At hundreds of conferences and meetings all over the world we the world citizens are faced with issues related to economics, environmental justice, social issues and other pertinent issues related to the United Nations, its decisions and how they affect various countries all over the world.

Let us focus very briefly with the United Nations and its influence with Environmental Justice Issues. The United Nations and Economic issues all over the world. The United Nations and Social issues.

The United Nations is very good at creating general diplomatic language but really has no clout to enforce the serious issues and adverse impacts resulting from Environmental Justice and Economic issues. Also Social Issues. Within the framework of our discussion at the conference held at San Francisco State University and titled " Toward a Democratic United Nations for the 21st Century" a small sub-committee was formed to discuss Economic and Environmental Justice issues.

This sub-committee also known as a Commission reported at the final and special commission meeting at which time the other commissions also reported. It might be noted that the sub-committee that reported on the Economic, Environmental and Justice, Social issues stood out and kudos to this commission.

Some of us have heard and others can relate to the Millennium Development Goals 1990-2003. The various targeted goals in this document provided a lot of sound information. Currently this document lacks empirical contemporary data because this is the only way to address any important issue. In this case economic, environmental, and social justice issues. This document talks the talk but fails to walk the walk. This has been the way the UN works. It goes on speaking, spewing out diatribe, takes years to build consensus and fails to act and bring about immediate change and progress.

There is no way the United Nations can be an enforcement agency. It can however through creative and visionary language, models, and guidance influence economic, environmental, and social justice issues.

It should be the objective of the United Nations and all its members nations to focus on and "promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom ...". The folks who wrote this few words in 1945 could not ever imagine the horrendous and convoluted damage done by those fiscal and fiduciary institutions and " Green Room" brokers who are choking the economies of so many countries. Leading the pack the countries that have the ability to loans vast sums of money.

It is next to impossible if countries continue to pay loans to these institutions that steal their resources and demand huge interests on vital loans linked to projects in these countries to bring about progress. I know countries that cannot pay the huge interests on their loans.

In the arena linked to environmental issues the socalled Developed Countries have disrespected Mother Earth. In turn these countries have been disrespected by Environmental Conferences because most educated and informed Environmentalists will not tolerate the drastic pollution and adverse impacts of the environment in countries such as the United Sates. Some countries walked away at Cancun and rightly so.

Here in the United States we have a glaring mirror starring at our faces. In this mirror we continue to see injustice continued to be done to the First People also known as Native Americans.

On Reservations the worst kind of economic, social, and environmental injustice has been meted out to the First People in the United States. It is time the United Nations point this to the United States. It is time the United Nations influences the very corrupt Department of Interior within the U.S. government to release billions of dollars that rightly belong to the First People. It is time the U.S. government recognizes all tribes and put them on the Federal Register.

The United Nations can recognize sovereign nations and it is time they do so with the various tribes who live on sovereign land. This would send a strong signal to the United States government and the world.

It is time the United Nations is moved to another country. It is time for this change, this global environmental change should be studied before the UN 60 years anniversary. We have one year to attend and fulfill this obligation which we owe to international organizations and those dear members of the United Nations to make happen.

It is a shame in this day and age with education and experts available on Economic, Environmental Justice, and Social Issues we continue to adversely impacted the lives of innocent people all over the world. Leading the pack the United States of America.

Did we learn anything when we bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Why do we need 5000 lb. bombs to bomb to smithereens humans who have no chance to fight back? Who has permitted any nation to go to war without being provoked? Why has the United Nations remained silent? The UN has remained silent because again and again the United States has bullied the UN to being submissive failing that the U.S. has threatened to cut off funds.

It is time we gather countries who are like minded and who do not have a situation as does the United States with Hawaii, the Native Americans, American Samoa, Cuba, and a host of other countries and yet calling itself a Superpower. I do not know what guarantees a bully to have Veto Power in the United Nations.

China and Russia too have failed the world on economic, environmental, and social issues. We have seen in our lifetime a Chernobyl and many rivers and vast expenses of land polluted in Russia. In China the social injustices imposed on billions of innocent people is heart breaking. France has its skeletons too - in many of its former colonies and at home with immigrants facing hardship and death every single day. Britain with all its fake democracy attacked Iraq and continues to attack innocent Irish folks in Ireland every single day.

The United Nations can and should provide models and language and use gradual pressure to make drastic changes among those member nations who continue to think as did Churchill, Stalin, FDR, and old leaders who have failed us again and again.

An interactive method should be created in cyberspace to permit dialog. The comments of every day world citizens should be reviewed and investigated and where possible credit should be given to common world citizens to bring about universal and progressive change all over the world with the frame work of a World Parliament with World Citizenship.

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