Mayor Gavin Newsom - Solar Power 2004.


There is no doubt with fossil fuel running out in the near future that we have to tap our natural resources like the sun, water, and air to keep all those energy based facilities, machines, and power generated devices running. For years we have been greedy and in the name of greed polluted the Earth and wasted precious resources.

It took this Earth billions of Earth to position itself at a distance from the Sun to create just the type of environment to make all living forms coexists. The worse animal of Earth is Homo Sapiens within a short span of hundreds of years since the so called Industrial Revolution humans have destroyed and polluted more then all the damage that was done 5 thousands years before to Mother Earth.

The Solar Power 2004 conference brought to San Francisco thanks to the Solar Electric Power Association and the Solar Energy Industries Association has shed focused light on some very critical issues facing human kind.

Today Germany and Japan have the lead when it comes to clean energy. The premium Solar technologies linked to private and commercial applications are still found in the United States. The U.S. Government has been slow to think with a vision and so it is left to a State like California with all our natural resources to forge ahead. Call it a new day and make good stuff happen. Thanks to our present Governor.

It was a pleasure hearing Richard Swanson from SunPower Corp - " A Vision for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells". Stanley Ovshinsky - " The Future of Building Integrated PV'. Richard King, US Department of Energy- "DOE's Solar Vision". David Slawson, Stirling Energy Systems-"The Future of Dish Engine Systems". Michael McDowell, Boeing and Larry Stoddard, Black and Veatch - " The Future of Power Towers". This session was chaired by Michael Schmela of Photon International. The session was long and jam packed and the presentation very through and lucid. Kudos to all the presenters. I learned a lot and was able to visit the various exhibits and challenge the exhibitors with focused questions. The experts indeed inspired me. We have the ability in San Francisco to make Solar Power work. Of course we need a Blue Print one that has the input from the community at large which is informed. The City and Mayor Gavin Newsom have chosen to confide and be led by a few who have vested interest. BP Solar for example has a lot to offer but the City will not approach them because it has sold its soul to PowerLight. Spire Solar and BP Solar will invest in the community which PowerLight has failed to do in the past.

Sharp and a host of highly technical Solar Companies agree that the Community should be involved in the day to day participation of the application of Solar to make the technology user friendly and viable.

I spoke to Qudrat Delawari who works for United Solar Ovonic in San Diego and he agrees with many of my concepts. Ronald Tovella of BP Solar agrees with me.

The $100 million bond measure passed by the constituents of San Francisco is not some treasure chest that the San Francisco Environment (SFE) has access to waste with its dubious ploys. SFE has failed before with NO accountability and transparency. It now is trying to garner support by forcing some of the SF Public Utilities Commissioners, Jessie Blout, and others to conspire. I would say, stay away from any machinations that SFE germinates.

SFPUC is not at liberty to favor one single company as it has with PowerLight in the past - it is time that the doors open and the cobwebs cleaned out so that BP Solar, Spire, Sharp and others may let the sun in. San Francisco deserves the best and the time is now.

It is paramount that the community be trained in matter Solar so that the community gives its best and propagates Solar Power. San Francisco does have the bond money. Do we have the honesty, the vision, and most of all the leadership?

Consumer Energy Center

Commissioner Werbach, Spire, Steve Hogan, and James Morrison.

Market One Exhibit Hall.

BP Solar - Ron Tovella.

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