The dog and pony show.


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) with Susan Leal taking the lead continues to embarrass the educated and those engineers who are aghast at the lack of genuine and concerted leadership from the Manager of the SFPUC.

The Capitol Improvement Project (CIP) is being exposed to the Public and the few who attend the Special Meetings. So far we have had 3 meetings or workshops and the buffoonery keeps getting better. Time and again Richard Sklar who is a commissioner keeps interrupting and makes suggestions that deter the presenter. From time to time his sidekick Adam Werbach joins the fray. Susan Leal would do better if she just shut her mouth - but she is there to impress and every time she opens her mouth she shoves her foot in. Ignorance.

The world knows that Hetch Hetchy water closer to the mountains and the Miwoks is Sacred Water. It is the best water with its natural filtration and curing properties. So when Andrew DeGraca kept harping that we are lucky to have the purity of Hetch Hetchy it is nothing new to the ear. What are you doing to preserve its purity?

What the public is interested in knowing are the impurities - hundreds of them and some toxins that we know nothing about further down the pipeline as the water meanders to San Francisco. The best way to fathom this issue is to take samples from the starting point, at various intervals before the very end and obtain empirical data. This has never been done. Where is the data? We know what is pure - now we really want to know - down the line the impurities and more.

The Federal government and the State government do set some standards and the SFPUC is quick to point out that they do their best to attain these goals linked to the water supply.

Lost in the dialog is the difference between lack of set goals and mandates. Also, the empirical data that should reveal to the Public at Large the quality of the water. So far these dog and pony shows keep the audience guessing. Commissioners Werbach and Sklar maintain a circus like atmosphere entertaining themselves with some diatribe and comments that really beg the question. Comments that should be differed to the end of the presentation.

As I have stated before the presenter should be allowed to present and the audience given an opportunity to listen and fathom the content of the relevance of the information. Questions at the end. Just like the public is allowed to comment with great difficulty for one minute at the end of the workshop! Get it buffoons!

The resources we have at our disposal the land, the air and the water and not meant to be abused and wasted. The Precautionary Principle and the 10 environmental principles set by those who gathered in Washington DC on October 27, 1991 demanded that we not pollute Mother Earth. Harm any living being.

The Environmental Principles demand that especially people of color not are dumped upon. In San Francisco we all know that the SFPUC has an ugly track record - it has continued to adversely impact "people of color" with pollution and more.

It keeps insulting San Franciscans and especially people of color by having Whites speak and contribute tarnished ideas on pollution and other Quality of Life issues. It fails again and again by keeping out people of color. It does so in a blatant manner and should be ashamed of itself. It does this in public and thinks nothing of it.

The First People be it the Miwoks, the Pomo, the Ohlone all took care of the Earth. They have been the Stewards for thousands of years. Then the strangers came and stole the land from them and the resources too. One would have thought when thinking and implementing and kind of genuine " stewardship " the First People would be consulted or be diplomatically mentioned. The presenters and the SFPUC continue to ignore those who know best. The buck does not stop there. Susan Leal is not an engineer. She is not even a mediocre leader. She is very inept and within a year what I have been harping upon will be realized by many - it will be too late but that is nothing new in the City and County of San Francisco. For the over $300,000 plus perks that she is paid she is not worth it. She continues to make matters worse by surrounding herself with lesbians who hate men and continue to perpetuate the fiasco of poor leadership and more - lack of trust among all who want to contribute and make this CIP a progressive effort.

So far the SFPUC has not stated the clear mandate given by the Proposition and the constituents of San Francisco. It is now trying to figure out what exactly the CIP mandates and keeps trying to further the boundaries trying to retract some ideas and getting deeper into a realm of oblivion. "Let us try talking with macro concepts and at a later date considers the micro concepts," says one commissioner.

The mandate the people of San Francisco gave the SFPUC is very clear. First fix the system and see that the people who are serviced get good quality water. Do this before the system falls prey to a major earthquake. What is so difficult for the buffoons to understand much more comprehend about the CIP and the mandate?

There are more workshops to come and more dog and pony shows to attend. It is imperative that some one attends the meetings or workshop and report. At best it serves as a record. The CIP is an over $4 billion dollars bond measure that is moving at snail's pace and confusing those few who have a clear picture of the CIP. It takes patience to listen and to hear the inept Susan Leal. More the cronies who surround this inept woman. This process will be difficult for those of us who are confounded that Mayor Gavin Newson made such a choice and anointed Susan.

We need the Quality of Water. We need good Stewardship. Right now once does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the SFPUC will not be the one delivering good stewardship nor Quality of Water soon. It will eventually after making more mistakes because of its blatant buffoonery. More because of Susan Leal's - ineptness.

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