothes officer without provocation.

Easter Sunday hundreds of people were praying for the fallen officer. And come Easter Sunday in the evening a suspect was caught - may be not the killer but some one very close to the thug who shot the officer.

It is a shame when thugs can roam our streets armed with high-powered guns that kill on impact. In the last two months so many young people have died in District 10 and now we have a police officer killed in the line of duty.

Death and the sorrow that comes with it, is a blow to all fair-minded persons. In this case we the constituents feel rest assured that justice will prevail and that the thug who committed this cowardly act will go to jail for a long time.

Now is the time for all those who want to maintain law and order to act in a manner that addresses the underlying issues that bring about such acts. The youth should be working and when they are not working supervised.

I am sure that this dastardly act will not go down in vain. Our prayers are with the fallen police office, his wife and daughter.

May this soul rest in peace. And to Captain Rick Bruce I say keep the faith. We will work with you to make good stuff happen.

In the Line of Duty

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