I love to hear men with fork tongues spew diatribe full of lies and pretend to reveal in words and writing some history that is far from the TRUTH. All over the world one can pause for a moment and with no compass, no geography, no White history, no notion of any motion, stand still and come to the realization what is right and what is wrong.

The wrong and lies always has its root in anything touched by Whites. This is no statement with racial over and under tones - it is the raw TRUTH and the TRUTH has never been told with all the facts as opposed to fiction.

To believe the White Historian is to believe the words spewing out from a Green Polar Bear which will never come to be.

All that is Yosemite Valley belongs to the First People. Today, we call them Miwoks. Some say they lived there 15,000 years ago, some say 10,000 years ago, others 4000 years ago. The fact is the Miwoks lived in the Yosemite Valley and the Sacred Valley was stolen from them. They could have been there from the day the Great Spirit chose them to be there. There is all that matter to the Miwoks - sound spirituality.

Now let us jump to Roman Law or to the law that the Whites practice today. The Whites came from no where and they were NOT invited - trespassed the land of the Miwoks and stole it. There is NO one single document, not one single treaty, a single transaction that permitted the Whites to have one single square inch of the Sacred Valley called Yosemite Valley. THEY STOLE IT.

Once the Miwoks lived in the Sacred Valley and then moved away. The Miwoks moved away because they chose to move away. No one knows why? They moved away and then they came back under the leadership of Chief Tenaya. The way this migration is described by some fake historians purports to convey to the reader - that the land belonged to the Miwoks then they chose to leave the Sacred Valley vacant for anyone and then they came back.

That the land was vacant and that it should always have been occupied. Some say 300 Miwoks returned to the Sacred Valley --may be 1000 thousand returned, may be 3000 returned - no one knows.

Some say in 1833 Joseph Rutherford Walker and his fellow explorers first sighted Yosemite Valley. I say the Vikings could have sighted Yosemite Valley hundreds of years early or even the Russians to whom little credit is given. The Russians traded with the Miwoks but before anyone and we have written documentation of this fact. Who are we to believe the lying White historian who has a hidden agenda?

Good White men like Frederick Law Olmsted and I.W. Raymond petitioned President Abraham Lincoln to preserve the Sacred Valley we call Yosemite Valley today. President Abraham Lincoln signed the legislation in June of 1864. 140 years later I, Francisco Da Costa am questioning the Whites and empowering the Miwoks from the Sacred Valley to take their Sacred Valley back.

Today, I am sending a signal to the White House and to the Legislative and Executive bodies at every level to restore the rights of the First People the people that are the ancestors of Chief Tenaya down the line to Chief Jay Johnson who is alive and waiting for the clarion call.

I am requesting good White folks and folks from every race and creed to stand tall and fight for the Miwoks and the Sacred Valley. The National Park Service, the Forest Service, the White House, Congress, and the Senators can mandate and give recognition to the Miwoks of today. The Miwoks have every right to be put back on the Federal Register.

Once the Miwoks are put back on the Federal Register - let them choose the territory of their choosing and build their homes of harmony.

Let the present day Miwoks choose a way of living that has nothing to do with forked tongues and the convulsed ways of Federal Agencies like the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Department of the Interior, the White House that has chosen to put the Miwoks down.

In 3 years that can happen and it is not too much to ask the Department of the Interior. It is not too much to ask the Governor of California. It is not too much to ask the White House. In return the ancestors of Chief Tenaya will be getting what is due them as it has been for hundreds of years.

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