San Francisco has a population that is diverse and this is good. The world is diverse and only a fool should think that Whites should make policies that affect a diverse population with real input from all segments of the living population.

Here is San Francisco again and again I have seen San Francisco Environment neglect and project only Whites in making pertinent decisions. This is racist and I will fight it to the end.

The very formation of the San Francisco Environment is suspect. Willie L. Brown Jr. formed it to placed his cronies - many of them so called Administrative Assistants making over $100,000, self serving, who continue to waste tax payers money.

Again and again when it comes to policies we see that San Francisco Environment which started pompously as the Department of Environment (DOE) which many thought for years was the Federal Agency Department of Energy (DOE). It all has a purpose - confusion.

Many of the current employees worked for other dubious agencies and really the purpose of the organization has been detrimental to the constituents of San Francisco. The San Francisco Environment handles millions of dollars - mostly grant money. The City and County of San Francisco agency that purports to address Environmental Issues and has made a big deal about the Precautionary Principle. It has NO clout to enforce it. That is a crying shame.

This racist organization has been preying upon the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point. Again and again it has partnered with crooks to spend mitigation money and made sure that SFE has sufficient money to bolster the salary of its employees who vile away their time and do not serve the community in any capacity. Mostly Whites who have a hidden agenda and a mind set as corny as an afraid skunk that is going to be surprised. They stink.

I attended the recent workshop that the SFE is taking a lead with the local United Nation Group to hold the World Environmental Week in San Francisco. The outreach for the Workshop was pathetic. It was held at the San Francisco Main Library. True there were experts but most of them Whip Cream. No diversity reflecting the United Nations which was formed in San Francisco.

The world is diverse and anyway one looks at injustice be it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico - Whites will use devious methods linked to trade, economic sanctions, loans, exploitation of resources to fleece countries manipulated by White headed organizations. That includes the World Bank, Great Britain, and the United States.

Recently I saw Richard Leakey who was born in Nairobi - so was I and we share many common platforms. He was sitting in a room full of misinformed Whites among them Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, Jared Blumfield, and other loud mouths - calling the chit chat forum Roundtable on Environmental Issues.

These fools should have talked about how Whites have screwed the world over and discussed Land Reform. In Kenya for example when the British were there huge parcels of land were given to White farmers free of charge. The Masai,the Kikuyu, Wakamba, and other tribes stood by while the thieves stole the land.

I heard some one say that Richard Leakey saved the elephants of Kenya. I did not hear Richard say that. To many in Kenya Richard Leakey is a traitor and to some a man of dubious character. It would be a grave mistake to place him closer to his father and mother Mary and Richard Leakey who I knew very well.

Whites introduce a form of life that destroyed the African Village life that survived for thousands of years. Just like they killed the First People here in California and destroyed simple yet long lasting cultures that fell prey to venereal diseases, drinking and abuse of drugs, and mostly greed. Christianity killed many of the First People.

Here is San Francisco we have the Muwekma Ohlone and the land was stolen from time. Most of what was pristine in San Francisco has been ruined by Whites. Whites destroyed the wet lands, the marsh land, have built a concrete jungle - use and waste precious Hetch Hetchy water - even flush their pooh with Hetch Hetchy water and think nothing is wrong.

White developers continue to build thousands of homes in San Francisco while they themselves live in the suburbs and think nothing about the increasing pollution and hazards dumped on innocent people.

Well, what you think the Muwekma Ohlone think about thieves? Now picture the thieves sitting at a Round Table and discussing how best to preserve and protect when they and their kind screwed things in the first place all over the world. Pathetic! Joining the buffoons as I said Mayors Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown.

When it comes to the environment let me state it in very clear terms and I have been around the world - the Whites are the ones who destroyed this planet we call - Mother Earth.

It make sound harsh but they will suffer for what they have done in the name of pure selfishness and blatant greed.

The Precautionary Principle in San Francisco should permit Mayor Gavin Newsom to shut down the two old toxic spewing power plants. By the same measure Mayor Gavin Newsom should not allow the 3 Combustible Turbines that spew pathogens and toxins into the air to be built. More so the CTs use fossil fuel and plenty of it just like the Hummers the SFE wants to go after and penalize.

I was at a recent Special Meeting September 5, at City hall room 416 of the SFE and it was a circus. Some stupid guy and I saw most of the SFE Commissioners agree with him until I spoke up. This fool wants an ordinance passed to stop Hummers plying on our streets. Now most of you know those that drive the Hummers - have an ego as big as the empty head they carry on their shoulders. These fools are armed and mostly are show offs.

Go after them and they will retaliate. Now do not expect our Police Officers who have other important tasks to enforce an Ordinance that some fools think will do the world good. Stupid.

SFE should charge the vehicles having more then one axle and plying on 3rd Street a poll tax. Those who spew diesel an extra poll tax. Allow those trucks that ply on 3rd Street to ply in the Marina on Marina Drive and see how the filthy rich react.

SFE does not know nor does the Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom that the diesel vehicles plying on 3rd Street every single day spew more toxins in the air then the combined two old toxic spewing power plants.

The SF Health Department, the San Francisco Environment and Gerald Blumfeld, his cronies who work for him, other loud mouth White environmentalist like LEJ, CBE and Greenaction have and can do no good - but talk. Add to this Olin Webb and Karen Pierce two sole self serving buffoons on the take and working for Bayview Hunters Point Advocates. They do not have a decent office and at one time SFE paid the rent of the now defunct office by Quesada.

Pacific Gas and Electric has millions yet it wants to play with millions that belong to the constituents. Many of us attended key meetings at the request of SFE to control and have a say in the Community Benefit Monies that we feel belong to us. Every month we are taxed and have been for years by PG&E. Before and after PG&E were bailed out we forked out money. It is the ratepayers from San Francisco who pay taxes in our City and County of San Francisco who should have a say.

Again and again crooks from outside San Francisco want to control our destiny. We would have had control of the Community Benefits Package that California Public Utilities agreed to if it were not for the racists SFE and some sell out community leaders like CBE, LEJ, BVHP Advocates, Green Action who are working to put down the community.

Having phony dog and pony panel discussion and meetings without knowing the real facts and pandering to the misinformed constituents whom they attract to the dog and pony shows. These fools are destroying the community and playing into the hands of SFE.

Wake up folks the Whites stole the land from the First People. They pollute it and now they want to clean up Yosemite Slough which is inundated with PCBs, lead, mercy, other toxins too may to mention and leading the effort Arc Ecology - Saul Bloom is not from the Community and he uses Olin Webb the sell out to serve his devious needs.

Something stinks and no one is paying any attention. This $300,000 project has as it partner Literacy for Environmental Justice and Dana Lanza lives in Oakland. Now you all go figure?

San Francisco Environment has $1 million to address lack of health produce - fruits, green, nutrition, and so on. Who do you think SFE chooses Literacy for Environmental Justice and Girls 2000 without due process?

LEJ has not credibility in the community and Girls 2000 has yet to address the community and reveal the audit of its performance. I saw the Director attend two meetings one at 100 Whitney Circle and another one at the Main Library - never says a word but I guess the green is what makes the meetings enticing. It is such ties that have nothing to do with the real community that is a slap in the face of the community at large.

Some mitigation fund that should be processed with Public Meetings before the organizations are chosen and not after a meeting to be held at the Bayview next week - a joke. Again SFE has chosen to divide the community.

We have real businesses who need the money to sell fruits and not some fake environmental organization like LEJ and up and coming organization like Girls 2000 who are dealing with she thugs and other offenders and cannot produce a business model of informing the constituents about healthy nutrition.

Good food preparation, calories playing an important role in health, hygiene, marketing and real sales, accounting, all of which the young girls lack in great measure. No doubt they can learn the skills but do they have the capacity to focus on the project that involves educating the community with its unique needs that is the Bayview and Hunters Point. Time will tell.

San Francisco Environment and Mayor Gavin Newsom have been listening to the wrong people. Michael Farrar step up to the plate and you Alex Trouk with all your know how and hand pressing with the San Francisco Forty Niners.

June 1 to June 5 we have an opportunity to tell the Mayors of the World the Truth. Let us not lead them to a dog and pony show and pander to the crooks as did Mayor Willie L. Brown the worst Mayor to sit his foot in City Hall. All his cronies are watched and as with Kevin Shelly when the axe falls the cut will be deep and clean.

When it comes to the Environment and Quality of Life Issues let the people of color speak and reveal the truth. Once most of the Earth was pristine especially in lands vast where the White Men were not welcomed. Then the Whites came and people of color and especially in Africa where I was born, saw and see the worst nightmare sitting on their door.

The worst nightmare we have in San Francisco is the workings of the San Francisco Environment. I have seen them spread misinformation, have dog and pony shows, and pander to the worse of the worst Community Based Organization - LEJ.

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