Hetch Hetchy Valley.


The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has been asked by the Governor of California and many other organizations to restore Hetch Hetchy to its former pristine and sacred glory. I know for a fact that John Muir and many others stalwarts in their own right would appreciate this visionary concept that has been discussed recently in the media and by organizations all over California and the United States.

It may not come as a surprise to anyone that the waters stored at Hetch Hetchy are healing. The healing power of the water have long been cherished by the Miwoks and other First People who revere the Sacred sites and the healing waters that have stood the test of time and virtues now long vanished by greed and corruption.

In 1924 and before anyone who was White could kill a Native American and there would be no questions asked. Added to this one could scalp a Native American and get a mere $5 and this was an accepted by Society. In fact the Governor of California declared edicts to kill the Native Americans in this case the Miwoks and assured the killers handsome rewards. That was a mere 80 years ago.

The Miwok Elders have long yearned that what is Sacred to them will be given back to them as was promised by tradition. Jurisdiction of Hetchy Hetchy is made even more difficult because the Miwoks are not Federally Recognized. Federal Recognition would give them an opportunity sit at any table and negotiate and give critical input. It has taken many years since the Raker Act of 1913 to view what is unnatural and think about restoring what was once purely natural and wholesome. Federal Recognition would be nice. Time will tell.

Greedy City officials such as Susan Leal from the SFPUC in San Francisco cannot fathom simple concepts much more comprehend a spiritual concept such as the healing waters of Hetch Hetchy and the sacred pounding holes - permanent reminders of a time when Miwoks cared for Mother Earth and lived within the confines of the Sacredness of the Hetch Hetchy valley in peace. Daily they were touched by good. It is a despicable act when human beings steal something sacred and do not recognize the gravity of the sin of stealing. It is time that those who will confront the concept of not restoring Hetch Hetchy to its former glory accept the fact that they can never ever fight what is naturally right and live with guilt for the rest of their lives.

It is for this valid reason that I reason that an Engineer should manage the Hetch Hetchy Capitol Improvement Project (CIP). Now is the time to strengthen and increase the capacity of the other dams away from Hetch Hetchy. Now is the time to let the wild salmon swim freely and spawn. Now is the time to let the Eagle and other wild life visit what has been an obstacle. Now is the time for the Bear to come back to its haunting grounds and make good what has been deprived them by greed.

When I visited the Miwoks at Mariposa not so long ago I was given the healing waters. I appreciated the gift, as I understand what Mother Earth can give to those that are in need. The powers inherent in what is pristine and pure were once accessed by the pure of heart such as the Miwoks - the came the greedy mongers and destroyed the very concept of sacredness.

It is sacrilegious to pollute Hetch Hetchy according to the strict rituals of those who respect Mother Earth that they hold dear to their hearts. But to the greedy and uncaring anything goes. Today corny life styles and virtues trashed by mundane ways of living confront the spiritual traditions that have held the test of time. The Miwoks may try to explain but the greed that has consummated so many of those involved with the CIP is to say the least - pathetic.

Lesbians are put in charge of out reach when in the first place they have to reach for the truth and find a cure is their souls. One cannot approve the traditions of spiritual filled beings - confronted with materialistic and mundane concepts and with leadership from the devil itself. No good can come out of the present leadership because it is unholy.

One has just to look at those evil and stupid folks surrounding the SFPUC leadership. Most of the statements made are most illogical. San Franciscans have been given the shaft and are poorer for it. The economists and fiscal gurus are good with money - but money is the root of all evil. Most evil are those who purport to advice others that they can circumvent and manipulate to make more money. Jesus chased the moneylenders from the temple and throughout history junk bond gurus and the likes of Enron have come to haunt the innocent and good.

The Healing Water of Hetch Hetchy is there and will be there for a long time. Anyone can drink from the source but only those benefit who believe in its healing power. It is for this singular reason that the waters from up stream closer to the heliographic engraved on the ancient rocks are the purest in the world. This is no mean coincidence and it is only the wise and ancient wisdom that can relate to this fact missed in all the controversy today linked to Hetch Hetchy.

Down stream a sacrilege is committed every time the pure water is forced to mix with water that is contaminated. With all the modern technology - using bleach, chlorine, chloromine, and god knows what the end result of the product we get in San Francisco is worse off today then some years ago.

Chromatography and mass spectrometry wonders of contemporary technology reveal that the drinking water in San Francisco contain many impurities - much more then the lead, mercury, polluted sediment, and other known minor pollutants that are much touted about. We are not told the truth because it would jeopardize a billion-dollar industry stolen from the First People.

In the future water will be a precious commodity. In fact it is now - notice the amount of money the companies make from bottled water that has NO strict regulations. Well, the point I want to make is very simple - the Sacred waters of Hetch Hetchy have come a long way but it was never conceived to pollute the holy with the unholy. No one figured that out but those steeped in the way of the very mundane.

The Miwoks have the key to the Sacredness and are waiting for the appropriate time to reveal the Sacredness of the Secret. In life some things happen but destiny always rules and the Truth always triumphs over EVIL.

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