The Clean Water Enterprise Fund is really about Waste Water and Runoff Water - it simple terms all that goes into our dual sewer system and most laypersons know as Raw Sewage that the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant treats. Run off from the heavy rains too.

In the City and County of San Francisco we have over 900 miles of sewer lines. 75% of the sewage line are over 70 years old. Most sewer lines should be replaced and over hauled when they are 40 years old.

For years money from the Sewer Tax went into the General Fund. The City and County of San Francisco chose to spend this money instead of replacing, repairing and upgrading the sewer lines. Shame.

In San Francisco we have two Raw Sewage Treatment Plants one at Ocean Beach it is underground. In fact part of the San Francisco Zoo lies on top of this Ocean Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. This plant takes 20% of the City's Sewage and run off during the heavy rains.

At the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant that is situated in a residential area the plant takes 80% of the City's sewage and all the raw sewage from Daly City, Brisbane, Colma, and Burlingame and beyond. Over 180,000 gallons of secondary effluents are treated at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant daily and sent to the Bay by Pier 80.

The old Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant cannot handle the raw sewage, some of which comes all the way from the Presidio of San Francisco. It lacks current Odor Control Machines and the employees who work for San Francisco Public Utilities Commission are treated like second class citizens. Pompous, ignorant, and arrogant people make all the decisions down town such as Susan Leal the new Managing Director anointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant stinks to high heaven. 24 hours a day 7 days a week - 365 days a year and has been for years. Susan Leal is not an engineer and has never ever spent a day supervising engineering projects. AnneMarie Conroy, Heather Fong, Monique Moyer, other women appointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom at least know a little about the business they are in as Department Heads - not so Susan Leal and therein lies the time bomb waiting to explode.

If the woman was intelligent one could deal with this phenomenon but the woman is arrogant, ignorant, and hotheaded. Always interrupting when some one intelligent talks. A sign of immaturity and very poor education on a part of any Director man or woman who knows less and should learn more.

The SFPUC Clean Water talk is really about Raw Sewage and Waste Water and the SFPUC has been slow to address the situation at hand. First and foremost it does not have the organizational ability to understand the over 900 miles of outdated sewer lines. These sewer lines should be replaced, as most of them are over 70 years old. An average age when sewer lines should be replaced according to experts is 40 years. The Hydraulic Pumps linked to the sewage and sewage stations are old and forever breaking down.

Recently Susan Leal and her staff have been blaming Patricia Martel - the past SFPUC Managing Director. Well, good leaders do not blame others not especially when Susan Leal is paid over $300,000 and does a lousy job. That includes talking about the Clean Drinking Water, the Waster Water, the Capitol Improvement Project, the Solar Projects, the Utilities in General, the 3 Combustible Turbines she wants to place around Pier 80, and a host of generalities she and her staff spews thinking that the Public at Large are dumb.

Mr. Harvey Rose and his staff have exposed the tip of the iceberg by releasing the first of four phases in an audit termed Management Audit of the Public Utilities Commission - Clean Water Enterprise Fund. The 142-page document does justice to the injustice done to the constituents of the Southeast Sector who have suffered for over 40 years in the Bayview Hunters Point from pathogens released in the atmosphere. The Phelps Raw Sewage is the single standing stationary facility that is the most polluting anywhere in the City and County of San Francisco.

The Whites who form the various committees to address Sewer Problems - funded by the SFPUC do not feel for the community of color - these folks do the community more harm then good. So are the environmentalists who know next to nothing what is happening at ground zero and are mostly Whites. Fighting for injustice is not about money that goes into one's pocket it is about our children who are dying.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission under Susan Leal now wants to place 3 Combustible Turbines in our neighborhood. She better think twice before she commits this crime and has real blood on her hands. Our children are dying and she has no clue what so ever.

SFPUC is negotiating with Pacific Gas and Electric but the SFPUC ploy will fail. SFPUC had no business building 3 underground conduits and compromising the Force Main at Islais Creek. The 3 conduits are now slated to be exposed. The ground about the Force Main is going to be dug up at great expense. This Force Main is tied to the Raw Sewage but has not been addressed at length at any City entity.

The 3 Combustible Turbines if placed in the new site that is being planned near Pier 80 will be a fiasco. I know the dumb Sophie Maxwell will go ahead and approve anything. Susan Leal does not know better but in this case - Susan Leal better not play with the lives of our children.

In my opinion we should shut down both the Mirant and Hunters Point power plants and we can do this by having the Jefferson-Martin transmission line in place. A loop transmission line underground from Mirant to Hunters Point. A war footing to generate Solar Power by giving as many Solar Companies not only PowerLight all the opportunities to install Solar panels that can be tied to the Grid. The 3 Combustible Turbines if placed at Pier 80 or in the surrounding area will release Pathogens into the area. I know this because half treated raw sewage will be used to cool the 3 Combustible Turbines. The 3 Combustible Turbines should be sold and the money put into Solar projects that are tied to the PG&E Grid.

Pacific Gas and Electric should not cooperate with the SFPUC. I am asking California Public Utilities Commissioners Loretta Lynch and Brown to put all the pressure to censor SFPUC.

I know the SFPUC have hired an employee from CPUC and think they can hoodwink the public. This woman is replacing Edward Smeloff - let me tell you Susan Leal and her machinations will be revealed and if they are - it will bring her down fall. Right now she would be well advised to study the audit done by Mr. Rose and act on it. Stay away from placing any Combustible Turbines in the Southeast Sector of the City and County of San Francisco.

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