Green areas linked to liquefaction.


It is amazing that the San Francisco Planning Department will defy all logic, every fact, common sense and permit building of homes on land that is highly susceptible to earthquakes.

Thousands of homes in the Richmond District will collapse if a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hits San Francisco. The same scenario will be repeated in the Marina District. The Bayview in all those areas which are known as landfill areas. The Financial District and much of China Town. Other areas too.

It would be prudent for the Planning Department to blow up the map I am posting with this article and think twice before giving permits to build thousands of units - in areas that will sink and bring down with it the buildings standing on earthquake prone sites.

The 1600 housing units Lennar BVHP LLC plans to build on Parcel A is not only earthquake prone but has very serious radiological and very harmful chemical issues - issues that will adversely impact thousands of innocent people.

I was there when the earthquake struck the Marina District in 1989. I saw multistory building collapse and reduced to rubble. I saw gas lines broken and water pipes smashed. There was no much destruction that it was mind boggling. Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco came to the assistance of the City and County of San Francisco in a big way. Had it not been for the Army the City would have been paralyzed.

Today the City and County of San Francisco do not have experts who can react and put in place any meaningful logistics. AnnMarie Conroy heads some sort of Emergency Group but the Group does not have leaders who have any experience. Our Mayor Gavin Newsom has no Emergency Experience, nor does Aaron Peskin, or the head of any City Department. One has just to read the protocol set by AnnMarie Conroy and her staff to realize that millions of dollars are wasted. The Disaster Council - the Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security has no plan to address for example what will happen if the 900 miles of pipelines fail - 60% of the pipelines are over 70 years old.

When there was an explosion at the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant the Disaster Council did not hear about it. It was weeks before the information reached any of the important so called experts. The instant communication and taking charge of any situation is not in place.

The Planning Department has no clue about the adverse impacts and what is more putting so many thousands in harms way. The Planning Commission is busy dealing with convoluted actions and often siding with building plans that have poor health and safety concerns in place.

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection has been kept in the cold. The Department has to play second fiddle to the Planning Department. The Planning Department has been so bold that recently it transferred millions of dollars received from building permits - but now the money belongs to the Planning Department.

Mayor Gavin Newsom was behind these machinations. He was also behind Nancy Pelosi and the transfer of Parcel A that is a toxic dump.

It is amazing how White Folks will permit nonsense to happen in areas where the filthy rich will have nothing to do - except exploit. I saw the fake Nancy Pelosi praise her role at Hunters Point, that of Diane Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer - these women know nothing much of what ground zero is all about. They have done nothing to stop the death of our infants around Hunters Point.

These 3 women have not done anything much to bring hope to the thousand of infants, youth, and adult who are dying slowly from the hundreds of toxins and radiological elements that bombard innocent souls every single day. This is a crying shame. Yet we saw on Television the fake Nancy Pelosi who is as fake as the two inch make up she wears - proclaim that much good will come from the toxic dump that is Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

It is a pity that many Blacks foremost among them Sophie Maxwell sells out her community. Thugs back Lennar and most of them are Blacks. Less then 20% of the 38,000 constituents are Blacks in District 10 - yet Lennar is pushing for some African Market based on some concept that it says has worked in Los Angeles. In five years less then 10% of the population will consist of African Americans - and even those Blacks who live in District 10 will not have the clout or the ability to survive.

Every year for the last 10 years the statistics clearly indicate that Blacks have been given the shaft. The pity is Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and Sophie Maxwell both corrupt Blacks - have been instrumental in bringing about the demise of the population of Blacks that need help most. Blacks have left the City of San Francisco and the majority of them are from the Southeast Sector.

There is no doubt that if a large earthquake strikes San Francisco the Disaster Council and the Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security will be exposed. Thousands of homes will collapse and millions will be injured - it all depends at what time the earthquake will strike.

Today with all the talk there is no protocol in place to address the concerns of the constituents District by District. Right now as the protocol stands the District Supervisor is supposed to take a role - can you imagine Sophie Maxwell taking charge in a situation when a major disaster strikes in District 10?

It is high time the Planning Department and other key agencies that give out permits - carefully study earthquake sites and areas that are prone to major earthquakes. It is high time our Mayor Gavin Newsom does not put innocent people in harms way by allowing thousands of units to be built on earthquake prone areas.

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