It is really amazing to hear the fabrication that Susan Leal spews at private and Public Meetings linked to serious issues that San Francisco Public Utilities has failed to attain. The woman is swimming in a cesspool of problems and her arrogance knows no bounds. She has created a buffer of like-minded cronies - mostly ignorant that think they are to save Susan from drowning - but his tsunami is overwhelming.

Recently before the Finance and Audits Committee in Room 263 - December 14, 2004 - Susan Leal made a fool of herself. Some of the issues that the woman has to deal with are very serious and demand intelligence - commensurate with the over $300,000 salary plus perks she gets. This non-engineer purports to address without any concrete experience and precise education projects that are difficult.

The San Francisco Budget Analyst has prepared an audit termed the Phase I Management Audit of the Public Utilities Commission - Clean Water Enterprise Fund. For some strange reason Susan Leal strongly feels that the issues pertinent and revealed in this audit does not pertain to her and her office. She prefers to blame the former SFPUC managers - most recently Patricia Martel. Only stupid and fumbling leaders do - she blames others, has no solutions, and wanders here, there, and everywhere on issues like buffoons do.

The SFPUC is facing significant clean water capital improvement challenges, particularly with regard to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant, the City sewer system, the North Point Facility which Aaron Peskin does not want to be mentioned, the Channel Street Pump, and the Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard sewer systems. Hunters Point has radiological elements in the sewers.

Given that Clean Water Master Plan construction cannot begin for at least five to seven years. The SFPUC is actively considering how to ensure certain existing facilities reliability and compliance with regulatory requirements. SFPUC staff is proposing a five-year interim capital improvement program that could cost between $100 million and $150 million. Despite the significant clean water capital planning work performed by the SFPUC since the 1990s, all clean water projects were severed from the SFPUC long-term capital improvement program in 2002. Instead, the SFPUC is undertaking a separate Clean Water Master Planning process due for completion n 2007.

Paula Kehoe the Manager of Water Resources Planning is putting together a plan. Tony Winnicker the Director of Communication and one time Campaign Manager when Susan ran for Mayor of San Francisco has hope in Susan Leal - I see her as a misfit - very inept - but what bothers me most - is Susan Leal's ignorance and arrogance.

The City of San Francisco has nearly 900 miles of sewer pipes - I have mentioned this fact so many times. 15% of these sewer pipes are 100 years old. 70% of these pipes are 70 years old. Approximately 60 miles are constructed of brick. We have some sewer lines constructed of wood. This is a cesspool of serious issues - a tsunami that has hit Susan Leal in the face and yet she is still very arrogant and defiant.

In the year 2004 most environmentalists look at Mother Earth in a holistic manner. Much like the Native Americans and the First People of the Bay Area - the Miwoks, the Pomos, the Ohlone, other First People continue to look.

We cannot disrespect Mother Earth and not think for a moment that we are doing disservice to human beings. It astounds me how mostly White Folks will pollute our lakes, our rivers, our land, our air - everything - and then years later think they can do some speedy clean up of sorts and everything will be fine. It is a shame that arrogant folks like Susan Leal have no clue about the Hetch Hetchy Capital Improvement Project (CIP) from an engineering point of view.

Susan Leal cannot comprehend the Clean Water Enterprise Fund and the related projects - which are really about WasteWater and Sewage. Susan cannot because she does not have the simple ability to comprehend. I have watched her over the years - she relies on help and in this case the inept Tony Irons. Bill Carlin would do well to keep his distance or else he will be sucked up by the SFPUC Leal - tsunami. In the year 2004 it is pathetic that Barbara Hale is pushing to place 3 Combustible Turbines in the Southeast Sector. Barbara will not win and Pacific Gas and Electric will take SFPUC to court and win.

Already the southeast area emits over 150 tons of PM-10 plus 40 other dangerous toxins in the air, water, and land. The last time any empirical data was collected was in 1990. The 3 Combustible Turbines will emit tons of PM-10 but also dangerous pathogens from the secondary effluents that will used to cool the Combustible Turbines.

The dumb, inept, stupid Sophie Maxwell is all for the 3 Combustible Turbines. Susan Leal and Barbara Hale the 3 stooges are all goo goo ga ga and think nothing of thousands of people dying in the short and long term.

Aaron Peskin thinks he can fool all the people all the time. It is time Aaron sits Susan Leal down and stop pussy footing with the constituents of San Francisco. It is wrong to place the 3 Combustible Turbines anywhere in the Southeast Sector. North Beach area has problems and Aaron pushes his problems down to China Basin and further down.

Susan Leal has failed at Treasure Island. The Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) owes the City and SFPUC millions of dollars linked to energy and water bills that have yet to be collected.

The bill over $12 million and growing. Susan wants the arrears to be kept of the books and looks at TIDA fulfilling its obligations. Keep on dreaming. She has no clue about the Stewart Company that rents all the homes on Treasure Island - advertising free utilities in sleek, glossy real estate material.

We the constituents pay the bills of TIDA through our taxes and Susan Leal sees nothing wrong - she has no real solutions to offer. She does talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

The Solar Bond Program is a mess. I have stated before that the Mosone West Solar Program is not working, the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant Solar Project is stuck - the Pier 96 Solar Project does not have the inherent benefits - it is too expensive and defeats the purpose. Susan Leal is of the impression that the advocates are ignorant. Not so we are watching you closely and give you couple of months before you drown in the cesspool of your making.

SFPUC was quick to jump and work with Lennar BVHP LLC to waste the Solar Bond Money linked to the 1600 homes on Parcel A. Swartz made this statement but he will not be able to execute the solar project.

Recently Susan Leal and her cronies have created a Citizens Advisory Committee linked to SFPUC projects - there is NO sunshine and some CAC members were recruited to carry on the dubious activities of SFPUC. We will monitor all activities and the TRUTH will prevail.

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