Most folks in San Francisco today really do not know where Islais Creek is situated. The best way to get to the creek is to find Pier 80. A better way is to find the drawbridge between Cargo Way and Marin on 3rd Street. A few hundred feet away from this drawbridge the San Francisco Port plans to construct another Intermodal Bridge and over the Force Main which carries 80% of the City secondary effluents and 100% of the secondary effluents from Daly City, Colma, Brisbane and Burlingame.

The Force Main has been compromised many years ago and again in a major way when Proven without conducting the proper soil assessments prompted by MUNI, SF Public Utilities Commission, and SF Port Authority built three tunnel or conduits - forcing the Force Main to sag and break. The result the Muwekma Ohlone Park became a cesspool overnight and was destroyed. All this happened 3 years ago two days before Thanksgiving. When I tried to bring this to the attention of MUNI, SF Port Authority, SF Public Utilities Commission, the dumb, inept, arrogant Sophie Maxwell, Department of Public Works - no one wanted to take responsibility for this stupid action and project.

As I mentioned the Muwekma Ohlone Park was totally compromised. The SF Port Authority was aghast but kept a low profile because apparently they had taken a lot of money from the corrupt Cattelus Corporation which put down over $4 million of seed money to construct the bridge but also to built one of the 3 conduits. The other two conduits were built to cater to MUNI and the third one to perform as a transmission line for SF Public Utilities linked to the 3 Combustible Turbines slated to placed nearby. All 3 conduits are a White Elephant.

Susan Leal the present SF Public Utilities Commission Manager has some idea of the proposed Illinois Street Intermodal Bridge. It will be fun to see her swim in the cesspool when the Force Main is totally compromised. The woman has no clue and is surrounded by fools. The SF Port Authority has Monique Moyer as its Director this woman is as ignorant of the Illinois Street Intermodal Bridge as was her predecessor Douglas Wong. Anointed by Mayor Gavin Newsom this woman has not only compromised security along the WaterFront but should never have had this current project go ahead. You heard it first hear this woman will swim in the cesspool of her creation and approval. Of course she is in San Francisco for the money - the woman does not live in San Francisco but gets her paycheck from here.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has important issues such as giving queer folks full rights as citizens of the United States. Mayor Gavin Newsom sees nothing when the Force Main will be compromised creating a Health and Security concern for over 870,000 San Franciscans. The City Attorney and the Controller are fully aware of this episode at Illinois Street and Islais Creek. Over 50 million has been wasted - over the 3 compromised conduits. Years of digging and fixing and pouring of tons of concrete - an exercise in futility that MUNI, SF Public Utilities Commission, the SF Port Authority, Department of Public Works - ignores. Experts who have examined the site and the conditions in and around the Force Main all agree - the landfill area is sinking and any major earthquake will compromise the main purpose of the Force Main. Not so the fools that give their blessings and do not mind creating a major emergency with no immediate solution to the constituents of San Francisco and beyond.

The 9/11 episode should teach us all a lesson. If anyone were to compromise the two bridges - much of what we have of vehicular traffic would come to a standstill. With one blow all lightrail as well as vehicular traffic would be affected. The proposed intermodal bridge is an invitation to compromise our security in the Southeast Section. The Coast Guard was informed about this unique situation - but has agreed to give the SF Port Authority the required permit. Time will tell.

The proposed Intermodal Bridge will bring in pollution from the millions of vehicles spewing diesel and other toxins into the air. Plant, frog, insect, bird and fish will be affected. So will the air, water, and land. This is the last frontier - what little that was left will be compromised forever. Sophie Maxwell has no idea about environmental issues and is a woman on the take. She has full knowledge of this fiasco. Once this City and County of San Francisco had some integrity - no more. Crooks now make major decisions and dumb folks such as Monique Moyer who does not live in San Francisco cares more about her paycheck and less for the welfare of San Franciscans.

Shimmick Construction will start work come March 21, 2005. Very little public outreach has been done and what was done before was shabby. The SF Port Authority under Douglas Wong lied and under Monique Moyer continues in the same vein. The Federal Bureau of Investigation should look into this matter - it is very serious and Homeland Security under Negroponte should take a keen interest in the compromising of our Waterfront and this proposed and unwanted Intermodal Bridge.

Millions of dollars was extracted from aggregate, cement, and recycling port clients - setting a precedence that stinks of corruption and intimidation. It is wrong of the SF Port Authority to extract millions of dollars from SF Port Authority clients - just to build this bridge which is not at all necessary. The City Attorney and the Controller should look into this matter.

This bridge will compromise the Force Main and bring about a very serious emergency situation. Wake up San Franciscans before it is too late.

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