We do not need any power plants in San Francisco not in the short term or under any terms. I want to know what word in this statement the authorities do not understand. Again I repeat - thousands of us all over the City and County of San Francisco do not want any power plants anywhere in the City and County of San Francisco.

Since the early 1920s the power plants have been placed mostly in the Southeast - what we all know as Bayview and Hunter's Point. The Presidio had a couple of small power plants too, there is one at 5th and Market, one at Howard. There are others but the point I want to make is that we really do not need ONE single power plant in San Francisco and especially in the Southeast Sector with all the added pollution from diesel trucks, super fund sites, raw sewage plant, concrete plants, the Darlin tallow plant at Pier 94, and over 400 toxic sites.

Over the last two years some of the best minds that understand the Reliability of the Energy Flow, Transmission lines already in place, the proposed Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line, the proposed loop from Mirant to the Hunter's Point power plant. War footing conservation, clean energy such as solar, wind, and tidal. Replacement of old electrical equipment now mostly used by over 3000 small-scale businesses. The best minds evaluated the above mentioned elements and more and came to a through conclusion - no power plants anywhere in San Francisco.

Transmission lines in place and future transmission lines that will be in place can supply sufficient electricity and more from power plants outside San Francisco. Pacific Gas and Electric has the proprietary jurisdiction over the major transmission lines and has placed itself to be the kingpin in this energy game.

SFPUC which should have had an Energy Blue Print in place is busy playing politics. Today, Susan Leal and Barbara Hale want to put in place an Energy Reliability Plan but they have not had a single meeting of importance with the community at large. After the 2000 energy fiasco the State of California was made an offer one of the culprits Williams Electrical Company decided instead of paying huge fines - the company was ready to donate Combustible Turbines. Two cities accepted the offer - San Diego and San Francisco. San Francisco fell for this ploy and will suffer because of this very poor decision.

I have tried to ask the hard questions and find out why did our Board of Supervisors fall for this offer - accepting these guzzling fossil fuel consuming CTs - small power plants that pollute because they use expensive fossil fuel. The BOS who speak up all agree it was because of Sophie Maxwell.

Here again we see that some of BOS will not speak up when they have to and condescend to this most inept, ignorant, and very arrogant woman who is no representative worth her salt - Sophie Maxwell.

Recently I saw this inept woman with Mayor Gavin Newsom (who had no smile on his face) Susan Leal, the City Attorney, and an official from California Independent Systems Operator ( CA ISO) a photo opportunity at the Mirant power plant - talking about the 3 Combustible Turbines and how they would be sited soon. Arbitrarily making statements that both Mirant and Hunter's Point power plants would be shut down. These fools have no jurisdiction over both these plants. As things stand today both Mirant and PG&E have told the City and SFPUC to go take a hike.

As I stated both the power plants in the Southeast Sector can be shut down. However they will not be shut down - ever, in the near future if the City and County of San Francisco, Green Action acting as a proxy of the City, San Francisco Environment (SFE), San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, and some others who act as proxies behind the scene take the lead and negotiate deals in the wrong manner without being educated on the issues not generalities. Green Action stopped Mirant from expanding and then the City went to Mirant begging for land to site the Combustible Turbines that have been moth balled for the last 2 years. Mirant told the City to go take a hike. Green Action took an action without having one single public meeting with the community at large in San Francisco.

Then Susan Leal the Manager of SFPUC sat down with Catellus Corporation and begged this monster company to sell it some land very close to the 3 failed conduits. Catellus told Susan Leal to go take a hike. The score 2 to zip. And still the buffoons cannot figure out that they do not have the ability to understand, negotiate, facilitate, and most importantly - lead. Pathetic.

We have a Green Action member who does not live in San Francisco. This woman has been spewing out false statements that have done more harm to the constituents who live on the Hill we call Hunter's Point and the below the hill the Bayview - confusing people and pretending to work for the people.

This woman gets her salary from Green Action and Green Action gets a grant from San Francisco Environment (SFE). SFE is the most pathetic City department - a hyena always scavenging for grants. It has wasted the $13.3 million dollars that the State doled out in the year 2000 - mitigation money that should have been used to address adverse impacts and help folks who live right by Mirant and Hunter's Point.

Sophie Maxwell saw that she chaired the committee that doled money to the Bayview Advocates a sum of $1.5 million, Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) another $900,000 plus, Enola Maxwell Middle School a sum of $900,000 plus, the Conservatory in Golden Gate Park a sum of $1.5 million plus, Steve Moss got over $1 million to conserve energy, and others too - all of them cronies. The Mother of this Corruption - San Francisco Environment who saw that sufficient administrative money were kept to fund several Special Assistants to keep this scandal floating. The City Controller has tried to investigate the scumbags and may be if all goes well - justice will be meted out to the culprits. Tetra Tech wrote the grants for Sophie Maxwell mother's school Enola Maxwell Middle School. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for Bayview Hunters Point Advocates - Karen Pierce and Olin Webb.

LEJ wasted over $350,000 trying to build a Living Classroom 75 feet away from the toxic Hunter's Point power plant on a landfill that is very toxic. The Corps of Engineers in the 1960s dredged the Bay and filled Pier 98 will toxic dredged material much of it contaminated with radiological elements.

No wonder now all the crooks who got money are working in unison to support SFPUC to convince the public at large that placing the 3 CTs is the right thing to do. They all are plain wrong.

Little do the crooks know that the 3 Combustible Turbines will consume great amount of expensive fossil fuel that will pollute the air around a 6 mile area - if they are placed anywhere in San Francisco and worse if they are placed in the Southeast Sector.

The cooling system will use secondary effluents that emit very dangerous pathogens. The secondary effluents is treated sewage which comes from the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant - which is very old and cannot cope with the heavy sewage and run off from heavy rains.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment plant stinks and most of you who passes by Evan Street know this. This old sewage plant which fails in its operation and is now slowly being upgraded too late - takes 80% of the raw sewage plus heavy rain run off from the City and County of San Francisco. Added to this, which the world does not know - 100% of the raw sewage from Colma, Daly City, Brisbane, and Burlingame.

The Community Based Organization supporting SFPUC and SFE are doing so because of money. It is all about money mostly offered to the heads of the organization who are Whites. These Whites have no desire to help the poor and the people of color. The heads of these organizations do not live in the community. They have no compassion when our children die. They have not helped our children and do not have their heart in the right place. Arc Ecology also got money from the jackpot in 2000 - a sum of over $600,000. Arc Ecology now has a grant of over $300,000 and uses Olin Webb to do outreach on its Yosemite Slough Project. Yosemite Slough has very high concentrations of mercury, lead, asbestos, PCBs, and a host of chemicals - in total over 70 and all very dangerous.

Once this Slough was part of the greater wetlands and was stolen from the First People - the Muwekma Ohlone. Today Arc Ecology with the Bay Conservation and other proxy organizations such as Bayview Hunter's Point Advocates, LEJ are using grant money to address pollution issues about which they have no experience what so ever.

Why are these Whites who do not live in the community working with grants, pocketing the money, and using sellout Blacks to do their bidding? These sellouts support SFPUC, the City, to place the Combustible Turbines not fully understanding the adverse impacts that will befall the community at large - most children and Elderly - people of color.

People of color continue to die many of them infants. Cancer and Asthma is very prevalent. People of color with NO jobs, poor diet, stressed with the rampant shootings are now faced with added pollution from the CTs.

It is shame that the Bay Area Air Quality Management, the Environmental Protection Agency, the San Francisco Health Department. Homeland Security, the San Francisco Unified School District, the Bayview and Silver Terrace homeowners, the San Francisco Police Department. The San Francisco Fire Department and the City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors tolerate this blatant injustice - placing 3 Combustible Turbines in San Francisco.

The community at large has not had one single meaningful meeting. The community has not reviewed an Environmental Impact Study or Report. Susan Leal and her cronies are holding the community hostage. Susan Leal thinks the community supports Sophie Maxwell - the woman is on the verge of being recalled the 3rd time and that says it all.

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