San Francisco Environment (SFE) a City agency has NOT been transparent in its backing of some chosen and favored Community Based Organizations. One of them is Literacy for Environmental Justice.

In early 2000 Sophie Maxwell who is the District 10 Supervisor headed a Fiscal Committee and distributed $13.3 million dollars as part of an Environmental Justice grant tied to mitigation fines imposed on power plants like Pacific Gas and Electric. SFE backed the deal.

Sophie Maxwell saw that her cronies like Steve Moss, Angelo King, Mohammed Nuru, Dana Reid Lanza, Olin Webb, Karen Pierce, her mother's school Enola Maxwell Middle School, Saul Bloom and Arc Ecology all got grant money.

You can contact San Francisco Environment and Jerold Blumfeld and get all the detail information you want about these grants. The point of this article is that when the distribution was done there was NO Accountability and Transparency and none what so ever today.

Investigative reporters have tons of information and it is just a matter of time that these cronies of Willie L. Brown the former corrupt Mayor of San Francisco will be totally exposed. Praised be God.

The paradox is that some Negroes took it upon themselves to screw the constituents with intent and have used every dirty trick from the book of crooks to adversely impact our children, elders, and the constituents most impacted in the Bayview Hunters Point and Dog Patch.

Literacy for Environmental Justice got over $900,000 to build a lousy Living Class when children are dying from pollution, malnutrition, and chronic respiratory diseases. LEJ wants to get free land to build a so-called Living Classroom that might as well be built on the MOON. This project is the laughing stock of well-minded people who are at a loss for words. What is happening and where is the law?

The LEJ director lives in Oakland and has with intent tried to force Recreation and Park to lease to it Open Space at McLaren Park after failing to build the Living Classroom at Pier 98 which is a toxic dump. McLaren Park mandates no infrastructure on its Open Space site.

LEJ is of the opinion that it can arbitrarily point to some City land and say I want it. I say LEJ can go to hell and the sooner the better. The Community Based Organization (CBO) has failed the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and will fail any constituency in the short and long run because it does not believe in telling the TRUTH.

We had a Dog and Pony show on August 11, 2004 at 100 Whitney Circle. Now we have to wait for LEJ to post the results. The consensus of the constituents gathered was to build the Living Classroom in the Bayview and build it on clean ground away from pollution and other harmful elements that kill our children. At the meeting youth were conditioned to follow a line of thought that is dubious in nature and will lead to utter failure.

This after all is a business deal and children should not be part of that part of the deal where fiscal matters are discussed in detail. Millions of dollars are at stake and that is what it is all about. The millions in mitigation funds should go to those constituents that are adversely impacted. LEJ should return the funds to the City of San Francisco.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has heard about LEJ and did not like what he heard. Jared Blumfeld has decided to take a neutral stance and this is not right. In this case over $350,000 was wasted at Pier 98 - all of it tax payers money. Mitigation money that should go to our children who are dying. Towards services to help the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. All the money should be returned and LEJ should be shut down.

San Francisco Environment once called itself Department of the Environment and may soon have to change its name to Department of the Crooks. There is no Accountability and Transparency within this City agency. Again and again it has failed the constituents of the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. Again and again crooks like Anne Eng, Ann Kelly, Cal Broomhead, Yvonne Webb are sent to bluff the constituents of the Southeast Sector. This must STOP at once.

Some where along the line the SFE should have learned that it cannot conduct business as if the people are all fools. Again and again SFE employees vouch for LEJ - these fools have no idea about conflict of interest laws. Have no idea about the Brown Act and have no Sunshine. Passive meetings are held all the time and the fools really want to embarrass the Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom. We already have one major case with Kevin Shelly the Secretary of State for the State of California making headlines in all the newspapers.

As long as we have Bill Carlin, Franco Mancini, David Erickson, Espanola Jackson, Barbara Meskunas, James Morrison, Francisco Da Costa, Nancy Wuerfel - LEJ can try to play games but it will not go far. When LEJ is fully exposed there will be very severe repercussion and San Francisco Environment will be at the helm of affairs. You are warned to thread softly and make good the harm that you have with intent imposed on innocent constituents.

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