When San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) uses a quote from the President of California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) - Michael R. Peevey to endorse Barbara Hale the new Director of Power Policy and Planning for SFPUC - it says it all. Michael R. Peevey has done all in his power not to understand the plight of the constituents of San Francisco in general and the focused plight of the constituents that live in the Southeast Sector.

Edward Smeloff had all the experience and vision to understand Utilities and did not pander to people like Susan Leal, Barbara Hale, or even the Commissioners who now sit on the SFPUC. Even Willie L. Brown Jr. when he wanted an adjudication on any major Energy issue or problem called in Edward Smeloff. There is no doubt that the man knew his stuff.

There is no doubt during the period Barbara Hale worked for CPUC she helped those who worked with her at CPUC to help keep the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) power plant at Hunters Point spewing one and half tons of toxins into the air, water, and land every single year. This is a fact. She did not help us San Franciscans and she will not.

Susan Leal now has plans to site 3 Combustible Turbines using expensive fossil fuel at a new site around Pier 80. There is NO Environmental Impact Report and there has NOT been one single meaningful meeting with the community. With or without Barbara Hale this project adversely impacts the community at large.

If the Federal Bureau of Investigation was brought in one could analyze a series of consequential events over the past one-year linked to the Combustible Turbines and the fake Energy Blue Print that the community has NOT agreed to. Paid consultants have been hired by SFPUC to garner the support of sellouts who have a vested interest or who have profited from dealing with SFPUC before. The City and County of San Francisco, the San Francisco Environment went out of its way to sue the Mirant power plant through proxy organization like Green Action to stop Mirant from expanding. If it is fine to sue Mirant then it should be fine to sue SFPUC and Barbara Hale who thinks she can circumvent the law and the process - without any meaningful discussion with the community at large.

Sophie Maxwell does not represent the City and County of San Francisco. She is inept, ignorant, and very arrogant. Yet, Sophie and Susan met with PG&E to convince them that the Combustible Turbines are needed to shut down the PD&E plant. What about fossil fuel and toxins? What about the death of our children?

I have never seen Susan Leal nor Barbara Hale help the constituents of San Francisco and the Southeast in particular at the many public meetings held in San Mateo linked to the Jefferson-Martin Transmission line. I have never seen the above two women at the many California Independent Systems Operator ( CA ISO) meetings. I have never ever seen them at the California Energy Commission meetings speaking or addressing issues that adversely affect the community be it at Bayview Hunters Point or the surround area - a radius of 6 miles.

These two pathetic women have no idea about the pathogens that kill our children. These two women have never ever sat down with mothers, with parents, with teachers, with youth, with community leaders - not once to have a meaningful discussion. These two women think - that they will order and things will fall in place. This is plain wrong.

I want to digress a little bit. I watched Susan Leal during the Mayoral debate. The woman was pathetic. I watched her at previous debates - the woman cannot fathom issues and has very poor education on issues linked to engineering, environmental issues, health and safety issues, and plain common sense on projects and issues in general.

Recently, she has surrounded herself with lesbians so that she can have an inner circle that is tight. That is not how any public official should conduct him or her self. Susan Leal makes over $300,000 plus perks. The constituents will not tolerate such a salary and behavior if it does not come with leadership coupled with transparency and accountability. Again and again Susan Leal will interrupt others when they talk. This habit comes from some one who is not educated and has no decency.

Right now it is paramount that Susan Leal and Barbara Hale truly understand the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line. It would be prudent for them to sit with Loretta Lynch and perhaps ask her if Francisco Da Costa understands or has a good idea of this vital Transmission line?

It is important that both Susan Leal and Barbara Hale monitor the amount of fresh drinking water that is used to cool the systems of the two power plants today. The amount of water - fresh drinking water or secondary effluents that will be used to cool the systems of the 3 Combustible Turbines if they go on line.

It is pertinent that these two women find out the tons of pathogens that will be generated from secondary effluents that have and will continue to impact thousands - a glaring example, the death of our children.

It is important that these two women look at the map and check out the following factors: add the toxins of the single most polluting stationary facility the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant which comes under the jurisdiction of SFPUC. Add to that the over 3 tons of toxins spewed into the air by Mirant and Hunters Point power plants. Add to that all the pollution from the heavy diesel traffic on 3rd Street - millions of diesel vehicles. All to that the toxins from the Hunters Point Shipyard a Superfund Site. Mix into that equation the dust from the concrete companies that lie between the two power plants. Add to that over 600 hot spots in the zip codes 94107, 94124, and 94134. I challenge the two women Susan Leal and Barbara Hale to fathom this equation.

No one is their right mind would ever think of placing 3 combustible turbines each spewing added toxins and what is worse - pathogens. Barbara Hale better think again and do not associate will sell outs like Green Action, Joe Boss, Sophie Maxwell and her cronies. If you do you will have blood on your hands. I am calling on the Federal Bureau of Investigation to find out - who planned the recent Community Meetings linked to the 3 Combustible Turbines and who were the hired consultants. How much money was spent in recent months and what is going on right now to bluff the community with fake community meetings?

I challenge the two women Susan Leal and Barbara Hale to gather the empirical data on the above mentioned issues and to review the Management Audit linked to the Clean Water Enterprise Fund - ponder over the issues and challenge me to a debate or private meeting.

I am for Quality of Life Standards. I have not heard one word by Susan Leal when it comes to Quality of Life Standards. Whenever she talks she bluff her way by speaking in generalities.

The Southeast Sector continues to stink worse then before. At Islais Creek the SFPUC is about to embark on a Force Main repair. The Force Main is leaking and has been for the last 3 years. The dialog about this Force Main has not been in the open - NO meaningful community discussion. In fact Susan Leal knows little about it and may be Barbara Hale who knows less can support her on this issue.

Why Barbara Hale? Well at Islais Creek the 3 conduits that undermined the Force Main and had the blessings of Sophie Maxwell - I saw at the site and she did not tell us why? How is Barbara Hale going to deal with the conduits at Islais Creek? How much will it cost to fix the problem? Who will use the conduits? I know not PG&E! The conduits were built to accommodate SFPUC-why?

Are you trying to plant the 3 Combustible Turbines because they are close to the 3 failed conduits? Why are you forcing PG&E to force them and grant you permission to tie into the PG&E GRID?

On Solar projects how many projects have gone to PowerLight? Why PowerLight - when you have many other Solar Companies who can do a better job? Can we get an evaluation on the failed maximum energy output linked to the Solar Project on the Moscone Center?

Will the proposed Solar project at Phelps Raw Sewage Plant take into consideration Methane Gas much of it - lies in close proximity to the Solar project at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. Recently there was an explosion could it have triggered a worse scenario?

Susan Leal has not proved that she understands much about the Capitol Improvement Plan and even less about Energy Issues. Barbara Hale will help undermine the pertinent issues - for one simple reason she has her heart in the wrong place. Ask CPUC Commissioner Geoffrey Brown.

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