KISS is an acronym that well could be used by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) especially the inept Susan Leal who was anointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom. She has now surrounded herself with other inept folks mostly uneducated folks who have no clue how to address the Capital Improvement Project (CPI) or the other major issues and projects that some stupid folks prevent the ENGINEERS from assessing.

I have qualified experience working on large projects and with many teams of engineers. So, it is fun when I attend the SFPUC meetings and hear buffoons spew diatribe and have no clue what so ever what they really are talking about.

When Proposition A was passed the constituents of San Francisco were very concerned that the Hetch Hetchy System would fail if a large earthquake hit the Bayarea and San Francisco. Many years of deferred maintenance and dipping into the General Fund for other projects by past Mayors including Mayor Diane Feinstein - forced the Hetch Hetchy System to fail - so it was imperative that some drastic action was taken to put the system back on track.

Again and again at the various workshops the buffoons such as Susan Leal are reminded that we should focus on the High Priority Repairs, Replacement, and Upgrade linked to the Hetch Hetchy system. Again she and others too close to her and her convoluted way of thinking - stray far away from the real issues at hand.

Adding confusion to any meaningful dialog two Commissioners Dick Sklar and the young Turk Werbeck. It is bad manners to force some one who has a presentation to be interrupted so many times that the audience is distracted from the goals of the presentation - by questions that could wait easily till the end of the presentation. White Folks fail to understand that all of Hetch Hetchy the fish in the streams - the quality of water and all that was good in nature once belonged to the First People. The Crooks stole the land and all that was good. White Folks simply do not get it and I fail to understand this mentality.

Today these pale faces pretend they love Mother Earth - once a crook always a crook. The only people who can really tend and care for Mother Earth are the First People. The reason is simple they took care of it for thousands of years. Then in just a few hundreds years Whites destroyed all that was very good. This is a crying shame. And this is the TRUTH.

It is amazing to hear some Whites so called environmentalists pretending they are so deep into it. Saving our clean drinking water. The paradox is that the pure healing drinking water from the source of Hetch Hetchy is very polluted once it is mixed with other water and exposed to other pollutants hundreds of miles away from its SOURCE. The SOURCE was never meant to be abused hundreds of miles away.

Today the pure Hetch Hetchy is wasted by the Presidio of San Francisco - they water the lawns that hundreds of dogs pee upon. Then we have the hundreds of miles of pipes many leaking and other broken for years - million of gallons of clean drinking water seeping into the ground. Mayor quasi entities like the San Francisco Port Authority, the San Francisco Unified School Board, the Treasure Island Development Authority - others waste water and more they get a break on the water rates most other ordinary San Franciscans pay more. They scrap must stop.

Susan Leal is no engineer and for all her bull shit - no sense flies in the face of the serious educated person that understand the seriousness of the Hetch Hetchy Capital Improvement Project. Bull Shit will take one no where - we want some serious minds to attend to Hetch Hetchy CPI.

It is time the constituents put another ballot measure and revisit Hetch Hetchy - this time the loop holes should be closed and strict timelines and fines that go hand in hand. A clause should mandate the Director of SFPUC be qualified. We do not want some one that can manage the Bearded Lady - the Hetch Hetchy Project - is not a joke.

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