The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) met yesterday, April 22, 2004 at Dago Mary's where the Navy gathers with other Regulatory Agencies, members of the RAB, and interested constituents to discuss the clean up of the Superfund Hunters Point and other pertinent matters.

Ahimsa Sumchai is opposed to the conveyance of the Parcel A. She proved to everyone in her 20 minutes presentation that Parcel A has some serious clean up issues. The Navy is of the opinion that they meet the standards and can transfer this dirty parcel. Wrong!

The City and County of San Francisco is embracing a time bomb by pushing for the conveyance of Parcel A when they are not sure it meets Residential Standards acceptable to build safe homes. Quality of Life Standards should be foremost in our minds and the community is not comfortable with the behind the doors discussions taking place to push this conveyance of Parcel A.

To date the community has not been able to read the Memorandum of Understanding. Some Whites think they can speak for the community. They forget they stole this land from the First People. In this case the Muwekma Ohlone which exercised its Right of First Refusal in 1991. Not one square inch of Hunters Point has been archeologically surveyed and the Naive City representative Elaine Warren spewing hot air made no mention about this important and historical fact.

Many years ago the constituents of San Francisco passed Proposition P by over 87 percent. The proposition demanded that all of Hunters Point Shipyard be cleaned to Residential Standards. The City and County of San Francisco seem to have Selective Memory when it comes to certain critical issues. Now, the City want the Navy to convey Parcel A when it fully understands that NO Environmental Impact Report has been done with the recent change of boundaries of Parcel A. The last EIR was done years ago. A new EIR is called for. More over we now have the Historical Radiological Report and know more about Parcel A and the other parcels. If anyone reads this over 800-page record they would see clearly that much needs to be done before any conveyance comes into play.

The City and County of San Francisco have been consulting some members of the RAB who do not have the support of the community. Some Negroes will sell out their community for anything. These Negroes should remember that Bayview Hunters Point is changing dramatically and in 5 years - we will be lucky if 10 percent of the demographics are African Americans in Bayview Hunters Point.

The few loud-mouthed misinformed greedy African Americans who are cooperating with the City and County of San Francisco with connection to the office of Sophie Maxwell are sellouts. They should be ashamed of themselves and I will be bold to say they have blood on their hands.

The diatribe spewed out by Elaine Warren who tried to give some faulty information about the recently signed Memorandum of Understanding is a slap in the face of the community. We really do not need to have some one so ignorant come before the RAB and the community and spew such nonsense.

Elaine Warren to do well to do her homework and she should stick to facts. As Ahimsa Sumchai pointed out backed with her qualification the conveyance of Parcel A is faulty and the concrete facts she pointed out with great detail should suffice. Having heard Ahimsa's remarks Elaine Warren who I suppose is in the pay of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency chose to blatantly lie to the community.

Missing in yesterday discussion the cumulative impact of all the pollution surrounding Parcel A. Parcel A is surrounded by Parcel C, B, D, E, and F. Hunters Point is a Superfund Site and only the worst of the worst sites and deemed Superfund Sites. Now is the time for the community to wake up and attend the RAB meetings and the other meetings that will be held on the conveyance of Parcel A.

Parcel A does not lie in a vacuum. It is surround by pollution. The City and County of San Francisco prides itself that is will follow the Precautionary Principle but the City and County of San Francisco has failed to follow the Precautionary Principle itself.

It is time the Negroes who are sellouts remember that in 1945 there were no Negroes on Hunters Point Shipyard. There were Chinese, Maltese, French, Germans, others. Suddenly some few ignorant African Americans with links to crooks in City Hall have decided to sell out the community. Money is a fleeting element and morals and ethics stand the test of time.

The City and County of San Francisco have chosen to embrace a time bomb by messing with Parcel, A which is not clean. The City and County of San Francisco will soon have a deficit of over $400 million. The City cannot afford liability yet in this case it has chosen to invite liability against the wishes of the community.

Let us clean up the Hunters Point Shipyard to Residential Standards. Let us follow all the principles we say we will follow. Let us set standards that we can be proud of. Let us not be sellouts.

Missing in this equation the youth. Not one single meeting has been held with the youth present where the youth can state to the crooks what is right and what is wrong. Right now adults from City Hall with ulterior motives want much of Hunters Point to be given to greedy developers.

We all know that Lennar BVHP LLC has a bad track record of building homes on toxic land. They have done it in Florida, in New Mexico, in Sacramento, and now they are ready to give the shaft to San Francisco.

The City got rid of Willie Brown and his cronies. Time to get rid of this developer and keep an eye on all those who are in bed with this corrupt developer.

The community and all facets of the community should be participating in the deliberations - not crooks and those who speak from both sides of their mouth.

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